what companies are in the healthcare field

What Companies Are In The Healthcare Field? 15 Best

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The demand for healthcare workers has increased significantly since the COVID-19 pandemic started. Pursuing employment in this field might be worthwhile if you enjoy caring for others and giving back to your community. If you’re unsure what companies are in the healthcare field, continue reading this article to learn about the top healthcare organizations.

The healthcare industry adheres to tight standards when it comes to hiring practices. Remember this to ensure you are completely ready before applying for a job. 

This article will discuss 15 healthcare organizations, providing details on their areas of medical specialization, employment opportunities, and benefits.

The Different Types Of Healthcare Organizations

Each sort of healthcare organization offers a certain set of services. You need to know how each healthcare facility operates to make the best career decision in the field.

Pharmaceutical Businesses

Pharma companies produce and sell medications and medication. They can make anything, even over-the-counter medicines, and flu shots. These businesses additionally concentrate on developing and testing fresh healthcare approaches.


Both individuals who require emergency care and those with chronic illnesses are treated in hospitals. There are various kinds of hospitals, including district hospitals, which act as the primary hospital in a given area.


The government does not own private hospitals supported by patient fees. Additionally, there are specialist hospitals that offer a particular kind of care, such as children’s hospitals, trauma centers, and mental hospitals.

Healthcare Insurance Companies

Health insurance providers represent another area of healthcare. Health insurance is designed to ease some of the burdens of unforeseen or ongoing medical expenses because healthcare prices in the US can be very costly. A health insurance plan aids an individual’s ability to pay for medical care and services.

So what companies are in the healthcare field?

What Companies Are In The Healthcare Field?

If you’re wondering what companies are in the healthcare field, we have listed the top healthcare organizations and their medical services. If you’re still unsure where to start your healthcare career, keep reading to learn more about some of the top organizations in the sector and what it’s like to work there.

1. UnitedHealth Group

When wondering what companies are in the healthcare field, UnitedHealth Group is the first organization to come to mind.

The UnitedHealth Group is a global provider of medical supplies and insurance services. The business has been around since 1977 and provides health services under the Optum name.

what companies are in the healthcare field


Optum specializes in offering services related to medical technology. It provides insurance services for individuals and businesses under the UnitedHealthcare name. Individuals employed and retired can get insurance through the insurance division.

This employer offers full-time employees health, dental, vision, and disability insurance. Additionally, they can be eligible for loan forgiveness or repayment plan choices. Both local and international clients are served.

2. CVS Health

A significant chain of pharmacies is CVS Health. Since its founding in 1963, CVS has offered a variety of retail goods, clinical healthcare services, pharmaceutical services, and its line of medical supplies.

what companies are in the healthcare field


They also provide a section for health insurance. They hire personnel at the corporate and retail levels to produce, distribute, and dispense medications and other items.

Benefits for full-time employees at CVS Health include health and dental insurance. Employee discounts at any retail chain are also available to CVS staff members.

3. AmerisourceBergen 

AmerisourceBergen is a pharmaceutical corporation founded in 2001 and creates and distributes pharmaceuticals and other kinds of health care supplies.


Both brand-name and generic health care goods are provided to pharmacies, health clinics, and other retail establishments. As a global business, they give access to medical goods to foreign health care providers.

Benefits like health and life insurance are available to full-time AmerisourceBergen employees. Additionally, employees can choose between flexible scheduling, a signing bonus, a retirement plan, and stock purchase choices.

4. Cigna

Founded in 1865, Cigna is a leading provider of insurance worldwide. This business provides connected health care goods and services and medical, disability, life, dental, and accident insurance coverage.


Their staff gathers information and develops insurance package policies they will sell through their company. These perks include health, dental, vision, life, and disability insurance. They provide a variety of advantages to its full-time workers.

Individuals wishing to further their education also provide a program that reimburses tuition. Additionally, Cigna provides flexible schedule choices, allowing employees in some jobs to work from home.

5. Cardinal Health

Cardinal Health creates and distributes pharmaceuticals and other medical supplies to customers, healthcare professionals, and retailers.


They were founded in 1971, and its mission is to arrange patient care by ensuring that retailers and healthcare service providers have products available for use and delivery. They employ high-level executives, distribution managers, and pharmaceutical developers.

Employee benefits at Cardinal Health include health, dental, and vision insurance. Additionally, they might have a retirement plan, 401k plan, and tuition reimbursement. Most employees must be employed full-time by the business to be eligible for these benefits.

6. McKesson 

The McKesson Corporation, established in 1833, creates goods related to healthcare services, materials, and information systems. They provide their services to hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, pharmaceutical firms, and other healthcare organizations.


