Khyati Hooda

Khyati is an entrepreneur, marketing consultant and growth hacker. She helps sustainable revenue growth through marketing for SaaS and subscription companies. Her expertise lies in building scalable customer acquisition strategies and implementing effective digital marketing campaigns that drive high-quality, low-cost leads for startups. Khyati has managed over $50M in marketing budgets across various industries including technology, finance, education, retail, consumer goods and more - successfully delivering over 15x ROI for her clients.
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11 Easy Jobs That Pay Well And Don’t Require Any Experience

Are you looking for easy jobs that pay well and don't require any experience? You're in luck! There are many

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50000 A Year Is How Much An Hour? What Jobs Pay That?

Are you thinking, $50000 a year is how much an hour? Is it sufficient to live on? This post will

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24 Hour Stores Near Me: Ultimate Guide For 2023

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What Jobs Pay 20 Dollars An Hour + Best Jobs Available

Is surviving on 20 dollars an hour in 2022 attainable in the United States, where housing costs have skyrocketed, and

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What Jobs Pay 15 Dollars An Hour? + Best Jobs Available

There has been much discussion recently about increasing the federal minimum wage to 15 dollars per hour. You may wonder,

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41 Best Ways To Make An Extra 1000 A Month

Are you looking for different ways to make an extra 1000 a month? Don't worry; we've got you. Sometimes you

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What Jobs Pay 30 Dollars An Hour? + How Much Is It A Year?

No one wants to be mediocre, not you, me, or your salary. According to the National Compensation Survey, the national

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25 Unique Crafts To Make and Sell For Extra Income

It's easy for DIYers to create crafts to make and sell online. They're able to attract buyers looking for a

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21 Free Printable Budget Templates To Manage Your Money

Do you desire to monitor how much cash you generate, save, and spend each month? A budget is a solution.

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Is Property-Casualty Insurers A Good Career Path In 2022? Complete Guide

Is property-casualty insurers a good career path? Yes, a career in property-casualty insurance is an excellent choice. The property-casualty insurance

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7 Most Useful PDF Annotation/Review Tools

Our habits of printing documents and writing by hand at work are excellent instances of this. However, these habits are

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Financial Freedom: 10 Best Habits To Help You Get Freedom

Financial freedom isn't just an excellent idea; it's a necessity in today's world — anyone who wants to build a

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