13 Best Ways To Get Paid To Watch Netflix

Khyati Hooda
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The idea of getting paid to watch Netflix has captured the attention of countless individuals seeking to earn money while indulging in their beloved movies and TV shows. Today, you’ll explore the methods to get paid to watch Netflix.

This concept centers on receiving compensation for viewing Netflix content and offering valuable feedback or data to companies, market researchers, or streaming platforms. 

Typically, participants watch designated shows or movies and offer valuable feedback or data based on their viewing experience. In this article, you’ll explore how to get paid to watch Netflix.

Get Paid To Watch Netflix: How Does It Work?

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Netflix will collaborate with multiple marketing research firms responsible for choosing individuals to participate in focus groups and surveys to understand their viewing habits.

As a participant, you must provide feedback on your Netflix watching patterns, including the frequency and types of TV shows you watch. The exciting part is that you will receive payment for participating in these tasks, making it a potential part-time opportunity for you!

The best part is that you wouldn’t need to change your usual Netflix streaming habits to start earning money!

Effective Methods To Make Money With Netflix

Here are the effective methods to get paid to watch Netflix:

1. Viggle Tracking

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Viggle, an app-based loyalty program, allowed users to earn rewards and gift cards while watching TV shows or streaming content. Using audio recognition technology, the app identified the content being watched.

By letting Viggle track their Netflix sessions, users could earn redeemable points for rewards or gift cards. They received one point for every minute of Netflix binge-watching.

Users downloaded the Viggle app on their smartphones or tablets and created an account to get started. Once registered, they checked in to the TV shows or streaming content they viewed.

As users continued to watch content, they accumulated points based on the duration of their viewing. The more they watched, the more points they earned.

Users had to redeem their accumulated points to claim rewards or gift cards.

2. Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel

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The Nielsen Group has played a prominent role in analyzing television data. The company can monitor your internet usage and consumption habits by installing the Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel on your laptop or desktop computer.

Download the Computer and Mobile Panel software and earn $50 per year for allowing the Nielsen Group to track your data.

By participating, you also have a chance to be automatically entered into $10,000 monthly sweepstakes. Rest assured that the data collected is anonymous and not linked to your identity.

3. Advertisements On The Rewards Site

get paid to watch netflix

Rewards sites offer compensation for watching videos but do not directly pay you for watching Netflix. Instead, they provide payment for viewing ads through their app. However, you can still convert this opportunity into a way to make money.

Register on your preferred ad-watching reward sites, and then leave the videos playing on your phone while you watch Netflix. Once you accumulate enough points, exchange them for gift cards, allowing you to indulge in something special for yourself.

4. Offer Closed Captioning

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Generating income through closed captions for your favorite movies and TV shows is an intriguing side hustle where you can transcribe dialogues while enjoying the content.

To begin, you should register with third-party companies that offer closed captions for streaming platforms. This way, you can monetize your transcription skills and earn from your passion for watching films and shows.

There’s no assurance that you’ll exclusively receive Netflix content for transcription. Instead, you’re more likely to receive a blend of YouTube videos, webinars, TV shows, & occasionally a movie or two.

5. Rewards Websites

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Numerous reward sites provide effortless tasks to accumulate points, like watching videos, playing games, or completing surveys.

While indulging in a binge-watching session, you can add a touch of productivity by combining it with a mindless money-earning task.

On rewards sites, you’ll discover numerous tasks that require minimal mental effort but help you earn gift cards, allowing you to make the most of your leisure time.

6. Netflix Tagger

get paid to watch netflix

Netflix employs remote taggers, also known as metadata analysts, who work from home to watch shows or movies and assign relevant tags. These tags encompass various aspects such as language, genre, profanity, cast members, and types of violence.

Typically, Netflix tagger positions are part-time, with an expected commitment of approximately 15 hours per week. Apart from watching and tagging videos, the job entails attending regular weekly and monthly meetings to fulfill their responsibilities effectively.

An in-depth understanding of TV shows or movies and prior analytical experience increases your chances of being hired. Moreover, candidates with a minimum of five years of experience in the film industry are preferred by the company.

To secure these positions, it’s essential to regularly monitor the Netflix job openings page, as these opportunities tend to be filled quickly.

7. Review Blogging

Consider channeling your passion into a lucrative online business by starting a review blog that offers various suggestions on what to watch.

To earn money while watching Netflix, consider establishing a blog reviewing Netflix shows and movies.

While immediate income may not be guaranteed, this venture holds long-term potential. You can monetize your website through advertisements or featuring sponsored content, paving the way for a successful online endeavor in the future.

