101 Content Generator AI Tools: The Ultimate List

Khyati Hooda
By Khyati Hooda 92 Min Read

You want a magical content generator for you, right?

So you can generate content copies in seconds.

But you’re someone who hates writing. 

Or maybe you’re just having a writer’s block.

Umm whatever the reason is, deadlines ain’t gonna wait for anyone.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to use your brain for every piece of content you generate.

Just type in your keyword and VOILA, your content copy is ready.

Sounds like magic, isn’t it?

But it’s no MAGIC, it’s just another AI tool that’s here to help you.

I personally use these AI content generator tools and thought of making a list of all these tools in one place.

So you don’t have to go to dozens of different websites to see which one would be best for you.

You can also filter through the list to find the best AI tool for you. 

Email Content Generator AI Tools

Marketing and Branding AI Tools

AI-based Product Description Generator

Generate Ideas with these AI Tools

Paraphrase your Content with these AI Tools

Make Notes with these AI Tools

Content Generator AI Tools

Here are the content generator AI tools that will surely help you.


Are you also a one person army like me who wants to do so many things at one time but fails?

If so, then you’re gonna love this all-rounder AI tool

It’s meant for all those people who know what content writing is but aren’t sure how to curate written content that leads to sales. 

With it’s popular AI content writer tools like product description, Instagram captions, and blog ideas you’ll definitely have more time on your hands because this tool will work for you in seconds. 

Let’s check out its features:

But how do these features work?

Well, let’s see!

Umm, now you’re thinking whether it will cost you more than the content writer you were going to hire? 

I personally used it’s website copy features, which were pretty cool.

I’m pretty certain you are gonna like most of its features.

If you’re not sure about it go get that 7-days free trial and see for yourself.

And if you do like it, then make sure you get the subscription within 4 days of trial to get 40% discount.

Content Generator – Snazzy.ai 

Snazzy is another machine learning powered platform that could help you create content at scale.

It’s just like Canva, but made just for content writing. 

Although I’m not really a fan of those AI-generated landing pages, you can always give it a try. 

Are you struggling to create those instagram and facebook ads? 

And that product description doesn’t really sound good, right?

And what about that sentence you can’t finish or that landing page that makes your audience a ghost really soon? 

Don’t worry, just like other AI’s, Snazzy is here to help you

Here’s a brief preview of the type of content that you’ll be able to create with Snazzy:

But there’s a bummer!

You’ll only get 5 credits every day to create content, but if you’d like to unlock unlimited content generation, profile management, early access to new features and more, you can upgrade to an unlimited plan.

They’ve also introduced the Content Expander, where you can just enter a topic and a single sentence or a few bullet points and Snazzy will expand your content to a paragraph or more!

content generator snazzy.ai
Source: Snazzy.ai

Ahhh you like it, don’t you?

But just like everything else, it comes with a cost. 

Or maybe you can just use those 5 credits everyday.

Also, don’t waste your precious 5 credits on remix, it doesn’t really work. 

Thank me later 🙂

Content Generator – Usetopic

Do you want a tool that generates unique outlines in minutes with content briefs?

Or maybe you just wanna defeat your writer’s block.

You can also create outlines for your article by quickly summarising top-ranking articles. 

And not just that, they also provide monthly rollovers, if you have some unused credits.

So, you already know by now that you can create content. 

But what about the content that you have already created? 

Is it good enough?

Do you want to update it?

I’m sure you do, cause even Neil Patel says that updating old posts can bring in more value.

Now you can’t ignore SEO Master’s advice or can you?

I don’t know about you but I diligently follow whatever he says.

And thus I tested usetopic to optimise my previous content.

And the results were amazing. 

I mean I gotta admit that it’s a better editor than me. 

And if you’re not a native english speaker, then there’s more good news for you.

It also supports the following languages: French, German, Portuguese and Italian.

But wait, just when you open the website, you see you need to pay $7 for a free trial of 7 days. 

I know filling out my credit details is too hard.

And not only that, most of us almost always forget to cancel that damn subscription. 

Boom, $300 just vanished from the account.

If you’re like that then please make sure to hit that reminder of cancelling your subscription. 

But you gotta try it out.

I mean it’s worth $7 at least. 

Content Generator – ContentBot.ai 

Do you wanna find inspiration for blog topics, blog post content, ad copy, brand names, and more using the world’s most advanced AI language models?

Then this tool could be a perfect fit for your goals. 

