What is Talk to Transformer, How it Works and 6 Alternatives

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If you’re a writer who has to deliver tons of copy in a short amount of time, there are now intelligent online tools that can help you write faster – even if your specialty is social or web writing.

Talk To Transformer is an engaging online tool built by Adam Daniel King and available online on the eponymous website. It uses machine learning to understand the relationship between words and their meanings. It asks for the beginning of the sentence and automatically generates the words to follow within a few seconds!

Talk to Transformer uses GPT-2 model to generate texts, which can only produce shorter texts and is also known to give poor performance compared to the latest GPT-3 model used by Talk to Transformer’s alternatives are offered in the list below.

What is Talk To Transformer?

Artificial intelligence is a framework for providing you with the content you need on a topic of your choice. It operates in an improvisatory and intuitive manner. It shows how a modern neural network completes its text. It also includes a machine learning model that reveals the functionality of a language model known as GPT-2.

Talk to Transformer provides an individualized experience for every location. It gives a framework for converting, an intelligent and conscientious service that allows you to translate into multiple languages. It has an uncomplicated user interface.

The name has been altered, but TalkToTransformer.com and app.inferkit.com are the same websites. When you type app.inferkit.com into your browser, you will be redirected to TalkToTransformer.com.


Special Features of Talk To Transformer

  • An interesting AI platform as it only asks for the beginning of a sentence and automatically enters the words to follow within a fraction of a second by guessing them.
  • It uses state-of-the-art GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) that can work on common Natural Language Processing operations upon any piece of content.
  • It has the ability to generate proper knowledge of the write-up written naturally by a human writer. 
  • It can give you a convincing result even with just one word. Such a thing clearly separates Talk to Transformer from knowledge engineering products that were previously employed, namely, asynchronous database queries which simply found exact matches in the history of its experience.
  • It is a GPT-2 model that employs artificial intelligence and NLP to finish the sentences. The bot has been made with the use of the PyTorch GPT-2 model. It has been possible because of the availability of affordable but useful computational power via cloud computing.
  • It provides the option of using batch requests which can be helpful when you want to generate several text outputs.

How to use Talk To Transformer?

Talk To Transformer is an easy way to generate text based on a specific topic or idea. You need to write a word, sentence, or paragraph in the text field and follow the style you want. There are many different writing styles available, so you can choose one that best matches your needs. The options include Elon Musk’s debut album, Unicorns that speak English, Sci-fi, Cooking instructions, and more.

And if you’re going to Talk To Transformer longer, cut off the last few lines generated by the tool and paste them into the text field. You could keep doing this until you get bored.

Here’s how to use Talk To Transformer:

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What Things Can You Do with Talk To Transformer? 

Talk to transformer is an excellent tool that can revolutionize how we process information and queries across the internet. It is helpful to auto-complete questions and doubts raised by any user in a forum and auto-suggest answers directly to them, which can speed up the process of troubleshooting.

It also serves as a standalone text generator that can help generate texts based on the context offered by input. It could be used as a bot that could help gather valuable information from users and streamline data collection processes.

These capabilities would make Talk to Transformer ideal for several industries, such as healthcare, where users can get suggestions for simple health issues. In contrast, critical issues could be routed directly to professionals.

What is Batch Request in Talk To Transformer?

With batch requests, you can generate many text outputs quickly and easily all at once. You choose between a single prompt or no prompt and set some optional generation settings. Before running the request, you’ll see an estimate of the maximum number of characters that it might generate based on your settings. When the request is made, you’ll get a notification email and download the outputs in CSV format.

However, this feature has many limitations, such as the generator can only comprehend a certain length of text at a time. You must provide the last 3000 characters (currently) of each input prompt to use it. The topic and keyword controls are not now usable from the web interface, so batch requests will need to be sent instead of CSV files.

