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What Do Consumer Non-Durables Jobs Pay? (2022) 

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The consumer non-durable market has been slowly improving over the last few years, and employment rates continue to grow. However, finding what do consumer non-durables jobs pay is sometimes difficult, so you might wonder if consumer non-durable is a good career path. Jobs in the food-beverage and clothing industries have developed the most, but there are still some great opportunities available in other fields. 

Many non-durable jobs pay well because they aren’t challenging. This article will look at what do consumer non-durables jobs pay. Even though these jobs might not be difficult or intellectually stimulating, they pay pretty well. 

Find out which jobs are the highest-paying non-durable ones right now by reading on.

What Is A Non-Durable Good?

The key difference between non-durable and durable goods is that non-durable goods are used up during a single use. Food, clothing, furniture, and other household products are non-durable because they have a short lifespan. Durable goods, however, require less maintenance.  

Non-durable goods are generally cheap to produce, easy to ship, and don’t require a lot of skill. The most common consumer non-durable jobs are in retail, but there are also some non-durable jobs in the healthcare industry. 

Non-durable goods also include services like car repairs, haircuts, and other small tasks that are usually completed in a single visit.

What Do Consumer Non-Durables Jobs Pay?

Consumer non-durable companies pay well because they require very little skill and can be done even by inexperienced employees. Retail employees, for example, are often hired on the spot with no experience. 

These jobs require an excellent attitude, hard work, and essential math skills. You will likely find work in the retail industry if you follow simple instructions. 

Other non-durable jobs, like those in the healthcare industry, require more skill, but they also pay well. Healthcare jobs often require a specialized degree, but they pay a lot to compensate for the initial cost of education.

Read on to learn more about what do consumer non-durables jobs pay and if any of them sound interesting to you.

What Do Consumer Non-Durables Jobs Pay: The Best 10 

You’re probably already aware that consumer non-durable jobs pay well but still don’t know what do consumer non-durables jobs pay. Well, read on to learn more about what do consumer non-durables jobs pay and some of the best options in this area if you want to pursue a career in this field: 

1. Sales Representative

A sales representative represents a company’s products or services and sells them. They manage customer relationships, becoming the primary point of contact from when a lead is contacted to when a purchase is made.

Working as a sales representative may be a great career choice if you have a personality that meshes well with humans. Your primary objective as a sales representative is to convince consumers to buy non-durable goods from your company.


A person employed as a sales representative in 2022 typically can earn $62,070 annually.

2. Machine Operators

Machines must manufacture non-durable products like food and beverages; behind that, we need machine operators. The machines are set up, monitored, and maintained to produce high-quality items. 

You may need to troubleshoot issues and keep production flowing smoothly on the machinery you operate. You will not need prior experience for this position, but you may be required to have experience in manufacturing or production. 

Naturally, some employers prefer applicants with experience working in a factory or production setting. You’ll learn how to operate every machine you use after you’ve been trained on it.


Workers in this field can make between $30,000 and $50,000 annually, depending on the specific job and company.

3. Human Resources Manager


Human Resources department routine activities, such as hiring and interviewing employees, administering salary, benefits, and leave, and enforcing company policies and practices, will be led and directed by the Human Resource Manager.


Human resources managers working for non-durable consumer companies can earn an annual salary of around $84,000. 

4. Marketing Manager

Marketing managers lead and manage a team of salespeople. They set sales targets, develop marketing strategies, and train employees. Marketing managers ensure that products are sold, and buyers are satisfied. 

A company’s success is contingent on the competence of its marketing manager. Marketing managers frequently require experience and usually possess a bachelor’s degree or higher as they ascend the corporate ladder. 

However, an undergraduate degree is not required for a managerial position. Marketing people or managers are in high demand in all areas of life, even if you begin as a modest. 

You will eventually be promoted to management if you are good at your work. Even if you begin as a lowly marketing person, you’ll be able to move on to more products down the road, and that’s where the real money is.


The entry-level marketing job pays an average of $50,412 annually in the United States.

5. Brand Manager


A brand manager’s responsibilities are company’s products, services, and product lines must connect with current or prospective consumers. They must keep abreast of marketing trends and observe their competitors’ actions. 

In addition to keeping track of marketing trends and competitor behavior, brand managers are responsible for ensuring that their company’s products, services, and product lines are aligned with consumer preferences.


A senior brand manager can make up to $65,647 in salary at the end of the year.

6. Oil Rig Workers

Workers on oil rigs build, maintain, and repair them. Welding, painting, and heavy operating machinery are a few tasks they perform. Working on an oil rig does not require a degree. 

However, you must complete a training course to do so. Oil rig workers maintain and repair oil rigs. You can earn a substantial income if you drop out of high school. 


Oil rig workers make $52,140 annually on average, and some earn as much as $100,000 annually. It’s simple to see why it pays so much. It’s difficult, nobody wants to do it, and there’s a reason. This is why it pays so much.

7. Chemical Technician


A chemical technician mixes and tests chemicals, maintain lab equipment, and keeps records. A chemical technician generally has an Associate’s degree in chemistry or a related discipline. 

Science is a great career path for those who love science but don’t want to be scientists and those who want a job in a lab but don’t want to be scientists.


A chemical technician’s median salary is $48,990. You just need an associate’s degree to be one.

8. Cosmetics Sales

Do cosmetic sales jobs count as nondurable jobs? According to this sector, what do consumer non-durables jobs pay? 

Cosmetics are worth billions of dollars. It’s no surprise that cosmetics sector jobs pay well. People want to look their best, and that’s why the cosmetics industry is booming. 

You should know several things if you want to work in this industry. 

You must know about the products you are selling and can describe their advantages. The cosmetics industry is about getting people to believe they need what you sell. 

Salesmanship, therefore, is critical. You should be a people person to succeed in this sector. You will also need to work long hours as a cosmetics salesman. Working weekends and nights are standard, and you might be required to work during the holiday rush if you’re employed in a mall.


Your cosmetics sales income will depend on your experience, abilities, and work ethic. The average yearly income for Cosmetic Sales is $45,950. That is about $22.09 for each hour of work.

9. Network Engineer

Creating and managing computer networks is what network engineers do. Network engineers are usually computer science and technology majors. 

Some companies prefer their engineers to have at least one or two years of prior work experience before applying, even though a degree is not always required.


A Network Engineer earns $90149 annually on average in the United States.

10. Digital Designer

A designer is a person or firm that produces or modifies design plans for construction projects or directs others. Designs include drawings, design details, specifications, bills of quantity, and design computations.

The position requires producing effective, visually pleasing, on-brand, and strategy-appropriate web content and product graphics (including photographic art direction). In addition to, email campaigns and template creative must be developed for websites, web pages, and social media graphics.


An experienced digital designer can make up to $70,919 in salary at the end of the year.


These job sectors make non-durable consumer goods an excellent option for a career. This article has looked at what do consumer non-durables jobs pay and some of the best prospects in this field.

You can make much money by taking on one of these jobs. You may make a decent wage in this field with hard work and dedication. Many jobs are also very demanding, so you will never get bored.

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