It does give a warning before you start writing a blog. 

What you basically have to do is type in your topic and select three main sections that you want to write about. 

Choose word count per section.

Click – Get Started 

And just wait for AI to generate three copies of content for you that you can select for each section. 

But don’t worry if you don’t like these copies.

You can always generate more!

So go try it out.

The trial is absolutely free.

But this is not just it, there’s more to the tool that you can explore.

Impressed, huh?

Wanna know the price? 

Now did I forget to mention something?

Oh yes, the AI is still under training and would require you to read and edit the article carefully. 

Turns out the warning they gave was not just because of some legal considerations. 

But I like that they themselves agree that their tool isn’t perfect right now but they’re working on it.

Awww, now that they have taken so much effort for you, I think the least you could do is try it out.

Content Generator – Drafter.ai 

 Drafter.ai’s name in itself suggests that it will help you draft your articles and blogs.

But what exactly does it do?

Well, you just need to write a few lines about your topic and it’s paragraph extender will do the rest of the work for you. 

See just like this:


You got 3 wishes

Oops sorry not wishes, but 3 content copies for sure.

And along with that, it also gives you a little bit of fairy dust.

Oops sorry again, not fairy dust but some pretty cool gifs suggestions that you can embed in your blog. 

But what if you don’t like the results?

Don’t worry you can generate more copies. 

But keep that eye, yeah the one you’re using to distract yourself from this blog on that character limit instead. 

And you can also try tweaking the sentence you used as a reference. 

Content Generator – Peppertype

Have you ever fantasized of having a virtual content assistant?

Because I have done it all the time. 

Until Peppertype came into my life. 

It generated much better content copies in seconds with the power of AI.

content generator peppertype ai

And not just me, my whole team has this virtual content writing assistant all because of the launch of Peppertype.ai Teams. 

We work together 💪

We generate and plan execution with each other, all within one platform. 

Every member of the team can save drafts, collaborate in real time, and share their ideas with others without stepping out of the tool.

Just go and create a team in Peppertype.

Invite your members, set user and admin accesses for them.

And start generating content so all your team members can see.

The AI will also try its best to match your brand voice.

Just simply add keywords, your target audience, promotion and occasion to tune AI according to the outputs you want.

Simple, isn’t it?

Oh and did I forget to tell you?

That they are also bringing 20+ more new content types super soon.

So, do look out for this content generator!

But that team membership plan isn’t free of course. 

content generator peppertype ai price
Source: Peppertype.ai

Content Generator – Neural text 

Do you wanna forget about those deadlines?

And live a stress-free life?

Or are you someone who needs that pressure to do their work?

Well, I’m a bit of both.

But it doesn’t matter what kind of person you are, I know we all want quick fixes. 

I mean who wants to work hard anyway?


I think this is what NeuralText thought of its target audience while creating its tool. 

Its mission is to help hundreds of SEO’s and copywriters work smartly.

They know how much time it takes you to analyse each page manually in SERP to understand how your competitors are outlining their content.

And then to find out the most important topics, questions, headings, and sources. 

So they decided to automate the whole process for you. 

content generator neural text

With NeuralText, you can smartly analyse the top 30 results of a SERP.

Not just that, they also provide related questions on social media (like Quora).

And you can always make smart copies of your content with its GPT-3 technology.

But, the most amazing feature that most of the other AI tools do not really provide is Keyword Research and Keyword Cluster. 

Simply insert the keyword and the country you want to target.

And Voila, you’ll get up to 1000 related keywords along with their search trends in the last 12 months. 

You can now merge these multiple reports to create a file for the Keyword Cluster tool.

Saved me hours!

Now, what are you waiting for?

Go check this free AI content generator.

Tried it?

Love it?

Wondering what it costs?

Here you go:

content generator neural text price
Source: NeuralText

Content Generator – Spell.tools

Hey, I just made a new friend.

His name is Chip.

And you know what?

He has a superpower.

Yes, you heard it right.

He can write dozens of different content variations for just anyone and about anything.

Oh, I wish I had that superpower. 

Wouldn’t be struggling so much.

But hey, I can lean upon Chip.

At least for the following things:

content generator spell.tools

With Chip, I was able to brainstorm blog ideas, create blog intro and outline in minutes.

Yes, minutes. Not hours. Not days.

What, don’t believe me?

Then go check it out for yourself. 

As Ellie Goulding once said: “What are you waiting for?”

