25 Unique Crafts To Make and Sell For Extra Income

Khyati Hooda
By Khyati Hooda 23 Min Read

It’s easy for DIYers to create crafts to make and sell online. They’re able to attract buyers looking for a unique, handmade product by creating something special. While you may find a few unusual craft items on Amazon, you won’t find many. 

How can you make it? Can you provide a new product? How can you sell DIY goods online? Can you compete with 500 retailers? Can you create a DIY project that others need to do? 

Don’t worry; you’re not alone. We’ve compiled 25 simple, inexpensive DIY projects to help you start selling right away. 

25 Best DIY Crafts to Make and Sell

We’ll provide craft ideas for every level of skill, and you can monetize your passion by making products to sell online or at craft fairs. 

You don’t need to be a skilled artist to create and market these 25 simple, low-cost DIY crafts. Even better: there’s no official training required for these crafts to make and sell. Let’s get started.

1. Resin and polymer clay jewelry

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Resin and polymer clay jewelry designs have been popular for a couple of years and continue to be popular crafts to make and sell. Resin jewelry often consists of dry flowers preserved in a hard, transparent substance, while most polymer clay jewelry is made of opaque, geometric shapes in bright colors. 

There is some upfront investment involved, but there are a lot of online tutorials. Jewelry is also a simple hobby to turn into a part-time job, as you can produce many pieces each time. 

You may make polymer clay jewelry several ways, using cookie cutters or cutting freehand shapes and then connecting the pieces using jump rings. It can be messy and requires mixing chemicals to make resin jewelry. Trial and error will help you prevent bubbles in your pieces. 

Invest in one to make holiday décors such as Christmas decorations or picture frames.

2. Tufted rugs and mats

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Hooking or tufting is an additional trend that is still very popular in rug making. You may make mats, rugs, or textile wall art using a punch needle or a mechanical/electric tufting gun. 

It is common for the best creators to receive hundreds of dollars for a two-by-three-foot rug. You may establish a lucrative business if you find your niche. 

You may make Tufted rugs with customers’ specifications through a custom or made-to-order service. It can be a costly business if you do not enjoy it. You may learn more by taking a class on knitting crafts to make and sell.

3. Bath bombs


Since early 2015, the market for these fizzing bathtub potions has been overgrowing. Today, they are more popular than ever before. Even more fascinating is the fact that the ingredients used are very inexpensive. 

You can inexpensively purchase the few essential elements for these DIY crafts to make and sell (baking soda, Epsom salts, food coloring, etc.) in large quantities, resulting in high profits. 

If you like creating bath bombs, you can turn your passion into a full-time business.

4. Candles

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Since most individuals will only spend a little on high-quality candles, candles are great crafts to make and sell. You can sell candles year-round as a DIY project. 

You’ll always have a reason to keep your customers returning to your shop because of all the birthdays, anniversaries, and other events that occur year-round. 

Buying bulk wax and scented oils may produce numerous scent combinations in various sizes and shapes. And the most enjoyable part is that you can start a candle-making business for as little as $100.

5. Pet toys

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People are willing to spend big money on pet care, and the ASPCA estimates that there are around 70-80 million dogs in the United States. The APPA (American Pet Products Association) says the pet industry spends over $60 billion annually. 

People adore their animals; people are willing to spend a lot of cash on them. You can take advantage of the vast pet market by making eco-friendly, handmade pet toys from inexpensive and recycled materials. 

You can learn how to make such crafts through YouTube videos. 

6. Textile dyeing 

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Tie-dye (and related techniques) were all the rage in 2019 and are still going strong, appearing in major retail stores in various products, from sneakers to underwear. Many people tie-dye their crafts to make and sell them from their homes every year. 

To make them, you need very little material and skill. Bulk blank t-shirts or tie-dye fabrics can be purchased and tie-dyed, depending on your skill level. 

Japanese shibori, a form of resist dyeing that uses natural indigo dye, is a popular trend. You can acquire both synthetic and natural fabrics. 

However, you may also make paints using ingredients from your pantry, including avocado peels, turmeric, and tea. 

To resist-dye with string, you may use elastic or string. However, you may use anything for this purpose, from bulldog clips to clothespins to batik.

7. Paper flowers

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Despite the worldwide illness, the wedding services industry, valued at upwards of $414 billion by 2030, is bouncing back. Paper flowers could be a lucrative small business idea if sold as spectacular event décor. 

You can make paper flowers yourself using free online tutorials and templates. The advantage of making paper flowers is that they are simple and require very little upfront investment. 

Try to make and sell craft kits for children and adults with paper elements that can be assembled at home. Paper flowers are easy crafts to make and sell for children and adults.

8. Home fragrance 

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Home fragrances, like candles, are one of the most effortless crafts to make and sell online and are in high demand. The home fragrance market is projected to be worth $9.2 billion by 2026. 

