20 Best Shark Tank Products [2024 Updated]

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ABC’s entrepreneur pitching show Shark Tank, premiering in 2009, has seen it all. The show’s premise is simple: inventors and entrepreneurs pitch their products to real-life investors (called sharks).

It hosts a variety of innovative startup companies that offer great new ideas for everyday use with everything from smartphones to gadgets for your home life.

The Shark Tank has consistently kept its audience entertained over the past 14 years. The invention of the best shark tank products, from alarm clocks that wake you up with bacon to a scented candle that makes food smell delicious, have exposed them to some of the silliest ideas ever conceived. However, some excellent entrepreneurs just needed an investor (with deep pockets) to take off and make millions!

A usual misunderstanding about Shark Tank is that all the sharks invest in every product on the show. This isn’t true, and various factors can make investing difficult for one shark or another. All eight sharks typically require a stake in any company that wishes to be selected by them. 

We analysed all the shark tank products and came with a list of best ones. Keep reading to check these amazing products.

20 best Shark Tank products:

1. Ring Video Doorbell- Doorbot ($611 million)

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The Shark Tank episode of Ring Doorbells appears to have been an enormous success. The product had garnered over $415 million in sales by 2017 and has continued to grow since then. It all started on the show when Jamie Siminoff pitched his video doorbell that can be accessed through an app on any smartphone-an opportunity for people who want even more security than what was already offered with a regular home doorbell.

Although other Sharks opted out due to concerns about company viability, Kevin O’Leary stepped up as the only one willing to provide money at 10% of ownership for him and Jamie Siminoff to work together before making their deal. Company revenues have increased by at least two-fold since Amazon purchased the company.

As of 2023, Ring Doorbell has an estimated net value of about 1.8 Billion USD.

2. Scrub Daddy($225 million)

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Founder and inventor of Scrub Daddy, Aaron Krause’s roots were not in inventing but relatively strong in the automotive industry. 

After stumbling upon its effectiveness in cleaning products around his home, he invented the product. He decided then to re-purpose it for home applications – like an eraser on steroids! He entered Shark Tank Season 4, Episode 7, with a strong pitch and a powerful sponge.

With hopes to win over Lori Greiner at $100,000 for 10% of his company and get Kevin O’Leary at $200K for 20%, Aaron did just that by getting Lori’s deal which resulted in him keeping 50% ownership now worth about 3 million dollars!

It is an exciting concept like other best shark tank products. Today Scrub Daddy has 48 products sold in over 30 thousand retail stores worldwide from 17 countries, making them one of Amazon’s top 300 best sellers today!!!.

As of 2023, Scrub Daddy is worth $250 million and earns over $100 million annually.

3. Bombas($225 million)

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Bombas is a company that has a social conscience and offers superior quality socks to shoppers. Their founders, Randy Goldberg and David Heath, came up with the idea of donating one pair of socks for every pair sold after hearing someone from the Salvation Army say that people ask for socks at homeless shelters most often. They set out on crowdfunding to raise money- far exceeding their $15,000 goal – so they could afford commercialization costs.

As it turned out, they were looking for help from Shark Tank’s mentors, who would have helped them get onto retail shelves by investing in 5% of the company, which currently sells online only. The superior quality of these socks helped it land on the list of best shark tank products.

The net value of Bombas is beyond $200 million as of 2023.

4. Tipsy Elves Sweater($117 million)

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For $100,000, Nick and Evan convinced Shark Robert Herjavec to invest in their business. In 2015, the company managed to sell over $10 million worth of ugly holiday sweaters by selling them on Amazon.

Three days before taping the show where they were pitching for money for a 10 percent stake in their business with some help from his girlfriend’s fortune cookie that said, “investment opportunity will find you,” Mendelson went out to Panda Express. He found the prediction, which revealed what he was looking for(lucky him). You can now find Tipsy Elves’ products on Amazon.

As of 2023, the net value of Tipsy Elves is worth $20 million.

5. Simply Fit Board($177 million)

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The Simply Fit Board is a simple exercise board that helps you strengthen your core. It also includes motion like twisting or leaning, which works on your core muscles even more! The product has been around for several years, with sales exceeding $1 million by its appearance on Shark Tank in 2015.

Sales are not as strong now, but over 50,000 retail stores carry the product across North America, Europe, and many other countries worldwide. It was the first ever exercise board among the other best shark tank products and has an estimated net worth of about $128 million today.

6. Kodiak Cakes($160 million)

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It is hard to break the habit of reaching for Bisquick pancake mix, but Kodiak Cakes has been trying to do so in an inspiring way by adding more whole grains and protein than typical grocery store offerings. The company had a significant moment on “Shark Tank” in 2013 when owner Joel Clark walked away empty-handed because he didn’t want any equity for his idea.

