Oxford Senior Leadership Executive Programme: Three programmes. One cohesive learning experience.

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The corporate world is a whirlwind of change, moving at a pace that’s nothing short of lightning speed. 

And guess what? You’re right there at the forefront, leading the charge. 

But here’s the exciting part – to survive and truly thrive in this dynamic playground, you must be at the top of your game.

Now, you might be thinking, “How on earth do I stay ahead in this ever-shifting landscape?” 

Well, that’s where the Oxford Senior Leadership Executive Programme swoops in – it’s like a powerhouse combo of three incredible online courses custom-crafted for leaders who are dead-set on steering their organizations toward long-term success.

This programme is your golden ticket to acquiring essential leadership, strategy, and resilience skills.

GetSmarter is a brand of 2U, Inc., the parent company of edX, has partnered with the prestigious Saïd Business School at Oxford University to bring this programme to your doorstep.

Just imagine learning from the brightest minds at Oxford University, gaining a global perspective packed with top-notch content and academic expertise.

Today, I will take you on a deep dive into a comprehensive review of the Oxford Senior Leadership Executive Programme, including all three courses offered by the Oxford Senior Leadership Executive Programme. 

What is the Oxford Senior Leadership Executive Programme?

Oxford Senior Leadership Executive Programme

The Oxford Senior Executive Leadership Programme is for top-level executives and senior leaders who want to boost their strategic and operational skills on a global scale. 

This programme spans six months and equips you to tackle the ever-evolving challenges in the business world.

Now, what’s the deal with the Oxford Senior Leadership Executive Programme? 

This programme combines elements from three different courses: 

  1. The Oxford Executive Leadership Programme
  2. The Oxford Enterprise Leadership Programme
  3. The Oxford Organizational Resilience Programme

This Oxford Senior Leadership Executive Programme provides a well-rounded understanding of leadership, strategy, and resilience.

Now, the big question – do you get a certificate for your hard work? 


When you complete the programme, you not only join the exclusive Oxford Business Alumni Network but also snag a certificate from the prestigious Oxford University

That’s some serious bragging rights right there!

But, here’s the deal: it’s not a free course. Some folks might see the price – £5,950 as a pretty substantial investment. 

But think about it this way – you’re getting three top-notch courses rolled into one. 

And when you consider the comprehensive six-month duration and the unbeatable Oxford brand, the value speaks for itself. 

It’s an investment in yourself and your career that can really pay off in the long run.

Oxford Senior Leadership Executive Programme

Who is this course for?

The Oxford Senior Leadership Executive Programme is tailor-made for you if:

  1. You’re on a mission to boost your leadership and strategic thinking abilities.
  2. You’re keen to discover the secrets of building super tough, resilient teams in a constantly changing business world.
  3. Your goal is to climb the ladder and achieve higher levels of leadership within your organization.

In a nutshell, if you aim to fine-tune your leadership skills, align your personal goals with your organization’s big-picture vision, and prepare your teams to face disruptions head-on with resilience, then the Oxford Senior Leadership Executive Programme is your jam!

Who are the experts behind the Oxford Senior Leadership Executive Programme?

Oxford Senior Leadership Executive Programme

The success of the Oxford Senior Leadership Executive Programme is driven by a trio of experts from Oxford’s Saïd Business School:

  1. Tim Morris: With extensive experience in academia and industry, Tim helps leaders tackle complex organizational challenges.
  2. Jonathan Trevor: A renowned management researcher, advisor, and speaker, Jonathan simplifies intricate concepts for impactful learning.
  3. Eleanor Murray: As the Associate Dean for Executive Education, Eleanor contributes to specialized programmes for senior professionals, enhancing the program’s depth.

With this trio leading the way, you can rest assured that the Oxford Senior Leadership Executive Programme is in skillful hands. 

Their combined expertise and dedication to delivering top-notch education make this programme truly exceptional.

What programmes are included in the Oxford Senior Leadership Executive Programme?