Content Generator – ThunderContent 

Now, we have been talking about content.

But content can be in different forms.

But if you’re just looking for generating titles, intro, and outline for your blog post.

content generator thunder content

Then you should definitely check this super cool niche down tool.

It’s kind of good but due to the limited features, you might have to look out for other tools as well that can help you out. 

But if you just need help with blog posts, then this can be yours in just:

content generator thundercontent price
Source: Thundercontent

Content Generator – Kafkai

Now here’s some tools I have heard about a lot. 

But I was reluctant to take up the trial because you know who wants to leave their chair and grab that credit card?

Anyway, since I heard a lot about it.

I had to try it out. 

But what I found out was surprising. 

So with Kafkai you can only produce articles in the following Niches:

content generator kafkai
Source: Kafkai

Or you can create articles for the general category, which would be really broad and not that great quality. 

So I went ahead to see how this article generator works. 

Here’s a sample of the result it showed me: 

Enlighten yourself please.

content generator kafkai
Source: Kafkai

Now, you can see for yourself, if the article makes sense or not. 

For me it didn’t.

But hey, I stumbled upon another feature ”Advanced” option that asked me to write some input so that it can create an advanced blog post for me.

Now I was excited to see if it will write an advanced article for me.

But the results were again disappointing. 

In the input section, I wrote about cryptocurrency.

And this is what I got:

content generator kafkai
Source: Kafkai
content generator kafkai
Source: Kafkai

I lost my 10 credits for this. 

I’m really not sure if I would want to read these articles.

But if you still wanna try, please go ahead. 

And make sure you use those credits wisely, unlike me.

You can also earn 50 credits by referring it to your friend.

So if you really like it, make sure to earn those free 50 articles. 

content generator kafkai

You can also check out this AI content writer’s price here:

content generator kafkai price
Source: Kafkai

Content Generator – Genei.io

So, I don’t know how many of you are students here.

But I do know that one problem that every student faces. 

It’s about making notes for that assignment or perhaps that thesis.

It’s hard to read or even skim every document out there to get that distinction. 

But don’t worry, just like Allahdin you can also get your own Genei

Who will grant you as many wishes as you want. 

But they all should be related to research, writing and editing.

Genei will help you summarise any PDF or webpage out there. 

It will extract keywords and arguments from a document and will help you find crucial information faster. 

content generator genei.io

Now it has two price ranges according to their two different target audiences. 

content generator genei.io
Source: Genei.io

So, when are you starting your research with Genei?

Content Generator – Conversion.ai

Have you ever got 4.9 stars out of 5?

Yes? Or No?

Well, I haven’t.

But Jarvis has got it for sure.

Now, you’ll ask who’s Jarvis?

It’s just a smart AI content writer. 

It has learned the skills to write more clever, higher converting marketing copy than most humans.

If you use it, then you won’t have to bother with trying to sound witty or figure out how to position your product to increase sales.

And you will finally have the time to scale your business and do human things.

Are you getting excited after hearing this?

Then jump inside the app now and discover what clever things Jarvis will write for you.

content generator conversion ai

Umm, now you’re thinking if Jarvis has written this post?

No silly, it’s not smarter than me.

But it could be of great help.

So why not check it out?

You can get your 5 day free trial if you choose the unlimited Pro version. 

Or you can make a mistake just like me by selecting the limited version and ending up with a subscription without free trial. 

Oh, but don’t worry they have a policy of refunding your money within 7 days if you don’t like this smart content generator Jarvis. 

Wondering why I chose the limited version?

See for yourself: 

content generator conversion ai price
Source: Conversion.ai

Content Generator – Headlime

You are working from home in the pandemic.

Trying to make that perfect marketing copy. 

You have given your soul and energy to this one.

But it didn’t lead to any sales.

Feeling disappointed?

Yeah shit happens.

And not just with you.

But with almost everyone out there.

But guess what?

You don’t have to hustle all the time.

Cause Headlime is here for you.

Now what does it do?

Basically, everything.

content generator headlime

What don’t believe me?

Then see it for yourself.

Here’s a slight look of how your blog intro will look like.

content generator headlime
Source: Headlime

Yeah, I know it’s not perfect.

And you’ll probably have to edit a lot.

But it still reduces your work.

Hours of research and thinking about what to write is done in a few seconds.

So, isn’t that wonderful?

Go check it out. And post some AI generated content on your site.