8. Affiliate Marketing

get paid to watch netflix

By becoming an affiliate, you utilize special links provided by big companies like Netflix, through which you can earn commissions for specific tasks or when certain actions are completed.

As an affiliate, your role does not involve creating products or services; instead, you share information about these offerings with others and earn commissions for promoting them successfully.

9. YouTube Channel Or Podcast

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YouTube has emerged as a massively popular platform for content creators from diverse backgrounds. Whether you share your thoughts and commentary on the latest releases or delve into other topics, you have the potential to earn money through your work.

Numerous avenues exist for generating income, such as advertising, sponsorship, and affiliate marketing.

Launching a movie-themed video channel can be a fantastic choice if you’re seeking a creative outlet. This way, you can binge-watch your favorite TV shows while exploring exciting opportunities to monetize your passion.

Streaming content is a topic close to the hearts of many individuals. Suppose you launch a podcast that discusses which shows or movies to watch on Netflix and manage to attract a significant audience. In that case, you can generate revenue through ad placements on your podcast.

10. Media Rewards

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13 Best Ways To Get Paid To Watch Netflix 15

Media Rewards is an exceptional app that compensates users for their media exposure. Advertisers pay the app to gather data for enhancing marketing campaigns, and they, in turn, share a portion of their revenue with users who allow the app to operate on their devices.

Moreover, Media Rewards conducts contests with cash prizes of up to $1000, adding an exciting incentive for users to participate.

11. Swagbucks

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13 Best Ways To Get Paid To Watch Netflix 16

Swagbucks is a famous website where you can earn money by completing diverse tasks. Signing up is free, and you can quickly begin earning rewards by watching videos and participating in other activities. The user-friendly platform makes it easy to accumulate monetary rewards with minimal effort.

Furthermore, Swagbucks offers a $5 signup bonus, and you can receive payments in either cash or gift cards.

Swagbucks offers payment for watching movies on Netflix. By watching TV from the comfort of your couch, you can accumulate points and redeem them for gift cards or cash rewards.

12. EduBirdie

get paid to watch netflix

EduBirdie is an internet-based platform that offers academic writing services, enabling students to engage professional writers to aid them with a wide range of academic tasks like essays, research papers, term papers, and other assignments.

Periodically, they introduce opportunities for Smart Watchers. Once selected, these individuals receive a 1-month subscription to Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. In return, they are requested to review specific movies or TV series as part of their role.

To become a Smart Watcher, you’ll need to watch at least three episodes of the show and complete a questionnaire containing various questions about the movies.

If you’re eager to earn money by watching Netflix movies and shows, it’s advisable to keep a close eye on their website, as you’ll want to be ready for the next hiring phase!

13. InboxDollars

get paid to watch netflix

InboxDollars is a reward platform that helps you earn money through various activities. These tasks include taking surveys, reading emails, playing games, watching videos, and shopping through their affiliate links.

You can conveniently stream videos on your phone in the background while enjoying your favorite movie. This platform is an excellent choice for earning monetary rewards with minimal effort.

Additionally, InboxDollars provides a $5 signup bonus when you create an account with them.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) On Get Paid To Watch Netflix

1. Can we get paid for watching Netflix?

You can get paid for watching Netflix by becoming a Netflix tagger. This process involves metadata analysis, where the company employs you to watch shows or movies and subsequently apply relevant tags, such as genre, language, or adult content.

2. Is Netflix Tagger a real job?

Netflix Tagger jobs do exist, but they are infrequently available. Moreover, these positions demand a strong educational background and prior experience, making it challenging for everyone to apply. If you come across such a job listing, verify its authenticity on Netflix’s official website.

3. How do you become a Netflix tagger?

First, you can initiate the process by applying for a freelance tagging job through a third-party company that collaborates with Netflix. As you accumulate experience, you may apply directly for a full-time position with Netflix.

Conclusion: Get Paid To Watch Netflix

Getting Paid To Watch Netflix is an alluring idea that appeals to individuals searching for ways to make money while indulging in their beloved movies and TV shows. There are a couple of ways to get paid to watch Netflix.

Users who choose to allow Viggle to track their Netflix sessions can earn points that can be redeemed for rewards or gift cards. For every minute of Netflix binge-watching, they receive one point.

Create an account on the ad-watching reward sites you prefer, and then let the videos play on your phone while you watch Netflix. As you gather sufficient points, you can trade them for gift cards, treating yourself to something special.

Remote taggers, or metadata analysts, are hired by Netflix to work from home, watching shows or movies and assigning appropriate tags. If you wish to earn money while watching Netflix, one option is to create a blog centered around reviewing Netflix shows and movies.

I hope today’s article on get paid to watch Netflix sounds helpful!

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