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What You Need to Know About Domain Name Management Tools for Small Businesses

Elena Hudgens
By Elena Hudgens 6 Min Read

It’s easy to see why the eCommerce industry is going from strength to strength. The COVID-19 pandemic forced businesses to adapt to the online space where customers can now enjoy contactless shopping. And it’s a trend that is expected to have a steady increase in the years to come. Additionally, a report forecasts that there will be 8% growth in worldwide retail eCommerce sectors sales through to 2024.

In recent times eCommerce has helped small businesses stay afloat, as they’ve been able to retain a connection with their current customer base while also opening doors to cross-border shoppers. This is why at least 56% of small businesses in the UK are feeling optimistic this year, according to data gathered by Experian.

Since online stores are a necessity these days, it’s imperative for small businesses to take care of their domain names. A domain name is your website address, or the name you type into a web browser. For example, Google’s domain name is

Securing a domain name is usually the first step in cementing a business’ digital presence, but it goes beyond buying and registering it. Thanks to the eCommerce surge, the domain name management industry has developed in recent years, too. Now, small businesses can reap more benefits from domain management services.

Benefits of a Domain Name Management Service

Small businesses can take advantage of the various features offered by domain name management services. Here are the things a good domain name management provider can do for your business:

1. It can help build credibility

Domain names establish your identity online. Hence, managing them is crucial in keeping your online store live and accessible around the clock. The stronger your digital presence is, the more credible your business will appear.

A domain management service will not only help you search for the right domain name, but also ensure it is updated and working.

2. It can strengthen security

Domain registrars always recommend purchasing similar variations of your domain name so that they are free from hacker exploitation. This is because cybercriminals can purchase a domain name that’s close to yours and run phishing scams. noted how a notorious extortion gang Lapsus$ was able to steal valuable data through phishing attacks.

Small businesses can be vulnerable targets for cybercrimes, so security should be one of your priorities. Domain name management services often include it in their packages.

3. It can help improve SEO

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a term you’ll hear a lot when studying how to improve your online presence. In a nutshell, SEO helps build brand recognition and is what will push your website and conversion pages higher up the search results.

If your business name matches a certain search term, you can use that as your domain name. Moreover, having multiple similar domain names that lead to your website can point customers in the right direction, especially those who may have typed in the wrong name. For instance, Apple owns,, and Maintaining several domain names is hard enough, so having someone else do the job will make your life easier.

4. It can be more cost-efficient

Renewing your domain name annually is a key part of domain management. Failing to renew can lead to expensive consequences. Aside from potentially losing the name to a cybersquatter, you run the risk of losing customers. Furthermore, the cost of domain names varies each year. It is generally much cheaper to renew than to purchase a new name.

It’s unavoidable sometimes that business owners forget to renew their domains. But by outsourcing this task, you have one less thing to worry about.

5. It can assist in marketing

In addition to improving your site’s SEO, some domain name management providers can also help with online content creation and marketing advice. For example, in their review of, highlights the company’s add-on services that focus on professional web design and digital marketing. These are useful features to consider if you are not particularly experience with either design or marketing, or you have no time to spend on learning.

This is why ample research is needed before choosing a domain name management service for your business. Take the time to review your business needs so that you know what features to look for.

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Posted by Elena Hudgens
Elena Hudgens is an entrepreneur with 10+ years of experience. She started her journey by building her own e-commerce website on Shopify and turned her $1000 savings to millions in just 2 years. Soon she started different ventures in which she failed and succeeded. And now, she's on a mission to help other entrepreneurs with her life and business lessons.
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  • Great comprehensive list. Anyone searching for the right domain, I recommend to stick with the .com as much as possible and try to keep it short and snappy so people remember it.

    Another bit advice I’ve learnt over the years to get a great domain name is consider looking at domain expiring websites that you can search and from there you can find the domain you want and then you can use a drop catching service to grab that domain. This would A. give you the domain you want, B. there is a good chance that domain is aged and Google is happy with it and C. a much higher chance of it being a premium domain without the additional cost.

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