Pricing Structure of Talk to Transformer

There are two pricing plans in Talk To Transformer:

Basic Plan: It starts at $20 per month with 600,000 monthly characters included and Extra characters for $0.28 per 10,000*

Premium Plan: It starts at $60 per month with 2,500,000 monthly characters included and Extra characters for $0.12 per 10,000*

Only the generated characters are essential, not the input you enter. Each request counts for a 100-character minimum. It also allows you to track your usage in the Billing & Usage settings. *Plus, a $1 fee per purchase is added to each purchase. Enable Auto-Refill to automate your character purchases so that you never have to worry about running out of character space again.

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Does Talk to Transformer have any negative effects? 

The Talk To Transformer is a GPT-2 model initially reasonably feared for being misused. The Open AI GPT-2 model was dubbed as an AI that could be too dangerous to release because it is an open-source project meaning anyone in the world could use it. Not being strictly regulated by any central authority turned out to be a source of worry for enthusiasts as they fear misuse and misinformation from this handy tool.

However, the Open AI GPT-2 model has been used in many successful experiments and is now considered one of the most advanced open-source AI models out there. This is because it was explicitly designed for reinforcement learning—the process by which an AI system learns from its past experiences and tries to improve its performance by responding quickly and accurately to new situations.

What is the Future of Talk To Transformer?

Talk to Transformer is a cloud-based platform that offers its users strong GPUs to handle repetitive loops usually involved in a machine learning algorithm. This suggests that we could see more exciting projects using this platform, which pushes the boundaries of machine learning.

In addition, because Talk to Transformer is cloud-based and there are no dedicated hardware requirements for running it, it would make it possible for even small businesses or individual developers to get started with Machine Learning quickly and easily. They can use Machine Learning in their business operations, making it easier for them to find the right tools and learn how to use them effectively.

This tool would be beneficial because it would make the process of training models easier and because there are no dedicated hardware requirements for running Talk to Transformer. 

Talk To Transformer Alternatives

Copy AI


Copy.ai is a copywriting tool for busy marketers and business owners that helps you create high-converting text in minutes, not hours. It’s so easy to use. It will help you with writing your content like a pro!

The AI feels like the work of another human being. You even get to see all their suggestions about content, which means that everything they recommend is on brand and hitting the right tone. Copy AI outputs natural-sounding text much better than any other computer program, so when someone reads it for the first time without knowing how a machine wrote it. Read our detailed review of Copy.ai here.

It’s a fantastic tool, and our team benefits from its well-defined categories. We copy content from one type to another and then accomplish what we need. You must experiment to see what works best for you since it’s AI! There are more than a few reasons why you should use Copy.ai in your content; the following are just a few of them:

A few key features include:

  1. You can use it to write blog posts, eBooks, landing pages, and sales copy.
  2. An AI-powered tool, Copy.ai, uses natural language processing to help you structure your content for maximum impact. With this software, you can copy and paste your written content into the program, and it will check your work for spelling and grammatical errors.
  3. The program also provides suggestions for improving your writing style and flow, enabling you to create content that resonates with your readers. You can also choose from various themes and formats to suit your needs.


Free Plan( Perfect for testing): $0,

Pro( Perfect for small businesses ): $36/Month; $432/ Year,

Custom( Perfect for larger teams ): Custom

If you sign up for Copy AI’s pro subscription within 4 days of trying it out, you’ll receive a 40% discount.


HCOFaACrh5LfZA0IjjhI0iWgb0 pR93Z qM SB8ZAROpcshoQanylKBt44AtVkgu6WKPTwV7boKybar43m1O Vp0Xpenq7 dRayyaonG D8IOPrQ81c6H9tTjXQ7eweB8n1DAQopnPC5YM1o4w


Writesonic is an AI-powered content writing tool that’s easy and convenient but still powerful. 

This tool also has thousands of curated templates to suit every business need. With a team of content writers at your disposal, you can focus on other aspects of your business. To enrich your content, you can also use Writesonic to discover thousands of facts and statistics. 

What’s more, Writesonic has an AI algorithm that analyzes the competition, detects keywords, and suggests topics to help you publish highly-targeted content. With easy-to-use features and a one-click publishing process, you can start creating content with Writesonic.

