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What Companies Are In The Energy Field? 15 Best

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If you are wondering what companies are in the energy field, you’ve come to the right place. 

The world’s need for energy is increasing as it becomes more critical. Keeping our energy systems functioning is a massive job behind the scenes. Over 3,300 electricity companies in the United States support our energy grids running. 

The energy sector consists of fuel extraction, refining, and distribution services. Oil and gas drilling, oil and gas reserves, and energy exploration are among other organizations’ critical areas of expertise.  

Because of the desire to develop environmentally friendly solar energy and clean energy through renewable resources, more professionals are seeking to collaborate with energy companies. 

Even though the sector has grown, major energy companies have expanded renewable energy resources such as wind, solar, and battery energy. 

Due to this expansion, there has been an increase in interest in renewable energy, creating new companies and jobs. Let’s find out about what companies are in the energy field. 

What is the Energy Sector?

To understand what companies are in the energy field, we must first learn about the energy sector.

You may be surprised that these two terms are not interchangeable. The energy sector is responsible for generating the electricity, natural gas, and oil we consume daily. The energy industry is the source of our energy. 

In popular parlance, the energy sector refers to everything involved in producing energy, whereas the energy industry relates to everything that makes energy. The industry includes everything from equipment and services to the actual energy sources, such as oil, wind, etc. 

In politics, the energy industry is divided into two sectors: renewable and nonrenewable energy. Nonrenewable energy is finite in quantity, while renewable energy naturally replenishes at the source (such as wind and sun).


Types of Energy Companies

What companies are in the energy field? The energy sector is home to many types of energy companies, which are vital to their customers’ lives. Here are the most prevalent kinds of energy companies. 

Renewable Energy Companies

A renewable energy company develops and works with energy sources such as wind, biomass, solar, geothermal systems, and landfill gas. 

Renewable energy companies create clean energy technologies and solutions to help companies and organizations utilize current energy technologies. Renewable energy is also known as clean energy.

Gas and Oil Production Companies

Oil and gas companies are involved in the exploration, processing, and production of oil and natural gas. Because oil is a critical component of contemporary life, these businesses are high-value and high-cost. 

International trade is substantial in oil, whereas domestically produced natural gas is the norm in the United States. The Saudi Aramco corporation is the biggest oil producer in the world.

Refining and Pipeline Companies

Refining and Pipeline Companies specializes in refining crude oil into heating oil, petrol, and diesel fuel. 

Oil refining is boiling and separating oil into components, from butane to diesel fuels. The companies must transport oil to refineries from where it was mined before refining. 

This process is accomplished primarily through pipelines that run hundreds of thousands of miles beneath the earth’s surface. 

What Companies Are In The Energy Field in 2022?

You can find out more about what companies are in the energy field by checking out the following list of names:

1. ExxonMobil Corporation

Headquarters: Irving, Texas

Size: 10,000+ employees


ExxonMobil Corporation was established in 1999. They maintain inventories of diesel, plastics, gasoline, and petrochemicals, among other items. 

You may function as a mechanic, electrical engineer, transportation engineer, or maintenance technician at ExxonMobil. They have offices in many regions across the United States, making it an excellent firm for job hunting. 

Because ExxonMobil values the career objectives of its workers, it is a fantastic place to work. They assist you in meeting your career objectives by providing annual performance evaluations. They also allow you to meet interesting people and learn from them. You may also gain promotion and career development at ExxonMobil.

2. Duke Energy

Headquarters: Madison, Indiana

Size: 10,000+ employees


Duke Energy provides electricity and natural gas services and promotes efficient energy delivery across the globe. Duke Energy employees work throughout the United States and other nations, in addition to numerous job opportunities in engineering and administration. 

Within Duke Energy’s supportive and training community, job seekers may find various technical, control specialist, and engineering jobs. 

Working at Duke Energy is an excellent experience because of the great working environment and the people who support you. There are also tremendous benefits and a great promotion plan for thriving employees.

3. Chevron

Headquarters: San Ramon, California

Size: 10,000+ employees


Chevron was established in 1879 to produce reliable renewable energy for the future. They transport and sell crude oil and natural gas and distribute energy products and petrochemical goods. 

Environmental safety and research associate chemist are among the many job opportunities available with Chevron. As an employee of this company, you may work in any energy sector, including environmental protection, manufacturing chemistry, and research.

4. Exelon

Headquarters: Houston, Texas

Size: 10,000+ employees


Exelon is involved in delivering and producing electricity. It is one of the largest nuclear plant operators in the United States. They make electricity using hydroelectric, solar, wind, and fossil fuel facilities and distribute it. 