The Oxford Senior Leadership Executive Programme seamlessly combines three outstanding courses into one programme. These courses include:

ProgrammeKey InsightsWorkloadProgramme Director
Oxford Executive Leadership ProgrammeThis programme helps you align your leadership style with your organization’s strategy, lead authentically, manage high-performance teams, and drive change.8 weeks (7-10 hrs per week)Tim Morris
Oxford Enterprise Leadership ProgrammeThis programme teaches strategic alignment. In six weeks, you’ll define your organization’s purpose, assess its needs, and create a compelling vision.6 weeks (7-10 hrs per week)Jonathan Trevor
Oxford Organizational Resilience ProgrammeThis programme teaches leading through uncertainty in six weeks. You’ll enhance your personal and organizational resilience as a business leader.6 weeks (7-10 hrs per week)Eleanor Murray

Now let’s jump into the detailed review of these three programmes:

Oxford Executive Leadership Programme

Oxford Senior Leadership Executive Programme

Let me break down the Oxford Executive Leadership Programme for you. 

It’s a pretty unique blend of theory and real-world practice, all designed to turbocharge your leadership skills. 

In just eight weeks, you’ll get your hands on practical tools and frameworks straight from Saïd Business School to boost your influence game. 

The end goal? 

To make sure your leadership style aligns perfectly with your organization’s goals, making you not only a more effective leader but also elevating your team’s performance.

What makes this programme stand out? 

Well, it’s the perfect mix of academic expertise and real-world know-how. 

You won’t just be studying leadership theories; you’ll be learning how to put them into action in your specific context.

Who’s leading the charge?

Tim Morris, the Emeritus Professor of Management Studies at Saïd Business School. Alongside a team of industry pros, he will share some serious leadership wisdom and real-life experiences, giving you the inside scoop on all things leadership.

Now, the big question – what’s it going to cost you? 

The Oxford Executive Leadership Programme comes in at $1,464. 

That covers eight weeks of intense learning, all your study materials, and a shiny certificate when you complete the programme. 

It’s an investment in your leadership future that’s worth every penny.

Oxford Senior Leadership Executive Programme

Who is this course for?

The Oxford Executive Leadership Programme is a one-size-fits-all solution for anyone itching to boost their leadership game and shake things up in their organization. 

Whether you’re a pro or just starting out in your career, it doesn’t matter – this programme has something for everyone.

But wait, there’s more! 

If you’re a senior manager gearing up for that coveted executive role or a rising star looking to take on more responsibilities, this programme is your secret sauce.

It’s a game-changer for managers at all levels who want to up their game, perform at their best, and play a crucial role in making their organization shine.

Course Curriculum

Let’s take a sneak peek into what the Oxford Executive Leadership Programme has in store for you. There are a total of 8 modules:

Module 1: Effective Leadership: Leading for High Performance 

In this module, you’ll explore the fascinating world of leadership traits, styles, and the different contexts in which they thrive. 

Plus, get ready for some self-reflection to understand and fine-tune your very own leadership style.

Module 2: The job of the leader: Envisioning and Engaging 

Module two is all about connecting the dots between vision, strategy, decision-making, and leadership. 

Ever wonder how visionary leaders make those big decisions? You’ll find out.

Module 3: The Job of the Leader: Choosing and Connecting 

In this module, you’ll deeply dive into articulating your vision and making spot-on decisions, even when things get tangled and complex.

Module 4: Leading with power and influence 

Discover the secrets of wielding power and influence like a true leader in this module. 

Learn how to use these tools effectively and watch your leadership prowess skyrocket.

Module 5: Leading Teams for Effective Performance 

Module five is all about the nitty-gritty of leading teams to achieve top-notch performance. 

Dive into high-performance teams’ inner workings and dynamics and understand how a leader can build and nurture these rockstar teams.

Module 6: Strategies and models for leading change 

In module six, you’ll explore strategies for becoming a change maestro, diving deep into change management models and how leaders like you play a pivotal role in making change happen.

Module 7: Mastering complexity and plurality 

In this module, you’ll explore strategies for managing the complexity that naturally comes with leadership, including balancing corporate and social goals.

Module 8: Reflect on your purpose as a leader 

Finally, it’s time for some introspection. You’ll establish a deep connection between your purpose as a leader and the purpose of your organization. 

These modules are your stepping stones to becoming a standout leader in today’s dynamic world. 