Writesonic provides you with areas to choose from when starting the process of generating content. It assists in creating headlines and new topics for your articles. Writer’s block can be a genuine problem, but this is not an issue you will have with Writesonic.

This review gives you a whole idea of what Writesonic is, how it works, and its benefits to writers who use their platform. Among the many reasons why you should use Writesonic in your content are the following:

A few key features include:

  1. The tool comes with various key features such as collaborative editing, auto-generated SEO content, one-click publishing, etc. 
  2. Collaborative editing allows several team members to work on a single piece of content simultaneously. With a single click, you can publish your content to any social media network, website, blog, or any other location where you want to display it. 
  3. This AI-based tool will learn from the content you publish and, as a result, generate even more SEO-friendly content in the future. You can download your content onto your computer and use it.


Free Trial: $0

For new users.

  • 10 Credits,

Basic: $15/month

For personal use.

  • 100 Credits (up to 50,000 words),

Economy: $25/month

For low usage.

  • 750 Credits (up to 375,000 words),

Professional: $45/month

For freelancers.

  • Unlimited Credits,

Startup: $95/month

For startups and small businesses.

  • Unlimited Credits

Jasper AI

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Jasper is an AI that helps market content writers and entrepreneurs create high-converting content. It can write blog articles, Facebook ads, marketing emails, and more-even for the most niche industries or products! Jasper has helped creators cut their production time in half by writing outlines to help you jumpstart a blog post or introduction paragraph. You can read about our detailed review of Jasper AI here.

This software makes it simple to generate various types of content; whether you are working on product descriptions, tags, headlines, titles, blogs posts social media posts, this program is perfect for breaking through writer’s block. Jasper AI is designed to make it easy for you to create content and help you add more valuable information. You can also use it for capturing keywords that are important to your business. Here are a few reasons why you should use Jasper AI in your content:

A few key features include:

  1. This tool has a focus on content marketing. It helps you create engaging and conversion-optimized blog posts with ease.
  2. Jasper AI also offers you a team collaboration feature that lets you assign tasks and track progress through it. You can use this feature to assign blog posts to team members and monitor their progress in real-time.
  3. Last but not least, Jasper AI has an AI-powered translation feature that lets you create translations for your website or blog content in seconds. You can use this feature to translate your content into multiple languages to reach a wider audience.
  4. Another cool feature of this app is a plagiarism checker that lets you create 100% original and exclusive content.


Creator (For hobbiest just getting started): $49/Month estimated,

Teams (For bloggers & businesses): $125/User/Month estimated

Business (For big organizations): Custom Pricing

Originality AI

what is talk to transformer and how it is used
What is Talk to Transformer, How it Works and 6 Alternatives 11

An online program called Originality AI checks your writing for plagiarism and other types of intellectual property infringement. It also goes beyond the conventional “copy-and-paste” detection techniques to catch synonyms, paraphrases, and even misspelled words.

It’s a thorough plagiarism detector that can be applied to various writing types, including web content and blog entries. It also includes a built-in learning mechanism that raises its precision over time.

Even if you don’t utilize AI in your content, Originality AI can assist website owners in avoiding Google penalties. Both experienced web publishers and novice bloggers can profit from it.

It only takes a couple of minutes to establish and start using the tool, which is also quite user-friendly. Anyone can use it without the need for technological expertise or understanding. Originality AI will handle the rest; you must copy and paste your material into the text field.

A few key features include:

1. Checking for plagiarism: The Originality AI analyses your content and compares it to its database to find any resemblances or plagiarized text from the other sources listed in Google’s index.

2. AI content detection: The tool aids in identifying any machine-generated content. This is especially helpful if you want to determine whether or not a human wrote the information.

3. URL inspection: With the help of this function of the Originality AI, you will be able to check a URL or an entire website for plagiarism swiftly. It is being created to assist website buyers who need to investigate a site’s origin.

4. User-friendly API: The Originality AI can be included within your application or platform to improve workflow and do more in one location. It’s a terrific method to save time while screening for plagiarism while you’re on the road.