This content generator provide a free trial and a paid trial to get full access.

The paid trial only cost $7 for 7 days.

But it totally depends on you, which one you want.

And if you like it you can get in just:

content generator headlime price
Source: Headlime

Content Generator – Flowrite

Writing emails sounds like an easy task.

But it’s not.

And somedays all you do is write those damn emails.

Am I right?

But here’s something that can help you with that boring task.

So you can focus on better things.

Flowrite allows you to supercharge your daily communication.

It will turn words into ready-to-send emails, messages, and posts in your personal style.

Sounds good!

content generator flowrite

But hey, you’ll have to wait for it.

Just like you have to wait for those replies.

Because this email content generator is still in its beta version. 

And you can only get access if you request one.

P.S. – I’m still waiting to get access, so can’t comment on its performance.

But you still checkout the product on their website.

Content Generator – Anyword

Do you wanna increase your conversion rate by up to 30%?

Well, who doesn’t!

Maybe you can try using Anyword.

Its AI uses predictive analysis to generate headlines for you.

content generator anyword

And it’s very simple and easy to use. 

You can simply put your website’s URL in the project.

And Bingo, it will extract all the great headlines that you can use.

And it will also provide you a predictive score about the headline.

Hmm, I sometimes wonder how these content generator AI tools are making our lives much simpler.

But that simple life comes with a cost. 

content generator anyword
Source: Anyword

Content Generator – Betterwriter.ai

Now I don’t have to explain much about this one.

Because the name itself is self-explanatory. 

Yes you can simply write much better with this supercool chrome extension.

It uses GPT-3 to generate better content.

content generator better writer

Add that chrome extension and it will start suggesting you content whenever you write.

But wait, you’ll have to request access to get this extension

So hurry up!

Get this content generator extension as quickly as possible.

To start writing flawlessly.

content generator better writer price
Source: BetterWriter.ai

Content Generator – Copykat

Is your target audience more global?

Do you want to convince them in their language?

You have tried using translators and hiring multi-linguistic people.

But nothing seems to work, right?

Well, don’t worry.

I have got one more thing for you that you can try.

It’s Copykat. 

It will help you brainstorm blog ideas, headlines and intro in different languages.

content generator copykat
Source: Copykat

And not just that, you can also do more with this content generator:

content generator copykat

It provides 25 free sessions so you can test it out.

And no credit card is required.

So go check it out!

And it also doesn’t really cost much.

content generator copykat
Source: Copykat

Content Generator – Gocopy.io

Gocopy is another writing tool that’s gonna get rid of that writer’s block. 

It gives you 50 free runs to try it out.

content generator gocopy.io

You just need to write max 200 characters or maybe copy paste it from somewhere.

And it will give you a whole para based on those 200 characters.

So pretty good deal.

But sometimes, your free runs might be wasted because the output doesn’t make any sense at all.

But hey, it’s almost the same with any other AI content writer tool.

So go ahead and try it out.

And if you like it, you can buy the subscription in just:

content generator gocopy.io price
Source: GoCopy.io

Content Generator – Exty Solutions

With a variety of cool features, this AI tool can bring a lot of value to your work.

But only if this GPT-3 powered AI was as trained as others.

Content Generator Exty Solutions

I tried to generate facebook ads with it.

And was really disappointed to see the results. 

content generator exty solutions
Source: Exty Solutions

I mean this is in no way an Facebook Ad.

It’s just a simplification of the input I added.

I mean it might work for some.

But when there are already so many AI content writer tools we can use.

This one might not attract everyone. 

But if you still wanna try, please go ahead.

And you can also buy the subscription only in:

content generator exty solutions price
Source: Exty Solutions

Content Generator – Talktowalle

Now who here loves WALL-E?

I know we all do.

People love it so much that this company has named its AI as Walle

Cool, huh?

But unlike WALL-E, it has a different mission. 

A mission to save all the writers out there. 

Or maybe humans who want to write but somehow just couldn’t. 

You can simply put in your words or thoughts and Walle will write the rest for you.

But there’s a limit to that.

You can only put 500 words max in one go.

And the longer the content you need, the longer generating time Walle needs.

So after adding your input, sip a cup of coffee if you want.

Just relax and wait for it.

content generator
Source: TalktoWalle

Content Generator – Frase.io

Do you wanna say goodbye to publishing and then praying that it will work?

And wanna say hello to eye-popping results?

Guess what?

It’s kinda possible.