Health-conscious carbohydrate lovers received their product well, and their revenue soared from $54 million last year to the fourth largest on shelves today. They also offer premade waffles and pancakes as freezer aisle products. As of 2023, Kodiak Cakes is worth $160 million.

7. Squatty Potty($208 million)

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The Squatty Potty device is designed to help people get things flowing. It was featured on Shark Tank back in 2014 – and the Edwards family made a deal with Lori Greiner for $350,000 in exchange for a 10 percent stake in the company that had sold over $33 million before 2017 ended.

According to WebMD, studies have found squatting positions are much less straining on your body than sitting or standing up straight. While you don’t need one of these devices to be able to squat (squatter’s rights can be achieved by simply elevating your knees), it helps! It was one of the most successful products compared to other shark tank products.

The Squatty Potty brand is estimated to be worth $50 million as of 2023, which speaks much about how well-liked the product is.

8. Cousins Maine Lobster($67 million)

Cousins Maine Lobster is a Los Angeles-based food truck. They wanted to bring the authentic lobster roll experience to people across North America, so they came up with their idea of opening a small business and selling lobster rolls in 24 hours! That started as an exciting concept that caught the interest of Shark Tank producers, who invited them to their show.

After investing $55,000 for each cousin’s company – Jim Tselikis got his investment back plus much more from sales after appearing on TV – Cousins Maine Lobster has grown wildly over six years into one of LA’s favorite street foods.

You can now order live lobsters shipped overnight from Portland or buy pre-cooked ones by visiting their website, which sells tons of other delicious seafood options like clam chowder and oysters!

As of 2023, the net worth of Cousins Maine Lobster is over $50 million.

9. Sleep Styler($100 million)

The founder of Sleep Styler, Tara Brown, appeared on season 8 of “Shark Tank” and caught Greiner’s attention. Within five minutes of watching her pitch for the product, he had already visualized a great plan in mind.

He offered to invest $75,000 for a stake in the company – about 25% equity- but Tara declined his offer because she wanted more shares than that, so it would feel like an even trade-off from what she was offering him initially (25%).

She has since done over 100 million dollars worth of sales with her hair rollers used by celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Rachel Zoe, making the product land on the list of best shark tank products.

10. The Original Comfy($250 million)

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The idea for Comfy began with a nephew who was lying on the couch in his oversized hoodie. He was inches from a blanket while watching TV at home. The brothers were behind it and started their Kickstarter page but realized they weren’t quite ready to launch.

When they appeared on Shark Tank (with no units produced or sales), Barbara Corcoran bought into them despite being unsure if it would be successful due to not having any proof of success yet.

They ended up getting $50k for 30% after she invested her money enough to get production going and make enough sales that there would be profits later down the line! The Original Comfy has a net worth of $150 million in 2023.

11. The Bouqs($100+ million)

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The Bouqs is an online flower company that cuts out the middleman. They eliminate expensive storage facilities and extra labor costs compared with traditional florists, saving up to 80% for their customers. Before appearing on Shark Tank in Season 5, John Tabis had already accrued over $1 million in venture capital funding – well on his way towards creating a highly successful business!

In its first year of operation, The Bouqs did about 120 million dollars worth of sales, but after appearing on Shark Tank, they received a call from Robert Herjavec. He later struck an agreement with them, which led to much more success than they could have ever imagined!

Today The Bouqs is in the list of best shark tank products and has done over 100 million dollars worth of sales since then, plus continues attracting new customers & investors! As of 2023, The Bouqs Company has a net value of around $10 million.

12. Bubba’s Q($21 million)

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On Shark Tank, a confessed rib connoisseur and former NFL player pitched his product to Daymond John. The company goes from doing $154,000 in sales before the show to $16 million in 2017. Baker of Bubba’s owns patents on his process, making him the only person to sell a deboned and cooked rib.

His ribs are now available online and offline at various stores like Costco, QVC and more recently, they have been featured by Carl’s Jr., which is sold exclusively through their website. The net worth of Bubba’s Q is beyond $16 million as of 2023.

13. Lovepop($80 million)

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The co-founders of Lovepop, Wombi Rose and John Wise,  appeared on season 7 of “Shark Tank” in December 2015. They were offered $300k from Kevin O’Leary for a 15% stake in the business. They’ve brought in over $80 million since launch! Before creating Lovepop, Rose and Wise were naval architecture students with love for ship design – which is what their product was inspired by.

The duo has also said that “it’s so cool” when you think about it like this: 3D shapes/3D plane pieces are spliced into planes? You draw lines where these intersections happen to cut out each piece. There is no doubt that this concept coming full circle back to ships fits nicely into what they’re all about as well! Lovepop’s current net worth is more than $100 million.