You can buy a basic candle-making set to experiment with the process of mixing essential oils with melted wax. To stand out, think outside the box and create unique containers, like Yui Brooklyn does, or unusual scent blends, like Frostbeard candles. 

You may also make and sell room and linen sprays, essential oil blends, and organic diffusers (if you plan to create and sell candles online, remember that they are vulnerable to breakage and melting. Consider packing and shipping strategies accordingly.

9. Handmade soap

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Consumers want to use organic, toxin-free cleaners in their daily lives. You can seize on this trend by making and marketing your DIY soap-from-scratch creations. You may start soap-producing businesses with a tiny investment. 

This sector allows you to create crafts to make and sell unique DIY soaps using soap-making materials. You can customize items for various markets by developing items with a variety of scents and colors. 

In the United States, one woman produces soaps from the spent grain from breweries and then sells them as souvenirs, thanks to the variety of scents and colors available.

10. Printed throw pillows

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The home décor market generates $62.5 billion annually, according to estimates. In other words, establishing a presence in this market sector makes excellent sense—particularly if you have a unique product such as customized printed throw pillows. 

Personalized throw pillows are effortless crafts to make and sell, allowing buyers to express their identity and pride. You don’t need a screen printing company to begin; you can do it at home.

11. Customized towels and napkins

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Those who enjoy details in home decorating can benefit from DIY napkins and hand towels. With minimal sewing skills and a few inexpensive materials, you can create crafts to make and sell beautiful table accents and customized creations for the world’s most dedicated home decorators. 

You can create a large inventory of DIY items in just a few hours to sell immediately.

12. Keychains

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Long ago, keychains lost their practical function, but they are still popular. Animals, tourist sites, and letters dangling from them advertise an animal lover or a tourist. 

Customers may be interested in keychains made from leather, canvas, plastic, or cloth, among other materials. Targeting men and women is a good idea since keychains are small. 

Because your materials will go a long way, keychains are an excellent option for crafts to make and sell online.

13. Tote bags

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Have you ever wondered how many plastic grocery bags the average person uses annually? The tote bag has become an increasingly significant craft to make and sell as more and more states strive to reduce plastic bag usage. 

From grocery stores to coffee shops, these versatile catch-alls are highly sought after and very economical to manufacture. 

By customizing your tote bags with a unique design or message, you can attract customers and set yourself apart from competitors.

14. Ceramic or clay plant pots

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Plants and potting supplies flourished as consumers searched for means to memorialize friends and family members who had perished in the pandemic. Because plant care is a long-term venture, tangential enterprises will continue to profit for years. 

Because specialized ovens need to fire the clay (kilns), pottery is often more challenging to enter. While it can be prohibitively expensive and space-consuming, you may find community centers or studios that rent kiln time. 

You may use air clay or cement can to make plant pots that don’t require firing. 

Learn how to work with clay or take a pottery class, and get access to a kiln. Make plant accessories like hanging planters, garden markers, watering spikes, or window boxes out of various materials.

15. Face masks

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Face masks are still in demand as a COVID variant spreads to more regions. In some parts of the world, colds are fought, and smog is combated by wearing face masks. If you’re handy with a sewing machine, you can make and sell face masks using online tutorials or your pattern. 

Customers can discover face masks at every store, so what makes yours different? Think about how you can enhance the standard mask or its performance. 

Second Wind’s line of face masks, which made masks a popular statement accessory, was admired by celebrities like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and J.Lo. 

Masks are small DIY crafts to make and sell through letter mail, so offer free shipping and a minimal price with the retail value.

16. Vintage upcycle

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Upcycling vintage clothes into new products is an environmentally friendly craft to make and sell at home. You can collect used or pre-owned clothing, such as torn maxi skirts, faded vintage sweatshirts, and old t-shirts, and repurpose them into new items. 

A tote bag made from an old t-shirt, a baby hat made from an old t-shirt, and a cropped, redyed vintage sweatshirt is just a few things you can create using upcycled materials. This DIY trend is open to your imagination.

17. Holiday ornaments or gift tags

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The tradition of purchasing new holiday decor is common for many families. Hand-crafted items, mainly holiday ornaments, are crafted with care and can be re-used yearly. 

From this skill, many crafters develop similar things, such as personalized gift tags, napkin holder embellishments, and so on, sold year-round. 

The most promising part is that you can create your items for next to nothing—and your profit margins will soar—mainly if you’re working with clay.

18. Wall art

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The US arts and cultural goods industry was worth more than $698 billion in 2012. Look at the sector if you’re interested in producing crafts to make and sell such items. 

Creating original, marketable wall art or crafting funny or beautiful items allows consumers to express themselves through décor that reflects their character. 

Make up your mind if you can create original, marketable wall art currently missing from the market.

19. Magnets

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Magnetic items are simple to produce and provide a fun, lighthearted gift. You may make these items for as little as $0.01-0.03 per magnet, assuming you have some resin, magnets, and pictures or drawings at your disposal. 