The workers at this business are great leaders, which is why it is a great place to work. There is also a range of advantages offered by the company. It is an exciting and dynamic job. Employees can also join employee resource groups to learn about the energy industry.

5. NextEra Energy

Headquarters: Juno Beach, Florida

Size: 10,000+ employees


NextEra Energy is a renewable energy firm based in the United States. NextEra operates worldwide to provide renewable energy. Employees at NextEra convert energy consumption into renewable and environmentally friendly materials. NextEra is a world leader in wind and solar energy technologies. 

It employs wind and solar energy experts in addition to technicians, engineers, and project coordinators. You can find out more about their education and training programs on their website.

6. Southern Company

Headquarters: Atlanta, Georgia

Size: 10,000+ employees


Southern Company, an electric business based in the United States, has been operating since 1945. Southern Company focuses on delivering clean and dependable energy to consumers by developing new research and utilization possibilities across all US headquarters locations. 

Southern Company’s employees can participate in environmental, mechanical, and engineering as well as ecological teams to improve and preserve various energy systems in multiple locations across the country.

7. ConocoPhillips

Headquarters: Houston, Texas

Size: 10,000+ employees


ConocoPhillips focuses on gas and oil digging and production. Furthermore, the organization helps people achieve civilization and worldwide economic development. 

Human Resources Representatives and Information Technology Professionals are among the jobs they offer. This firm is a terrific place to work due to its superior rewards. 

You’ll be working with intelligent individuals at this firm who you can learn much from due to its excellent company culture

8. Dominion Energy

Headquarters: Richmond, Virginia

Size: 10,000+ employees


Dominion Energy, a company that imports and stores natural gas, was established in 1983. Dominion Energy’s workers focus on energy conservation and delivery, working at multiple sites across the United States and worldwide to convert natural gas into usable electricity. 

In addition to providing clean energy to various industries and sectors, Dominion Energy’s engineers, safety specialists, and analysts can assist with efficient energy provision. 

9. Enterprise Products

Headquarters: Houston, Texas

Size: 5,000 employees


Enterprise Products, a Houston-based company, focuses on delivering natural gas and crude oil energy to consumers across the United States. Enterprise Products partners with other energy providers to speed up the conversion and availability process so customers can receive high-quality power on demand. 

Enterprise Products is a multilocal firm with a wide variety of power supply locations, ranging from Houston to New York. 

Enterprise Products and other US locations employ safety specialists, project managers, and engineers. Technical analysts are among the many job possibilities available.

10. Sempra Energy

Headquarters: San Diego, California

Size: 19,000+ employees


Sempra Energy provides natural gas and electric infrastructure, distribution lines, networks, and liquefied natural gas facilities. Security Specialist, Tax Manager, and Financial Analyst are a few of its employment positions. 

Sempra is an excellent place to work because it cares about its employees. They also offer competitive pay and flexible working hours. The workers are also lovely to one another and have a great company culture.

11. Schlumberger

Headquarters: Houston, Texas

Size: 10,000+ employees


Schlumberger is a corporation that designs and manufactures natural gas and oil production processes and services. Schlumberger specializes in drilling, processing, and producing natural gas and oil. 

Employees at Schlumberger energy companies work to manufacture high-quality products and services for pipeline construction and maintenance. 

Reservoir performance is preserved as a result of Schlumberger personnel working as engineers, technicians, and maintenance supervisors to build and maintain pipelines for hydrocarbon extraction.

12. Phillips 66

Headquarters: Houston, Texas

Size: 10,000+ employees


Phillips 66, a multinational corporation specializing in the storage, transportation, and distribution of natural gas and oil, was established in 2012. 

Phillips 66 has several job openings in technical, operational, coordination, and renewable energy fields throughout the United States. 

Phillips 66 has several manufacturing and distribution facilities in the US, particularly in the midwest and southwest, where they operate as gas stations, oil reservoirs, and recovery facilities.

13. Kinder Morgan

Headquarters: Houston, Texas

Size: 10,000+ employees


Kinder Morgan is a significant energy corporation that provides enhanced and maintained pipelines for transporting natural gas and refined petroleum products. The corporation also develops energy resources for industrial applications such as steel, gasoline, jet fuel, ethanol, and goal. 

Among the expertise offered at Kinder Morgan are mechanics maintenance, engineering, technical administration, and transportation. 

Kinder Morgan’s business model is based on supplying efficient paths for both energy resources and crude materials for other energy companies. Distributors and oil firms across the United States are the corporation’s followers.

14. Marathon Petroleum

Headquarters: Findlay, Ohio

Size: 10,000+ employees


Marathon Petroleum Corporation, established in 1887, operates refineries across the United States, focusing on refining crude oil. Marathon’s subsidiary firms, including Speedway LLC, benefit from high-quality natural gas and oil supplies. 