What I like about this course?

When I look at the Oxford Executive Leadership Programme, there are several reasons (five to be exact) why I like this course:

First, I can’t help but admire the way they’ve put together the programme’s curriculum. 

They’ve crafted it to blend theory and real-world application perfectly. That’s what truly stands out for me.

Secondly, the expertise the program’s faculty brings is simply outstanding. 

Take Tim Morris, for instance – his wealth of experience and knowledge in management and leadership is a real game-changer for participants like me.

Third, I love how the course content covers every aspect of leadership, making it relevant in various situations.

Fourth, what’s truly unique about this leadership course is how it seamlessly combines centuries-old academic wisdom with cutting-edge, forward-thinking leadership strategies. 

It’s a rare fusion that not many other courses can offer.

Lastly, the collaboration with GetSmarter, a brand of 2U, Inc., the parent company of edX, ensures that my online learning experience will be top-notch. 

It’s all about making sure that I have the best tools and resources at my fingertips for an immersive and optimal learning journey.

So, this programme is not just about learning leadership. 

It’s about experiencing a perfect blend of the past and the future, all tailored to my leadership growth. 

So, now you know everything about Oxford Senior Leadership Executive Programme section 1, let’s move to section 2. 

Oxford Enterprise Leadership Programme

Oxford Senior Leadership Executive Programme

So, let me introduce you to the Oxford Enterprise Leadership Programme – it’s not your average business strategy course. 

This programme is about showing you the incredible impact of aligning purpose, strategy, and capability in business.

What’s cool is that it’s not just a boring lecture series. 

Nope, it’s a six-week intensive journey that promises to give you not just theories but real, practical skills that you can use right away. 

You’re not just getting knowledge – you’re getting a whole toolkit of intelligent ideas.

So, what’s the ultimate goal here? 

It’s all about empowering you to craft a business strategy tailor-made for your organization’s unique needs.

And who’s the mentor? 

Associate Professor Jonathan Trevor from Saïd Business School, University of Oxford. 

He’s a guru regarding management practices, and he’s all about blending the latest academic research with practical know-how.

Now, you might be wondering about the price tag. 

It’s set at $1,371, which might feel like a hit to your wallet. 

However, think about it as an investment in your career. You’ll get certified recognition and some fantastic alumni benefits. 

When you weigh that against the career boost and the game-changing skills you’ll gain, it’s looking like a pretty smart move.

Oxford Senior Leadership Executive Programme

Who is this course for?

This programme is like a big tent that welcomes a diverse crowd. It’s got something for everyone:

  • Heads of departments: If you’re leading a team and want to get everyone on the same page, this programme is for you. 
  • Middle managers: This is for you if you’re all about building bridges between different parts of your organization.
  • HR professionals: It will benefit you if you’re on a mission to supercharge your organization’s effectiveness.
  • Project managers and consultants: This programme is necessary if you’re all about guiding projects and enterprises in the right direction. 
  • Executives, directors, and business leaders: If you aim for a major transformation in your organization’s operations, you must give this course a shot. 

In short, if you care about making your organization more effective, regardless of your industry, this programme should be on your radar. 

It’s like a universal tool for boosting the efficiency of any organization. 

Course Curriculum

So, in this course, we’ve got six exciting modules, each packed with knowledge and skills that’ll supercharge your enterprise leadership:

Module 1: Enterprise Leadership and the Power of Strategic Alignment 

In the first module, you’ll dive into enterprise leadership. You’ll discover why strategic alignment is like the secret sauce for success.

Module 2: The Purpose-Led Enterprise 

Here, you’ll explore what it means to lead an organization with a strong sense of purpose. 

Module 3: Crafting a Winning Business Strategy 

In module three, you’ll get into the nitty-gritty of building a winning business strategy. 

Module 4: Superior Organizational Capability and Architecture 

Module four is about ensuring your organization is firing on all cylinders. You’ll learn about building a solid foundation for your success.

Module 5: Fit-for-Purpose Management Systems 

In the fifth module, you’ll explore custom-made management systems for your organization’s needs. It’s about making sure everything runs smoothly.