14. Bala Bangles($20 million)

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The founders of Bala, Natalie Holloway and Max Kislevitz decided to go into business with Maria Sharapova and Mark Cuban. The deal was for $900,000 in exchange for a 30 percent stake in the company. Since then, they have expanded their offering to include bars, beams, and more, but the bangles remain most popular.

They come in numerous colorways, including ones that are shown on “Shark Tank,” shopping writer Zoe Malin called them “the best wrist weights [she’s] ever worn.” They offer 1-pound or 2-pound options and various pattern choices you can choose.

15. ReadeREST ($8 million)

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Rick Hopper, the former supervisor of Home Depot, had his eureka moment when he couldn’t find his reading glasses. He solved this problem by inventing a product called ReadeREST (short for “readerest”) that allows people to clip their spectacles onto their shirt, so they don’t fall out of their pocket and get lost during everyday activities like bending over.

Furthermore, $100K was sold in the first appearance on QVC- making it worth about 27 million dollars! It was a success like the other best shark tank products. As of 2023, ReadeREST is worth $4 million.

16. Everlywell ($300 million)

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EverlyWell is an at-home health testing kit company that provides a range of 35 different tests for various ailments. Its kits are easy to use, and all you need is the package itself, together with some saliva or blood, to submit it for your doctor to review the test results within five days. These lab reviews can be found online, and you can also view them after they have been processed by the company’s laboratory team.

In Season 9, Episode 12 of Shark Tank, Julia Cheeks was looking for $1 million – her asking price was a mere 5% stake in her business! The day she went on air Lori Greiner offered 1 million dollars worth of shares instead, totaling an estimated value of around 175 million dollars!

In 2020, EverlyWell introduced a home-swab for Covid-19. This move has quickly increased the company’s value and climbed to the top of Shark Tank’s Best List by 2021. This year, they are worth 2.9 billion dollars which made the product come into the list of best shark tank products.

17. Kitu Super Coffee($200 million)

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After Jordan DeCicco, youngest of three brothers (the others being Jake and Jim), realized that the sports energy drinks they were consuming after playing basketball at Philadelphia University had a high sugar content, he thought there was a better alternative. He enlisted the help of his older brothers to create something better. With hard work and dedication, they started Kitu Super Coffee – an organic coffee drink made with lactose-free proteins, healthy fats from coconut oil.

The company’s first two years in business led to $600k in sales before its inception on Shark Tank, when it was valued at $200 million! Today the valuation of Kitu Super coffee has risen as it is on track for around $70-150 million, making Kitu one of Shark Tank’s most successful misses ever!

18. PhoneSoap 3($150 million)

After the Covid-19 pandemic, PhoneSoap has become popular. The phone disinfecting company sold out several times in a year thanks to their invention of the PhoneSoap 3 for USB-A and USB-C cables. These cables charge your phones and use UV light to kill 99.99 percent of germs.

According to experts we previously spoke to, UV light is one type on the ultraviolet spectrum that can effectively kill germs, making it especially useful during this period. As of 2023, the net value of PhoneSoap is $13.5 million.

19. Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook($40 million)

Rocketbook sells erasable notebooks that can send notes to cloud destinations like Google Drive and Dropbox, which appeared on “Shark Tank” in 2017, but founders Jake Epstein and Joe Lemay failed to secure an investment. In 2020 at the age of twenty-four, BIC acquired them for $40 million after reporting $32 million in sales that year. They won one of our Shopping writer’s favorite back-to-school supplies: a reusable notebook with Frixion pens compatible with any Pilot Pen you have lying around your house!

Jake Epstein and Joe LeMay, the co-founders of Rocketbook, have a combined net worth of 44 million USD as of 2023.

20. Buttercloth Kismet Waves Shirt($12 million)

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Buttercloth is a clothing company that uses cotton to make shirts as comfortable and fashionable, with the perfect amount of stress. The founder Danh Tran spoke about how Buttercloth did $500,000 in sales in just two weeks after airing on “Shark Tank” – an impressive way to start a career. This untucked button-down shirt comes in different colors and patterns with regular or slim-fit options. They’re also infused with patented Icy Cotton materials to stay cool during warm weather months!

Since the show’s airing, the business has increased to an estimated net value of over $15 million.


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Over the years, companies and entrepreneurs have pitched their ideas to a panel of sharks on ABC’s hit show Shark Tank. The products that successfully reached their audience are just a few examples of what can happen when investors find an idea they believe is worth investing in. The list of 20 best shark tank products shows that new entrepreneurs still have opportunities with a product idea and capital from investors to launch their effects on the show. 

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