The company employs operating technicians, transport specialists, energy engineer refiners, and operating technicians in many of its nationwide locations.

15. American Electric Power

Headquarters: Columbus, Ohio

Size: 16,000+ employees


American Electric Power is a power generation company that operates coal-fired power plants. They produce energy from various sources, including natural gas, the nuclear, hydro, wind, pumped storage, etc. 

Energy Sales Representative, Technician, and Engineer are some positions available. Working for the company provides great benefits and pay. There is also excellent team spirit and strong executive leadership. Working here is also enjoyable because of the pleasant colleagues.

Types Of Energy Careers To pursue

Hopefully, you have understood what companies are in the energy field. Now we will discuss the best-paying jobs in the energy sector. 

There are a variety of occupations related to energy that utilize renewable and natural resources to complete tasks and improve the environment. These occupations often use cutting-edge technology to find efficient energy solutions, reduce pollution, and conserve energy. 

Various professions work to save energy or develop environmentally friendly alternatives, such as generating renewable electricity, constructing homes, and operating environmentally friendly transportation. 

Here are the different types of energy careers:

  • Transmission system operator
  • Wind turbine technician
  • Electrician
  • Welder
  • Surveying technician
  • Water treatment specialist
  • Nuclear power reactor operator
  • Solar panel installer
  • Geologist
  • Industrial Engineer
  • Petroleum engineer
  • Environmental engineer
  • Mechanical engineer
  • Nuclear engineer
  • Power plant operator
  • Chemist

All these jobs are best-paying in the energy field.


How to Get a Job in the Energy Sector?

An individual seeking employment in the energy field must be prepared for a lot, as it relates to a resource that people depend on daily. It may seem particularly challenging if you’re a novice professional. Here is a list of actions to follow if you want to work in this area.

#1. Get a degree

Employers prefer employees who have completed college degrees, as those degrees demonstrate your commitment and hard work. 

There are various energy-related degree programs, including new energy science and engineering, environmental science, electrical engineering, energy science, and energy systems engineering. 

#2. Complete an internship

An internship can be a valuable starting point for learning about the realities of workplace life. Before applying for a job in the energy sector, showcase your skills and learnings in your internship.

#3. Make a resume that stands out

An employer uses a cover letter and resumes to gain insight into a job candidate. Make sure these documents are free of grammatical errors. 

Make sure to briefly state why you would be an excellent addition to the team and include the skills you gained over time. Include previous work experience in the energy sector if you have it.

#4. Conduct research 

Before the interview, you must familiarize yourself with the company so the employer understands you are interested in the position.

Additionally, you will make a great first impression by discussing what you like about the company and why you applied for the job. This will help you secure the job. 

We have already discussed the different companies in the energy service sector while covering your question, “What companies are in the energy field?.” You can apply for those companies. 

#5. Nail the interview

Preparing for your job interview is crucial because you learn what to say and how to answer questions. You can research how to answer difficult interview questions and practice answering them to increase your confidence.

Wrapping Up

Major energy companies, such as wind, solar, and battery power, have committed to expanding their renewable energy resources due to rising global pollution levels. New companies and jobs are created as interest in clean energy grows. 

These companies (listed above) need more coders and tech workers with increased interest in renewable energy. 

Hopefully, this guide on “What companies are in the energy field” helps you understand the companies and jobs in the energy sector.


What do energy companies do?

While wondering what companies are in the energy field, you must consider what these companies do. Energy firms pursue various areas of energy development. 

Some energy companies focus on developing oil or gas reserves. Other companies focus on energy investment goals, including solar power generation, energy efficiency, net-zero emissions, and other clean energy transitions. Some are developing innovative solutions, such as using solar water heating systems to generate hot water for homes.

Who is the leading energy company?

Last year, ExxonMobil generated $285.6 billion in revenue, ranking as the world’s leading energy firm. There are multiple career paths to choose if you work for a firm of this magnitude.

What’s the benefit of working for an energy company?

There will always be opportunities to work with energy companies as they grow and expand. You will learn a lot from those in the energy sector and the firms listed above. You can also be at the forefront of the emerging transition to low-emissions fuels, clean energy technologies, and more responsible energy consumption.

Is it difficult to get a job in the energy field?

No, It’s not difficult to find a job in the energy industry, particularly if you have the right educational background for your desired position. You’ll undergo various interviews, so you must prepare for that to get the desired job.

Should you work in the energy field?

You should pursue a job in energy if you have project management and collaboration abilities. You must have the technical knowledge to work in the energy sector. If you are enthusiastic about clean energy technologies or energy efficiency, you should go where you can make a difference.

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