How To Make Money Fast: The Top 7 Ways To Get Started

Elena Hudgens
By Elena Hudgens 11 Min Read

When was the last time you were in a bind and wanted to know how to make money fast to get by? We’re talking about small bursts of capital here, not millions. This could be enough to satisfy your monthly obligations or that nagging creditor who won’t stop calling you.

None of these strategies listed will break the bank-nothing more than a light tapping on it with one finger. They are meant for those difficult times where cash is tight, and loans aren’t an option now or ever. Not all are easy, but nearly all require very little investment.

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Some of these tactics might require being in specific locales, while others are location independent – it is up to your creativity and resourcefulness, as they say. 

In any case, though, anything can work out when there’s someone committed behind it.

There are many ways to know how to make money fast. You have to find the right one. Below, I’ll share some of the best methods for making money fast and how to use them to your advantage. 

While a quick trip to your bank is always satisfying, you will have difficulty saving up enough money for that vacation. To make more money, you need to put in more effort. And don’t worry. 

Setting Goals and Tracking Progress

The most important thing one can do before you need to know how to make money fast is to set goals for yourself. This will help you keep track of your progress and stay motivated. 

It would help if you also considered writing down your financial goals and sticking them on the fridge or somewhere in your office where you’ll see them every day. 

Creating a budget is a good way to stay informed about how much money you spend on different things. It’s best to start with your monthly expenses and add up everything (including recurring bills). 

After that, please take note of everything that takes up the most space in your budget and cut back on it.

It is necessary to think and plan to be successful. Many ways can help you know how to make money fast, but you have to be wise about what thoughts you cultivate.

The 7 Best Ways To Make Money Fast

The best ways you must know how to make money fast is by saving it up. If you have a job that pays well, you’re already making some decent money. But if you want to make more money quickly, try these methods: 

  • Buy and sell items at a garage sale or on Craigslist
  • Start a blog and get advertisers
  • Get a part-time job at a retail store during the holidays
  • Take surveys online
  • Participate in focus groups for products or services you’re interested in

Doing any of these things will help you make some extra cash quickly. And even if you only do one of them, that’s still great. All it takes is a little time and effort on your end. Now let’s talk about using these ideas and putting them in real-life situations.

1. Selling Your Stuff

The first method to know how to make money fast is to sell your stuff. You probably don’t want to do the dirty work of getting rid of your old junk, but you can always put it up for sale on sites like eBay and Craigslist.

2. Social Media Presence

Social media is the best way to interact with your potential customers. Many people don’t associate social media with earning money, but it can be a very lucrative platform to build your business. 

You can also use social media to promote products or services, run contests, or give away prizes.

If you use a popular social media site like Facebook as your primary source of income, then you’re in luck. Facebook wants to help you make more money, so they will pay you for ads that lead to purchases.

 You have to create an account on their partner page and find out what types of offers are the most effective for marketing on Facebook.

3. Invest in Real Estate

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It is one of the best ways to know how to make money fast. It is an excellent option for someone who wants to make money while still working another job or studying. 

You don’t need a significant initial investment, and you can work with a broker to help you get started.

4. Freelancing

It is a great way you should know how to make money fast without breaking a sweat. Countless sites offer freelancers the opportunity to pick up extra work in their areas of expertise.

As a freelancer, you have the freedom to select the time and place in which you do your work. With multiple projects, you can have the opportunity to earn more. 

Freelance writing is one example of this type of work. You could write for various websites at once and earn more money than if you were only writing for one site.

5. Stocks

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Investing in stocks can be profitable if you know what you are doing and take necessary safety precautions. If you don’t take it seriously, you might suffer significant losses. 

Today there is no need for stockbrokers to fund the yachts of Wolf of Wall Street style people because we all have to keep track of our funds on our own. You can do all this yourself with the help of online market trading platforms.

There is a popular forum called eToro, which offers free practice accounts. They were featured on BBC Two’s documentary “Traders: Millions by The Minute” (they sponsor some premier league football clubs).

6. Get a Part-Time Job or Start a Business 

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One of the easiest ways to know how to make money fast is by getting a part-time or full-time job. The upside to this strategy is that you’ll earn more money than if you were to focus on other methods. But there are downsides, too. 

If you already have a full-time job, exploring other methods might not be feasible. And if you don’t like your current job, it can be hard to find the motivation to do anything else. You also lose some free time and limit how much money you can make each week/month.

Instead of being paid by an employer or someone else, you could also start your own business and know how to make money fast that way. It means that the only person running the show is you, so it’s up to you how much money you want to make and how much work you want to put in. 

But there’s one major downside: it takes a lot of planning and effort (and sometimes money) before your new business will start giving back what they invest into it. This method helps on how to make money fast; working needs to be something people want or need and is easy enough for them to buy from your website or storefront location.

7. Make Deliveries for Amazon or Uber Eats



You can make up to $25 per hour with the Amazon Flex service. Another option is UberEats, which pays drivers an average of 62000 a year (according to Indeed).

Though you are technically freelance, these companies offer flexible hours and opportunities for growth depending on your hours. You’ll also be able to use your car as a delivery driver for Amazon Flex- you typically make about 18 – 25 USD an hour.

These ways will help you know how to make money fast and achieve your goals quickly.


Now, you know how to make money fast. It is not easy to achieve a goal, but it’s not impossible with the correct information and strategy.

It’s possible whether you want to make money fast to pay off debt or meet a short-term goal. But first, you need to know where to start. 

Now that you’ve read this article, you know some of the best ways how to make money fast.

The possibilities are endless, and there’s no other way to know how to make money fast. The key is figuring out what works for you and then taking the steps necessary to start making money fast.

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