You may sell hundreds of these magnets online if you have the right stuff and strategy in a few hours. It is one of the easiest crafts to make and sell online.

20. Woven and knotted home decor

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Despite a resurgence of midcentury interior design styles, woven and knotted textile artwork has been widespread. There are several options for everyone. 

Macramé, a knotted method popular in the Victorian era and popularized again in the 1970s, is used to make textile art, belts, and hanging planters. Interest in hanging planters surged in 2020, but it has been sustained since then. 

It’s an accessible business to undertake, and it requires little to no equipment. 

You can use weaving to produce hanging wall art, and many methods exist, ranging from simple wooden frames to sizable electrical power looms.

21. Handmade beauty products


Even if you aren’t particularly inventive, you might still be able to make DIY beauty products to sell. Before progressing to more complex crafts to make and sell, like nail polish or lotions, test simple DIY bath bombs in your spare time. 

Because handmade beauty products make beautiful gifts, you should concentrate on giving occasions. Gift sets are an excellent solution to package products and make it simpler for clients to shop. 

When you start your craft business, you can reduce overhead costs by using upcycled items like Mason jars for product packaging. Thrift shops are often good places to look for these ideas.

22. Coasters

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Coasters are thriving DIY crafts to make and sell, thanks to the proliferation of overprotective mothers. If you’re new to the e-commerce game, coasters are one of the simplest crafts to make and sell to get started. 

Many materials are available (wood, cork, plastics, textiles, glass, and even concrete), and you can tailor them to fit any style. 

Coasters are a superb way to expand your business by offering customization for special events, including birthdays, weddings, and corporate get-togethers.

23. Milk bath

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Baths aren’t just for bubbles anymore. Among the most popular trends for pampering worn-out skin is the milk bath. 

Powdered milk, essential oils, baking powder, mineral salts, and dried flowers are all you need to make a batch of milk baths for your customers. Milk baths are simple crafts to make and sell at home. 

Before you begin thinking about how to sell your product, think about the packaging. To package the milk bath, ensure it’s waterproof (obviously) and eye-catching enough to express the experience. 

You can enhance mason jars by using labels or ribbons. The more elaborate the packaging, the more likely your items will sell as presents.

24. Electronic accessories



Since smartphones and tablets have become as universal as they are today, people have invested in a quality carrying cases and accessories to keep their devices safe and secure. You can make cases for electronics that are both stylish and practical by learning a little bit of sewing. 

Although it may seem like tons of boring plastic accessories are already out there, those that are rougher or more unusual, natural, and authentic are in high demand. It is one of the easiest crafts to make and sell online.

25. Cat tent

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Even though cat tents are not the easiest crafts to make and sell online, they should be. They are a relatively niche product, requiring few materials and no special skills to construct. 

Customers can get a broader appeal by providing customizable choices, such as tents of different sizes and colors or even customization for their cat’s name.

Wrapping up

Upgrade your side interest into a profession by arming yourself with a glue gun and your winning idea. Build a strong brand, write a business plan, and target customers. Keep track of DIY trends and take note of seasonality. 

You can sell your crafts anywhere, from a craft booth to your online store, whether you make them at home. This guide gives you 25 ideas about easy crafts to make and sell online.


How to learn to make crafts?

It’s terrific to know you don’t have to attend a conventional art college to learn how to create crafts to make and sell. You can find DIY craft ideas and tutorials on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and craft blogs, among other places. 

Many of them provide links to where you can buy materials. Community centers and colleges also offer courses or workshops for your craft.

How to price crafts that you make to sell?

You can use straightforward pricing formulas to determine the cost of materials, fixed fees like rent, the value of your time, and your profit margin when pricing your crafts for retail or wholesale. 

You should keep market value while paying costs and creating a profit to produce viable crafts to make and sell. Other craft sellers who produce comparable items will show you what is reasonable.

What are easy craft ideas to make and sell?

The variety of crafts you can sell is wide, ranging from relatively simple to highly complicated, but it depends entirely on your unique skills and artistic abilities. Experiment with various crafts to see what you like. 

Candlemaking, beaded jewelry, and tie-dying are among the craft ideas that you can create without the need for specialist tools.

How to make and sell craft from home?

Aside from pottery and other crafts that require a lot of tools to get started, you can create a variety of crafts to make and sell from home. You must assess the requirements of each craft and how your space will interact. 

For example, some crafts require good ventilation, a laundry sink or tub (dyeing), a substantial working space, or a stove or oven (candles, polymer clay). 

The most lucrative craft ideas are those that you create using the skills and resources you have on hand. You can sell crafts through your store or an online market like Etsy.

Where to sell your crafts?

Besides your eCommerce store, there are several locations where you can sell your handmade items to earn extra money. You can develop your DIY brand by selling directly to your clients through an online store. 

Marketing through multiple sales channels may help you appeal to a larger audience. Crafters frequently sell through online marketplaces like Etsy and their online store. 

You may also start selling crafts at a craft fair or local farmers market that accepts craft vendors.

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