Frase.io will help your content get the attention and ROI that it deserves.

content generator frase.io

It claims that it will only take you less than 6 seconds or maybe less than that to create your first AI generated content.

But maybe that’s not entirely true.

But let’s see how it works.

Simply put your target keyword or question.

And Frase will analyze the top Google results for your search query and will provide average word, header, and link counts.

It also includes outlines of the top results.

Once you have the results, Frase will fill the gaps in your content (and rank higher) by comparing topics found in your content to those found in your competitors’ content.

It will automatically extract questions from search results.

And you can easily click on these questions to inspect the answers your competitors have provided.

You can also explore related content that isn’t on the SERP, including related news articles and Wikipedia pages.

Now that you have all the competitors’ insights, you can easily make a content copy that stands out.

Isn’t it really helpful and different from all the other AI content writer tools out there?

I was very excited to see the results.

And I’m pretty sure you’ll be too.

So go check out this amazing tool or maybe buy the subscription in:

content generator frase.io
Source: Frase

Content Generator – Helloscribe.guru

Do you wanna unstuck yourself?

If so, then HelloScribe Guru can be your artificial intelligence creative assistant that will help you kick start writing your content.

It’s the most simple and easy to use AI content writer out there.

But first, you have to grab that credit card of yours.

To get a 3 days free trial.

Once you do that, you’ll get the recipe of turning lemons into lemonade.

Yes, I’m right.

content generator hello scribe guru

Input the topic you want to write about.

Set the tone you want to write in.

Add a link to the article written on a similar topic.

And boom!

Your article will be ready within a minute.

Quite exciting and amazing.

It requires minimal effort from your side.

But if you don’t like the output, make sure to cancel that free trial.

Otherwise you’ll be charged:

content generator Helloscribe Guru
Source: Helloscribe Guru

Content Generator – Shortly.ai 

So here’s a smart AI tool that will literally help you write in much shorter time.

Every time you start a new document with Shortly, you will see a page that looks like this. 

content generator shortly
Source: Shortly

Choose between both the options. And start rolling.

Add a Title.

And then you can simply start writing the first few words of a sentence, then click write for me. 

Now, let it finish your thought and get AI generated content.

You can also interact with AI by using Slash commands. 

You can use them to rewrite, shorten, or expand your sentences, and more!

Yes, it’s that easy to use. 

Go this free ai content generator.

Or maybe buy the subscription just for:

content generator shortly
Source: Shortly

Content Generator – Content Villain

Do you also want a partner in crime?

Umm I definitely do!

I mean a partner in crime to get AI generated content.

It will help you write product descriptions, outbound email templates, blog posts, ads, tweet suggestions, and more. 

content generator content villain

And it can also create bespoke models for you by using powerful AI technology.

Wanna check it out?

Go ahead.

Enter a few details and wait for the magic to work.

You can also find new business ideas that you’re passionate about.


I’m gonna use one of those ideas to buy that damn house I want.

And you can too.

But you’ll have to invest first.

Content Generator – Dashword

Now here’s an interesting AI you might wanna try.

It’s not gonna write for you.

But it’s gonna be your mentor.

Or supervisor.

It will basically provide a report of the keyword you want to write about.

And that report will include top results for that keyword, average word count of the top results, SERP, related terms, frequently asked questions, and search volume.

Now you can use this report to write your article.

While writing an article, it will also suggest which keywords or terms you should use and how often.

Believe me, not many AI or SEO tools suggest this.

And it will also give you a grade.

I told you it’s your supervisor. 

You can compare that grade to the top result’s grades. 

And you can finally write a much better copy that will surely rank.

content generator dashword

Isn’t it wonderful?

Do try the tool.

You can create 2 reports and articles for free.

And if you like it, you know what you have to do.

content generator dashword
Source: Dashword

Content Generator – Storyai.botsociety.io

Here’s an AI that can create any type of content.

And specialises in generating stories.

Just add a few lines.

Create your profile.

And wait for the AI to create content.

It may take from 3 minutes to an hour to create your content.

So patiently wait to get results here.

And while you’re waiting, you can check out other stories that it has created so far.

Or maybe do some other work.

P.S. I’m still waiting to get results. 

Content Generator – Essaybot

Now here’s an AI tool that can make anyone a content writer or a researcher.

You just have to add a topic.

And Essaybot will recommend you a few paragraphs that you can select from.

