Which Industries Are Benefiting the Most from Remote Work?

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In recent years, remote work has grown in popularity because of the Covid-19 pandemic. As we’ve previously discussed with co-founder of The Hustle Story, Khyati Hooda, this setup can be beneficial for many. Thanks to its flexible nature, many workers report an increased level of productivity that also drives up their morale and motivation. Establishing remote teams also equates to a decrease in overhead costs, which benefits management.

Many industries have thus found a competitive advantage after adopting remote work. Let’s take a closer look at some of these fields where the benefits outweigh the challenges.

Customer service

HR director Samantha Lambert of Blue Fountain Media notes the peak of remote employment ten years ago meant a telemarketing or customer service position. It’s not surprising that as many more industries move online, customer service needs persist. In fact, business process outsourcing company SYKES is among the top 10 companies with the most expected job openings in 2022.

That’s because most businesses — product- or service-based — require a customer-facing team to resolve client issues. As long as you have a good internet connection and a basic handle on soft skills, you can be considered for most entry-level jobs in a customer assistance team, regardless of your location.

Healthcare industry

The healthcare industry was one of the more severely affected during the pandemic, which manifested in a shortage of workers. To keep up with the overwhelming demand, many hospitals had to open their doors to remote work. Telehealth platform Wheel highlights several advantages to this setup, including minimizing clinician burnout, improving overall patient health outcomes, and enhancing patient satisfaction.

Besides offering clinicians flexibility, the setup also benefits patients who may not have the time, resources, or physical ability to attend appointments in person. However, healthcare providers looking into telehealth must carefully evaluate their software tools. Enlisting the services of established platforms in the field can help, and clinician networks and customizable healthtech stacks can ease the adjustment and secure seamless operations.


The paper consumption and transactions in the banking sector are noticeably higher than in other industries. Under the Covid-19 pandemic, these processes were deemed high risk. Hence, many banks committed to a mass transition to remote working.

While The Financial Brand notes that several banking providers are now eager to get staff back into the office, this doesn’t appear to be happening anytime soon. Many bank workers swear by the flexibility-induced productivity of remote work, citing that the setup cuts down on unnecessary interaction and saves time — even for clients, who no longer have to line up for their physical transactions. Some institutions, including Idaho Trust Bank, already have the proper infrastructure to support a long-term hybrid work model.

Digital marketing

Many B2B companies turned to digital marketing after live events paused during Covid-19. Forbes counts a spike of companies that have created websites, launched e-commerce channels, created social media campaigns focusing on home-workers, as well as maximized influencer and SEO marketing for reaching new audiences.

As a result, remote opportunities are increasingly available, with digital marketing jobs ranging from SEO, content marketing, and social media engagement. Because digital collateral has proven to reach audiences cost-efficiently, we can expect the industry to continue thriving remotely, and interested marketers can brush up on their written and verbal communication skills, SEO concepts, and basic coding to secure a job in the industry.

With the tangible benefits of remote work, many industries are looking to adopt a hybrid setup permanently. If you’re looking to sustain your remote position or even try out WFH for the first time and spend more time with the family, now may be the perfect time to research your options.

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