Pranav Hooda

Pranav is a serial explorer of new ideas and internal thought, a visionary and a transformational thinker. He launched his first business at the age of 21, while still learning about it in college. He hustled from the bottom and worked hard to build his company Orento Group. He has been on the forefront of transforming innovation in various industries such as marketing, finance, education and social entrepreneurship. Today he’s an investor, mentor, and speaker who has helped many entrepreneurs to find their vision and start their journey.
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A Breakdown On How Bitcoin Can Affect Genesys S.A. Stock In 2022?

Bitcoin has grown to become the largest and most well-known cryptocurrency globally, with over $100 billion in market capitalization as

By Pranav Hooda 5 Min Read

A Complete Analysis On How Bitcoin Can Affect Fletcher Building Ltd In 2022

Bitcoin exchanges work like traditional stock exchanges, with buyers and sellers coming together to trade bitcoins for other currencies or

By Pranav Hooda 6 Min Read

How To Open A Business Bank Account: The Best Guide 2023

The final hurdles you face before beginning your business venture are the day you finalize your business plan, register it

By Pranav Hooda 12 Min Read

How To Start A Drink Company: The Ultimate Guide For 2022

Our society has progressively adopted a new wave of entrepreneurship for the time being. Starting a new business has never

By Pranav Hooda 18 Min Read

The Top 6 Fintech Startups That Are Changing The World

Fintech startups provide various financial services accessible through your phone or computer and have been around for decades. However, the

By Pranav Hooda 12 Min Read

Timestation: A Simple And Effective Time Tracking App For Small Businesses

Tracking your employee's time is one of the fundamentals of a successful business. Proper time tracking can help you improve

By Pranav Hooda 19 Min Read

How To Make Money With Bitcoin: The Best Ways To Trade and Invest

If you’re looking at how to make money with Bitcoin, the best way is to trade it. To that end,

By Pranav Hooda 5 Min Read

How To Become A Bitcoin Miner: The Ultimate Guide

Bitcoin mining is a lot like a giant lottery where you compete with your mining "rig" (a computer specifically designed

By Pranav Hooda 6 Min Read

How this healthcare startup raised $12.9m to build AI based platform?

H1 Insights, a healthcare startup that develops AI-connected technology to connect healthcare and life science professionals, recently announced its $12.9

By Pranav Hooda 4 Min Read

How to Create an MVP for Your Startup: A Comprehensive Guide

The Minimum Viable Product is the version of a new product that allows a team to collect the maximum amount

By Pranav Hooda 6 Min Read

What is Cryptocurrency? How is it different from Blockchain?

Cryptocurrency is a growing digital asset that you can buy and sell online, but what does that mean? And how

By Pranav Hooda 11 Min Read

Business Model Innovation: How to Create a New Business Model in 2021

Regardless of whether you’re a large company or a startup, the business model you have now may not be the

By Pranav Hooda 5 Min Read