Employees work closely with medical care companies to obtain the necessary tools and supplies to perform their duties effectively. They consult healthcare experts, for instance, to help them with their supply chain management, technological systems, and clinical service offerings.

Full-time employees are entitled to perks such as paid time off, parental leave, and health insurance. They might also get access to employee specials and a gym membership.

7. Centene Corporation

Centene operates various government healthcare programs, including Medicare and Medicaid as a managed healthcare provider.


PayScale estimates that Centene employees make an average pay of $74,000. The company offers good perks, chances for career advancement, and a proper work balance.

8. Anthem


Anthem provides Medicare, Medicaid, employer-sponsored, and individual coverage. The biggest privately held behavioral health provider in the US, Beacon Health Options, which serves more than 36 million individuals in all 50 states, was acquired by Anthem in 2020.

9. Johnson & Johnson

Established in 1885, Johnson & Johnson is a big multinational enterprise. Producing over-the-counter medicines, prescription pharmaceuticals, and medical equipment and supplies is their area of expertise.


In total, they are made up of more than 275 businesses that produce medical products. Management, office work, R&D, and sales positions are all available at Johnson & Johnson.

These positions represent corporate-level management, planning, and sales and retail-level administration. Benefits, including vision and health insurance, are provided to full-time employees through this organization.

10. PRA Health Sciences

Another company to consider when thinking about what companies are in the healthcare field is PRA Health Sciences


A contract research company (CRO), PRA Health Sciences Inc. (PRA), offers outsourced clinical development and data solutions services. The business provides various services, including clinical pharmacology, statistical analysis, risk-based monitoring, regulation, drug development advice, and asset valuation.

It provides various employee benefits such as work-from-home opportunities, child care, education assistance, health care, job training, and much more.  

11. GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare is an enterprise that focuses on creating innovative medical technologies to enhance patient care and diagnostic procedures.


GE Healthcare, founded in 1892, strongly emphasizes technical innovation to advance medical care and help doctors analyze, diagnose, and treat patients’ illnesses. This company employs software, industrial, materials, biomedical, and other engineers.

Additionally, they employ maintenance experts, project managers, and other administrative professionals. Insurance benefits, including health care, are often provided for those who work full-time for this business.

12. Walgreens Boots

Another popular company that comes to mind when thinking about what companies are in the healthcare field is Walgreens itself.

The Walgreens Boots Alliance corporation has owned and run a chain of drugstores since its merger in 2014. They also own distribution and wholesale pharmacies.


The business runs three segments: a pharmaceutical wholesaler, a global, and a regional retail chain. They have a worldwide chain under the Boots brand name, even though they predominantly function under the Walgreens brand in the United States.

Whether they work full or part-time hours, this company offers a wide range of benefit options to its employees. For instance, they provide insurance benefits, paid time off, professional development, and help with education.

13. Trilogy Health Services

A healthcare organization that specializes in senior care is called Trilogy Health Services. Since its founding in 1997, they have owned and operated senior residential care facilities and outpatient clinics specializing in memory care and rehabilitation.


Trilogy Health Services is committed to providing quality care by employing licensed medical professionals, including nurses, doctors, occupational and physical therapists, and other experts in senior care. They also employ housekeeping and sanitation experts, food planners and preparers, and leisure directors for their residential facilities.

Benefits, including health insurance and loan repayment choices, are available to those who work full-time for this business. A flexible schedule is another possibility.

14. Kaiser Permanente

The nonprofit healthcare organization Kaiser Permanente was established in 1945. They run numerous nationwide hospitals and clinics and offer their customers insurance.


They employ various medical professionals and specialists because they run numerous medical facilities, including nurses, doctors, technicians, mental health therapists, and social workers. To maintain its administrative activities, they also employ corporate specialists.

They employ insurance experts who create benefit packages for clients through their insurance section. Full-time employees at this corporation may receive perks, including vision and health insurance.

15. Memorial Sloan Kettering

The cancer treatment and research facility in New York, Memorial Sloan Kettering, was established in 1884 and offered patients private, all-inclusive cancer care.


They have a comprehensive physician training program and employ full-time medical professionals. The Memorial Sloan Kettering hospital employs general practitioners, oncologists, nurses, lab technicians, radiologists, and other medical support personnel.

They also hire research associates to carry out clinical studies and study cancer. This employer provides advantages like gym memberships, insurance coverage, and retirement plan choices.

Wrapping Up: What Companies Are In The Healthcare Field?

We hope this article helps answer what companies are in the healthcare field. 

Since most individuals place a high priority on their health, the healthcare industry is essential and booming. Healthcare organizations, therefore, take great care when selecting new employees. Be mindful that you must provide documentation to support your application for any medical jobs you find.

A profession in healthcare would be ideal if you wanted to influence people’s lives positively.

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