Once you have selected the para, it will paraphrase it for you.

content generator essaybot
Source: Essaybot

Now if you think it’s not paraphrased properly, then you can also check the plagiarism in the same tool. 

It will highlight what needs to be paraphrased and then you can work on it.

And see the results for yourself. 

It’s a truly amazing AI content writer tool. 

And researchers and students, you don’t have to worry.

It will add citations too for you.

What, don’t believe me?

content generator essaybot

I wish I had this tool during my graduation.

It would have saved me hours of research and writing.

Content Generator – Write with Transformer

Do you wanna get a modern neural network to auto-complete your thoughts?

Transformer will help you to perform tasks on texts such as classification, information extraction, question answering, summarization, translation, text generation and more in over 100 languages. 

You can quickly download the APIs and use those on a given text.

Fine-tune them on your own datasets.

And you can then also share them with the community on their model hub. 

It is backed by the three most popular deep learning libraries — Jax, PyTorch and TensorFlow.

So go and check it out quickly.

Content Generator – Writeup.ai

Now here’s a free tool you can use.

Just write a word or a prompt and hit that spacebar.

Umm, now just wait for it.

Although its tagline says write fast.

But it’s kinda slow, so go ahead and do other tasks while it writes for you.

Hey you only get so much with free AI content generator.

So go check it out.

Content Generator – Articoolo

So I finally checked this much talked about article writing tool.

I read so much about this magical tool that writes unique articles about any topic in less than a minute.

So I went to their site.

The sign-up process was a little pain in ass.

And so was the rest of the process.

It asked me to write a 2-5 word topic.

So that was kind of a restriction. 

Because not many topics can be covered in just 2-5 words.

And after giving it some thought, I wrote “how cryptocurrency works”

And you can see for yourself, what results I got

content generator articoolo
Source: Articoolo

So, after much disappointment, I wrote a simpler and much common topic “how to lose weight”

And again it disappointed me.

content generator articoolo
Source: Articoolo

After struggling to find the topic to write about, I finally wrote “content marketing strategy” and it started writing an article for me.

I wrote a 240 word article in about 2 minutes.

And showed me only 2 lines of it.

Which didn’t really make sense to me.

content generator articoolo
Source: Articoolo

They asked me to either share it on facebook to get full access or buy it.

Ughh, after wasting a lot of time.

I was not even able to get a sample.

Quite a disappointment.

I wonder what the fuss is all about.

Cause I didn’t really find it useful.

But if you don’t believe me, then go check it out yourself

content generator articoolo price
Source: Articoolo

Content Generator – AI Writer

Do you wanna write in just 3 easy steps?

Without any effort from your side?

Yes it’s possible!

The AI Writer is here for you.

content generator ai writer

Just choose and submit a headline.

And wait for a few minutes.

Now take the first draft that AI created and make it into something perfect.

You can also see the sample articles already written by AI Writer.

Or you can ask for a sample article on any topic of your choice. 

Content Generator – Rytr

Do you wanna save over 25 hours & $500 per month?

Yes apparently you can!

By using Rytr as your content writer.

content generator rytr

You can take the free trial.

And simply choose from 20+ use cases in your own language and tone.

Now provide some input text and click “Ryte for me”

Just wait!

And your content copy will be ready for you to edit.

You can also manage all your docs seamlessly on the platform.

Go ahead and see for yourself if you can save your money and time.

content generator rytr price
Source: Rytr

Content Generator – Essay ToolBox

Now who here loves free stuff?

I certainly do!

But free stuff usually means the quality is compromised.

And that’s true for this product as well.

EssayToolBox is a free AI content generator.

content generator essay toolbox

Now these tools can surely help you.

And the biggest advantage is that they are free.

So there’s nothing to lose here.

Except our precious time.

Yes because the tool is too slow.

But if you can wait to get your copy, then you should definitely try it out.

Content Generator – Scalenut

Do you want to create powerful short-form content?

If so, then here’s an AI content writer you can use.

Scalenut is an AI powered tool that you can use for copywriting, generating blog ideas, and writing product descriptions. 

content generator scalenut

I specifically tested its blog intro generator.

And the results were noice!

So go ahead and check it out.

Content Generator – SimpleMarketing.AI

Here’s another AI content writer that’s gonna generate blog posts for you directly.

Just type in your keywords.

And wait for a min or two.

It will give you 3 readymade posts.

It has an extra feature too.

You can select the date on which you want to publish these posts.

Cool, huh?