Module 6: Applying the Learning to Lead Your Enterprise to Success 

And finally, in module six it’s all about putting everything you’ve learned into action. It’s like your grand finale, where you take the reins and lead your enterprise to success.

What I like about this course?

There are several reasons why I’m drawn to this course, but one stands out as the most important for me. 

It’s the fact that there are only a handful of courses out there that dive deep into the concept of strategic alignment, and this Oxford course is all about it. 

What excites me is that it’s not just about stuffing your brain with knowledge; it’s about arming you with a whole toolbox of intellectual skills. 

That means you won’t just be a passive learner but an active strategist when you’re done.

The fact that this course is connected to Saïd Business School, a well-respected institution, tells me that the quality and depth of the curriculum are top-notch.

I also appreciate how this course doesn’t stick to one narrow path. It’s all about diverse applications across different sectors. 

That’s something you don’t always find in more specialized courses.

And here’s the cherry on top – unlike those courses that give you temporary access to an alumni network, this programme goes the extra mile. 

It offers unlimited access, which means long-term benefits and connections for students like me.

Oxford Senior Leadership Executive Programme

Alright, now that you’ve completed section 2 of the Oxford Senior Leadership Executive Programme, let’s move to section 3 of Oxford Senior Leadership Executive Programme.

Oxford Leading Through Uncertainty and Disruption: Building Resilient Organisations Programme

Oxford Senior Leadership Executive Programme

Let’s discuss the Oxford Leading Through Uncertainty and Disruption: Building Resilient Organizations Programme. 

This isn’t just your typical leadership course – it’s your ticket to surviving and thriving when faced with challenges.

Over six weeks, you’ll dive deep into Programme Director Eleanor Murray’s exclusive 6S framework. 

It’s all about building resilience in every corner of your organization, from within yourself to your strategy, structures, social connections, supply chains, and systems.

But here’s the cool part – this course isn’t just about theories – no, it’s a hands-on blueprint. 

It’s like a roadmap that guides leaders like you to infuse resilience into every aspect of your business strategy and operations.

So, what’s the endgame? 

By the time you wrap up this programme, you’ll be armed to recalibrate your strategies, nurture strong relationships with stakeholders, and expertly navigate your organization through turbulent times.

Now, let’s talk about your mentor – Eleanor Murray. 

She’s an absolute powerhouse, bringing a wealth of experience, insights, and knowledge. You’re learning from one of the best in the business.

Okay, I know you might be thinking about the cost. 

It’s $1,371, and yes, that might seem like a significant investment. 

But think of it this way – the opportunity to gain these tools and knowledge to navigate your organization through unexpected challenges? That’s truly priceless. 

Oxford Senior Leadership Executive Programme

Who is this course for?

The Oxford Leading Through Uncertainty and Disruption Programme isn’t your typical one-size-fits-all deal. 

It’s like a finely crafted suit tailored to meet the needs of a particular audience.

And guess what? 

Whether you’re at the helm of a private company, making waves in the public sector, driving change in non-profits, or leading the charge in government agencies, there’s a treasure trove of wisdom waiting just for you.

Now, let’s talk about our top-tier leaders, the senior executives, and C-suite heroes. 

It’s a golden opportunity to strengthen your decision-making superpowers with resilience-centric strategies and fresh perspectives. 

The HR managers will also discover invaluable tools to boost workforce resilience in this course.

And for the resilience professionals on the front lines of organizational challenges, get ready to refine your approach with cutting-edge methodologies.

Last but not least, to the organizational design leaders – those who shape the very structure of companies – you’ll gain insights to weave resilience right into the DNA of your organizations.

Course Curriculum

Here’s how this Oxford Leadership programme takes you on a journey through resilience, step by step:

Module 1: Self – Advancing Resilient Leadership 

Here, you’ll learn how to strengthen your personal leadership resilience, like building your foundation for resilience.

Module 2: Strategy – Developing Your Strategic Resilience 

In Module 2, we’re all about strategy. You’ll discover how to make your organization strategically resilient, ensuring it can weather any storm.

Module 3: Structures – Building Operational Resilience 

In this module, you’ll learn how to build operational resilience within your organization, ensuring it can run smoothly even when faced with challenges.

