20 Best Business Books Every Entrepreneur Must Read

Elena Hudgens
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The hustling never ends. You know what it’s like to be your boss and work for yourself if you’re an entrepreneur. However, as a new business owner, you’ll rapidly discover that success requires time and work. This article will deal with the Top 20 Best Business books that every entrepreneur must read to be successful.

Building a business from the bottom up is a challenging endeavor requiring a new perspective on life, which can only be obtained via education and experience. 

Here are some books that will help you become a great entrepreneur, whether you’re seeking inspiration, advice on how to expand your firm, or want to read about other people’s experiences in entrepreneurship.

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These are the top ten best business books that every entrepreneur should read.

1. Company of One: By Paul Jarvis

Company of One is without a doubt my top choice on my list of the best business books you should read this year. Author and seasoned solopreneur Paul Jarvis explains his practical philosophy (and concrete strategy) to develop a self-funded, lucrative, and pleasant business geared to provide the lifestyle you desire in the book. 

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In a world where entrepreneurs are bombarded with business advice or blogging suggestions advising them to build a “fast-growing” firm, seek investor backing, and shoot for billions of dollars in sales, Company of One is a refreshing path for entrepreneurs to instead focus on building a purposeful, single-person business that is built to last.

2. Lean In: By Sheryl Sandberg

For a good cause, this game-changing book soared to the top of the international best-seller list. Sheryl Sandberg, the author of Lean In and the current Chief Operating Officer of Facebook, has spent decades negotiating the corporate leadership ladder and becoming an executive at successful technological startups—all while juggling family life. 

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This book is on the top of my selection list of best business books of the year’s finest business books because its themes cover everything from finding a mentor in the workplace to negotiating for what you want, voicing your opinion, becoming a leader in your organization, forging an equal partnership in your personal life, and what true equality should look like in the workplace.

3. Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies (by Jim Collins and Jerry I. Porras)

Built to Last is a thoroughly researched business book that will undoubtedly open your mind to fresh and surprising concepts about firms. By comparing visionary firms, Collins and Porras demonstrate that having the same ideas will not ensure success unless you have certain features. The remarkable but terrifying aspect is that there is no right or wrong — all that counts is your purpose, passion, vision, and ideals.

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Built to Last is jam-packed with specific examples that have been methodically structured to establish a framework of real-world principles. This book provides a model that entrepreneurs and managers may readily implement.

This is one of the most outstanding leadership books you can read to help you achieve your goals faster.

4. The Personal MBA: Master the Art of Business (by Josh Kaufman)

Many people have compared this book to a crash school in business. Instead of wasting money on a costly business degree, you can learn all you need to know in a single book.

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The Personal MBA is the most thorough of the business books on our list. Marketing, bargaining, planning, and goal setting are all handled in a straightforward yet comprehensive manner.

This book offers a complete introduction for anyone looking to transition from a job to entrepreneurship. Read this book first if you’re thinking about getting an MBA, regardless of your station in life.

5. The Hard Thing About Hard Things: Building a Business When There Are No Easy Answers (by Ben Horowitz)

This book’s material extends well beyond that of a how-to business book. It is based on Horowitz’s own experiences in Silicon Valley and his hard-won triumphs.

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Horowitz is blunt about how difficult it is to manage a successful firm. He recounts all of the difficult times, mental conflicts, and stressful situations he encountered throughout his career, as well as all he learned.

The result differs from other success books because it provides a genuine perspective from a successful business.

6. Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World (by Cal Newport)

Deep Work sheds fresh light on how people create their finest work. The author claims that social media and societal shifts blame many individuals working at the shallow end of their concentration. It isn’t easy to concentrate on anything because of our distracting surroundings.

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Deep Work assists people in rediscovering a deep level of attention and concentrating on what matters. The book will motivate you to cut down on unneeded distractions and work better.

7. How to Win Friends and Influence People (by Dale Carnegie)

The most critical components of business and sales are networking and making relationships. This best-selling business book purports to teach essential communication and persuasion skills.

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Even though it was first published in 1936, most of the information in this book is ageless. This book is helpful for socially shy persons since it provides advice on increasing listening skills and beginning discussions. However, the book’s ultimate goal is to assist business people to succeed in sales. As a result, this self-help classic has earned a spot on the list of must-read business books.

8. Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike (by Phil Knight)

This is an exciting tale of Nike co-founder Phil Knight’s life and the genesis of one of the world’s largest sneaker brands. Many books have been published about Nike. However, Shoe Dog allows you to hear directly from the man responsible for its success.



In this emotionally charged story, Phil Knight pours his heart out, and the ramifications are enormous.

9. The Answer: By John Assaraf and Murray Smith

This book explains how your subconscious mind may undermine your efforts. The writers go into considerable depth regarding the many hypotheses surrounding this subject. They go on to provide ways for defeating the subconscious mind’s strength.

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The Answer distinguishes itself from other popular business books by avoiding the standard get-rich-quick bullshit. Instead, it pushes you to discover how your subconscious restricts you and keeps you trapped, regardless of your aspirations.

10. Zero to One: By Peter Thiel and Blake Masters

Many enterprises rise swiftly and then fall just as quickly in today’s environment. This is due to a lack of inventiveness and ingenuity in problem-solving, among other reasons.

In this book, Thiel tackles creating businesses and deconstructs the copycat attitude. He advises the reader to focus on creativity.