Credits, valued at $0.01 each, are used to calculate the price of the service. The AI content or plagiarism detection scans 100 words for each credit. The number of credits needed for the scan doubles if you perform both.

Trinka AI



Trinka AI is a next-gen grammar correction and language enhancement writing assistant created by linguists, engineers, and data scientists. Its goal is to create a future with free communication barriers. Trinka pricing starts at $6.67 for the paid version of the service per user per month; there’s also an option to use Trinka for free! 

Trinka AI claims that its AI engine can learn and generate dynamic content to suit the needs of each client. There is a 14-day money-back guarantee as well. What we like: Trinka AI allows you to choose your preferred topic and length of the content and provide feedback on the drafts during the process. The company claims that its AI engine can generate up to 10,000 words of content within 24 hours. The following are just some of the reasons you should incorporate Trinka AI into your content:

A few key features include:

  1. There are more than 3,000 grammar checks in Word, and they all help you write better.
  2. Improved readability with improved sentence flow, vocabulary, and grammar usage. 
  3. Trinka is a chatbot for fiction writers. It offers a wide range of writing tips and a weekly writing prompt.
  4. It is the most advanced AI-based recommendation engine that works on all subjects.


Basic (Great writing for everyone): Free (No credit card needed)

Premium (Powerful writing, uninterrupted) (Monthly, Yearly Save 67%): US $6.67/Month; ($80 billed yearly)

SimilarContent AI



SimilarContent AI is a powerful SEO tool that helps writers, freelancers, and marketers create optimized content. It also shows you which keywords to add or remove keywords to increase its relevance score. Any search query provides real-time data about the content ranking high on Google’s pages, has a straightforward user interface, and is easy to use! The informational data displayed is live in real-time too. 

It is the only content rewriting tool that can rewrite content in 40 languages. It also allows you to edit existing text from any other language, making it completely original and plagiarism-free. Additionally, Similar Content AI offers many more features, including the following: 

A few key features include:

  1. An Automated LSI Keyword Extraction feature is present in Similar Content AI. The LSI keyword is a word or phrase that has a higher probability of appearing in search results.
  2. The software will create unique content for your blog or website based on keywords you specify.
  3. This artificial intelligence can create content that looks like native content.


Free Trial ( 20% Affiliate Credit Commission): Free

  • 20 Credits,

Basic ( 20% Affiliate Credit Commission): $ 14.99USD One Time

  • 100 Credits,

Pro ( 20% Affiliate Credit Commission ): $ 69.99USD One Time

  • 500 Credits,

Premium ( 20% Affiliate Credit Commission): $ 99.99USD One Time

  • 1000 Credits


As a writer, you can use the Writer AI to generate outlines for blog posts and articles, find synonyms for words you want to avoid, and get a detailed analysis of your writing for overall improvements. You can use the tool to correct your work and your colleagues.

The Writer AI is currently only available in a web browser, though it is also developed for mobile devices. It is free to use, though there is an option to purchase a premium version with additional features.

A few key features include:

  1. When you activate the Writer AI, it will automatically write ad copy for you.
  2. Articles can be rewritten or reworded using the Writer AI.
  3. An automatic-blogging feature is available through the Writer API( Application Programming Interface).
  4. The Writer AI provides a faster method of content creation.
  5. 94.47% of the time, the Writer AI passes Copyscape’s content-checking test.


Free (Basic suggestions, anywhere you write): Free,

Pro (Advanced tips for individuals): $11/Month,

Team (Language and content consistency for teams): $18/User/Month,

Enterprise (Great writing across your whole company): Custom.


Artificial Intelligence is the application of technology that mimics the human brain. Through AI, machines can reveal their experience and make predictions about their environment. Today, many writers use AI for their writing because artificial intelligence has developed so much in recent years.

This article has discussed six AI tools to help business owners and marketers boost their content marketing efforts. These tools have unique features and advantages, and you will want to find the right one for your business.

These AI-powered tools help you impact your readers through high-quality, relevant content. They also can work on their behalf. All six of these tools are excellent choices for business owners making a big push on the social media front.

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