Module 4: Social – Reinforcing Social Resilience 

Here, you’ll explore how to reinforce social resilience, fostering strong relationships within and outside your organization.

Module 5: Supply Chains – Strengthening Supply Chain Resilience 

This module focuses on strengthening supply chain resilience, ensuring your organization can keep goods and services flowing even during disruptions.

Module 6: Systems – Maximizing Systems-Wide Resilience 

Lastly, you’ll learn how to maximize resilience across your entire organization, making it reactive, proactive, and prepared for whatever comes its way.

What I like about this course?

You know, when you first glance at the Oxford Leading Through Uncertainty and Disruption Programme, it might seem like just another leadership course in the sea of digital learning offerings. 

But here’s the thing – it’s anything but ordinary, and that’s why I’m genuinely impressed.

Resilience is no longer just a buzzword. It’s an absolute necessity in today’s ever-shifting business landscape. 

And what sets this programme apart is that it’s not just talking about resilience – it’s diving deep into a multi-faceted exploration of it.

In a world where uncertainty and disruption are the defining themes of modern business, this course hits the bullseye. 

It’s not handing out vague ideas – it’s giving you actionable insights and real tools to tackle the challenges head-on.

And let’s remember the Oxford alumni network. 

We often underestimate the power of connections, but here’s the truth – they shape careers, spark collaborations, and open doors to unimaginable opportunities.

Access to such a prestigious network isn’t just a perk. It’s a game-changer in your professional journey.

A Quick Comparison Of All Three Oxford Courses

ProgrammeOxford Executive Leadership ProgrammeOxford Enterprise Leadership ProgrammeOxford Leading Through Uncertainty and Disruption
Course FocusEffective LeadershipStrategic AlignmentLeadership & Resilience
Duration8 weeks6 weeks6 weeks
FacultyTim MorrisJonathan TrevorEleanor Murray
Major ModulesLeadership, Decision-Making, Power and Influence, Leading Teams, Mastering Complexity, and Reflecting on PurposeEnterprise Leadership, Business Strategy, Management Systems, Organizational Capability, and Application of Learning6S Framework & Case Studies
Target AudienceManagers and Leaders At All LevelsManagers, HR Professionals, Department Heads, Directors, Executives, ConsultantsResilience Professionals, HR Professionals, Senior Leaders


You know, in today’s fast-paced corporate world, being a leader means you’ve got to keep evolving. 

And the Oxford Senior Executive Leadership Programme isn’t just about collecting a bunch of skills. It’s about taking them to heart, making them a natural part of your leadership style.

When you’re done with this programme, you won’t just know how to align purpose with strategy and lead authentically – you’ll live it. 

Your leadership DNA will be all about resilience in the face of adversity.

Priced at £5,950, the Oxford Senior Leadership Executive Programme benefits a wide range of people, regardless of their careers. 

It’s all about preparing you to face the challenges of the business world head-on.

With its unique approach, incredible networking opportunities, and the prestige of Oxford behind it, this is an opportunity that leaders who want to future-proof their organizations absolutely should take advantage of. 

So, if you want to join the Oxford alumna, visit GetSmarter and enroll yourself under the “Oxford Senior Leadership Executive Programme.” 

Have you got more questions? Write them in the comment section.


What’s the main goal of the Oxford Senior Leadership Executive Programme? 

The Oxford Senior Leadership Executive Programme aims to empower leaders with crucial skills in leadership, strategy, and resilience. 

It’s all about helping executives advance their careers and create solid and adaptable organizations. 

How long does the programme run? 

The Oxford Senior Leadership Executive Programme spans over 6 months. You can expect to put in around 7 to 10 hours per week for self-paced online learning.

Will I receive a certificate upon completion? 

Yes! When you complete the course and meet all the requirements, you’ll earn an executive certificate from Saïd Business School, University of Oxford. 

Additionally, the programme is certified by the United Kingdom CPD Certification Service, which could be relevant if you’re associated with UK-based professional bodies.

Is there a payment installment plan available? 

Yes, there is an option for an installment payment plan for the Oxford Senior Leadership Executive Programme. 

It’s best to check directly with the institution or visit GetSmarter website for details about the installment structure.

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