Thiel is a proponent of a paradigm shift that focuses on the world’s future needs. He illustrates monopolies’ strength and advantage over competing enterprises for market share. If you’re seeking the next great idea, this is the book to read.

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11. Crushing It: By Gary Vaynerchuk

Crushing It, his fresh new business book has already surpassed Amazon’s #1 selling list in social media for business before ever being released.

This book always top my list of best business books, not to be mistaken for Vaynerchuk’s underlying 2009 introduction to business books with Crush It: Why Now is the Time to Cash in Your Passion, narratives fresh out of the box new examples, systems, strategies, guidance, and motivation drawn straightforwardly from his own intensified business experience as well as that of many other powerhouses and business people from around the world. Vaynerchuk gives new strategic direction on building a family brand via web-based media stages like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat; digital recording stages like Spotify, Soundcloud, iHeartRadio, and iTunes; and other creating steps like Musical.ly.



12. The Power of Broke: By Daymond John.

I’m a significant admirer of beautiful tales of entrepreneurs who rose from meager beginnings to establish a firm from the ground up and ascend to renown. Daymond John, Shark Tank star and Fubu Founder represents this fully via his origin story in The Power of Broke. He explores how to get scrappy and harness the skills, people, and resources at your disposal to develop a successful firm on a tiny budget in this business book.

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He highlights how establishing a business while you’re broke drives you to think creatively and make the best use of your limited resources. It compels you to be creative. More crucially, he describes how he has consciously set resource limits on himself throughout the years and how this has helped him make better decisions.

13. Smarter Faster Better: By Charles Duhigg.

This business book is unusual in productivity because it provides a new definition of productivity. This book teaches you to shift your attention from managing what you think to work on how you feel. Its central tenet is that by making specific choices, you can reshape your life—and famous author Charles Duhigg provides the tools for rewiring your decision-making process. This book is always on my list of best business books.

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14. Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action by Simon Sinek.

Start with Why evolved from the author’s TED talk, which has become the third most popular TED Talk of all time. It is based on the question, “Why are certain people and organizations more inventive, influential, and profitable than others?” The primary assumption of this business book is that the most influential leaders perform and communicate in the same way—which is the reverse of how most people work.

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15. The Lean Startup: How Today’s Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses by Eric Ries.

Author and entrepreneur Eric Ries walk us through the lean startup method, which has altered how many startup founders strive to establish firms and launch new products—primarily based on the premise of quick idea validation before investing extensively in an idea—in this business book. His definition of a startup is broad, encompassing everything from a garage-based solopreneur, blogger, or freelancer to a venture-backed initiative within a Fortune 500 corporation, as long as you’re motivated to find a viable route to developing a sustainable firm.


16. Grinding It Out: By Ray Kroc

Whether you despise or admire Ray Kroc, he was a divisive character in business, and Grinding It Out is a tremendous source of inspiration and tales. Regardless of your sentiments towards Ray Kroc (especially after viewing The Founder with Michael Keaton), the reality remains that few entrepreneurs can claim to have dramatically transformed the way we live and eat—Ray Kroc is one of them.

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With his work expanding McDonald’s into one of the most successful firms in modern history, he is primarily recognized for spreading mass revolutions in food-service automation, franchising, shared corporate training, and even advertising. Even more intriguing, Kroc was not your usual self-made businessman since he was 52 years old when he opened his first McDonald’s franchise and began his road to success.

17. The Motivation Myth: How High Achievers Set Themselves Up to Win by Jeff Haden.

This business book, written by Inc.com’s most famous writer, Jeff Haden, was a widely anticipated, counterintuitive—but practical—guide to developing and retaining the (virtual) enduring drive required to do great things in life. The book is founded on Haden’s primary opinion that “motivation” as we know it in our culture is a total illusion.

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18. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: By Mark Manson.

The title alone sold me on this business book, but numerous others also suggested it. This New York Times Bestseller is based on the primary concept, supported by academic research, that improving our lives is not dependent on our capacity to transform “lemons into lemonade,” but instead on learning to stomach the lemons better. It’s all about creating reasonable goals for ourselves. Accepting our flaws and doubts to discover the bravery, honesty, and responsibility we want. 

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19. The Power of Habit: By Charles Duhigg.

Duhigg underlines the importance of habits to our success in this business book. Habits are critical to accomplishing meaningful objectives (or, for me, blogging goals). Our healthy habits provide us with the structure and discipline we need to exercise regularly, be more productive, and continue making progress toward our broader life objectives. When things get tough, it’s all too simple to give up if you don’t have excellent habits. This business book will lay the groundwork for you to develop success-inducing behaviors.


20. Money Master the Game: By Tony Robbins.

Robbins focuses on enhancing our lives via better money management in this business book. In Money: Master the Game, he shares insights garnered from interviews with 50 top financial gurus, his personal experience creating a multibillion-dollar corporation, and a 7-step approach for achieving financial freedom. The reviews are uneven, and it appears to polarise readers. The common thread seems to be that many people struggle to get past the first 50 pages, but those who do get past that point adore the book’s message towards the conclusion. I would strongly suggest it.

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The finest books for entrepreneurs cover many subjects, from business foundations to success secrets. Reading these best business books will help you grasp what it takes to be a successful business.

Every prospective entrepreneur should read these top ten best business books to succeed.

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