How to Make Money Writing: Simple Tips to Start Selling Online

Elena Hudgens
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Writing can be a rewarding and profitable career. There are a few ways to make money writing, depending on the level of experience you have and how much writing you want to do. You can sell your work online, through word-of-mouth, or even print advertising. There’s no limit to how you can make money as a writer. Once you have a good source of income from writing, you can begin creating content that will sell. This article will discuss some ways of making money through writing.

How to get started writing


If you’re looking to make money writing, there are a few things you need to do to succeed. First, you need to have an audience. It would help if you found someone interested in your work and who will be willing to pay for it. Second, you need to have a good idea of what you want to sell. Once you know what your audience wants, you can start crafting a sales pitch that will entice them to buy your work. And finally, you need to generate traffic and make money from your writing.

Many small businesses lack the time, skills, or knowledge to manage all aspects of an effective SEO plan. It’s easy for companies to end up with a generic web presence that doesn’t inspire engagement or drive conversions, from keyword research to content evaluation, page optimization, to internal linking.

If you’re starting as a writer, it can be an uphill battle but not impossible. 

Here are ten tips to help you along the way:

 1. Do your research: Make sure you’re researching the products and services you’re selling before you start writing. Do not be afraid to ask questions or solicit feedback from other authors.

 2. Use social media: Use social media to promote your writing. Use platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to reach out to potential customers and partners.

 3. Get paid for your writing: If you’re successful in selling your essay, you may be able to earn money through royalties, book deals, or other forms of compensation.

 4. Use market research: Once you have a solid understanding of the market for your writing, use market research to help you determine what products and services will appeal to your target audience.

 5. Use copywriting: Copywriting is a great way to increase sales and make your writing more resonant with your target audience. 

6. Try email marketing: Email marketing can effectively promote your writing and reach new readers.

 7. Use social media to cultivate a following: Keep your social media presence.

Most in-demand ways to make money writing as a freelancer


Blogging is a form of content writing that falls into the content marketing category. Bloggers can make money by doing this work, depending on how they write and market their content. However, you don’t have to blog for other websites to make money: you can also freelance as a guest blogger! This is an excellent way to make extra income from your creative writing skills without full-time work obligations. If you’re talented enough with keyword usage and SEO, there’s no reason not to do this kind of work too!


Copywriters work in significant demand today. Many magazines, journals, and news publications have shifted their operations online, where much of their content is usually available. They often have digital magazine websites that regularly publish exciting features and articles.


When it comes to writing, freelance feature writers have the flexibility to research and write about topics that they’re genuinely passionate about. If you have specific issues about which you know, Feature writing can provide a niche within those sectors. Remember that if you consider feature writing- as an option instead of your primary focus- diversify your income streams to boost your earnings. Many freelance feature writers specialize in this only form of writing.


As the world becomes more and more social, it’s essential to have an online presence. This is especially true for businesses looking to engage their social audiences and add value to their content. Learn how to make money writing as a freelance social media content writer to take advantage of this expanding demand. Planning, scheduling, and creating targeted posts across different platforms can be challenging, but it can be an excellent form of writing income if you know where Social Media is heading.


News writing can be a highly profitable and fulfilling career option. You can quickly develop a name for yourself by being one of the most accurate and researched news reporters online. News articles are often rapid to create, so it is an excellent way to spend your free time. They can also help you turn your hobbies or interests into professional goals.

Here are some most famous money-making writing websites:

1. Upwork:

This is one of the most popular sites for freelancers. You can sign up with Upwork and start writing for money. It’s not challenging to obtain everyday writing work in this town.

2. Fiverr:  

You can register as a vendor on Fiverr and then create writing projects that link to your writing assignments. At Fiverr, getting your first order is critical.

3. iWriter: 

This is one of the few websites dedicated entirely to authors, with various freelance writing options. Start with 500-1000 words of content and gradually increase to a 1000-word article.

4. Contena:

Contena is an excellent tool for writers to help jump-start their freelance writing business and find specific writing work. It includes job search tools, email alerts, a Submission finder, a pay rate database for over 1600 companies, and more!.

5. Blasting News:

Blasting News is the world’s largest publisher of social News. It was founded in 2013, and it now boasts a monthly unique visitor population of over 80 million. For every 1000 readers, freelance writers and journalists can earn up to $12.

6. Listverse:

The Listverse website is a great place to submit exciting facts about gemstones. You can gain $100 for every 1500 words you write about gems on the site. Although the competition is fierce, having your post published on Listverse is one of the most efficient ways to earn money by blogging.

7. Metro Parent:

Metro Parent is always searching for experienced freelance writers if you’re interested in contributing to one of the most popular parenting magazines on the internet. You can write department columns (500-700 words) or feature articles (1000-2500 words). Payment ranged from $35 to $350.

8. Hub pages:

When getting articles approved on, you need to be proficient in grammar and spelling if you want them to be published. Your article must have at least 700 words and not contain any errors.

9. The Dollar Stretcher:

The best thing is that writing for this website might earn you money. When you submit content related to this niche, we will pay you $0.10 per word for any article accepted. If you get three articles published in a month, that means your income will be around $300!

10. Writers Weekly:

This online publication distributes weekly editions filled with articles about writing, freelance job postings, and marketing for writers. Subscribers to WritersWeekly don’t need paper reports; they’re interested in making more money through their work. You need to discover how to submit an article to this publication and get paid $60 per 600 words!


It’s time to choose your writing path and finally make some money from it. Stop dreaming about becoming a successful writer and start living in this reality by making money through content writing, marketing, or starting a niche blog. If none of those paths feel like an exact fit right now, experiment with one until you find the one that feels closest to your heart!

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