But everything’s not that simple.

You will most probably have to edit these posts a lot.

If you want someone to read it.

But overall it’s a pretty amazing free ai content generator tool.

That you should definitely try.

Content Generator – Clearscope.io

Do you want to increase organic traffic on your website?

You have heard content marketing is one way you can do it.

And it might be the best way too.

But you’re not sure how to write.

Or infact what to write.

Then clearscope might be able to help you with it.

content generator clearscope.io

YouTube, Deloitte, Adobe, Shopify are just some of its clients.

And you can be next.

So request that demo from them.

And see if it’s gonna work for you.

content generator clearscope.io price
Source: Clearscope.io

Content Generator – Textio

Textio is an augmented writing platform. 

Write inclusively and make every word count with its help.

It will provide powerful language guidance to all your employees.

So they can write seamlessly and help you land those sales.

If you’re a B2B brand, then go ahead and request for its live demo.

Content Generator – Sassbook AI Writer

Sassbook AI Writer is an AI content writer.

content generator sassbook ai writer

That will do the work for you.

But I was skeptical of using it because of its confusing user interface. 

Still I decided to try it out.

I added my topic and prompt in the software.

And it generated some gibberish for me.

Yes, I’m right it was gibberish because I couldn’t understand a single word. 

Thus, I have sworn not to use it again.

But hey, if you want to generate some gibberish of your own.

Please go ahead and try this free AI content generator.

Content Generator – Menterprise

Menterprise can provide you AI generated content for you in just a few minutes.

Now I know so does every other AI content generator.

What’s different with this one?

content generator menterprise

Well, it offers multiple articles at one time.

And also have built-in optimization for variations & structured content.

Its unique HTML Modules will help you do some extra magic

So go ahead, login easily and check it out

Or simply get that demo. 

content generator menterprise price
Source: Menterprise

Content Generator – Copysmith.ai

I saved the best one for the last.

Now you’ll ask why I did that?

Because I don’t want to be biased and I want you to try out every tool I have mentioned. 

Also, you have to wait for the good things in life 🙂

So, I hope you have tried most of the tools I suggested.

But guess what?

You still haven’t found that perfect match. 

Your soulmate if I may say, huh?

Okay Okay, now I’m gonna stop exaggerating my love for copysmith.ai and I’m gonna start telling why I have such feelings for it.

Content Generator for Everyone

Screenshot 2021 06 19 at 1.04.28 PM
Source: Copysmith.ai

You see, just like you, I was trying to find that one multipurpose tool that I can use.

Well, because I’m no Bill Gates.

It is when I found Copysmith and I was blown away by it. 

While many others gave me a few credits to work with until I buy their unlimited plans that cost $$$ much more than a copywriter. 

Copysmith behaved like a darling and gave me a free 14 days trial to test out every feature.

And not to mention, it has almost all the features that you would need to write content. 

Don’t believe me? 

Try it out for yourself!

And even if you haven’t tried any of the above or you’re not really sure which one is best for you. 

I’m sure you’re gonna love it!

The accuracy of the content and the conciseness is what makes it more special. 

No other AI is trained upto the level of copysmith.

And there’s a slight chance I’m responsible for that.

Because sometimes I use it too much.

Umm, guilty pleasure 😉

Anyway, here are some features of Copysmith that you should definitely try.

content generator copysmith

Now you’re wondering what it would cost you right?

Well, don’t worry I have got you covered.

content generator copysmith.ai price
Source: Copysmith.ai

But just like your soulmate, it has its own flows too.

Wait, what?

Yeah I told you it has everything but it’s Blog Writing Assistant is still a toddler. 

I mean it’s still in Beta Version and not really trained well. 

So if you have to create that whole enchilada in one go, you’ll probably have to look out for something else. 

Hey, don’t blame me. 

I’m just being honest. 

And don’t worry, I have got you covered for that too.


I swear this is the last tool I’m gonna talk about.

I know the list was too long.

And you might be bored.

But if you really wanna invest in an AI content writer tool then you have to read the whole article. 

So, I was just telling you that if you really want to create a blog post in just one go and within like 5 minutes, then I have got you covered.

What, you don’t believe me?

Well, if you can’t then look at some of these articles I have written with Writesonic in just 5 minutes. 

I mean I did some work, like writing keywords 😉

And some editing too. 

Cause you know, no matter how smart AI gets, it’s not smarter than us. 

But you have to try out the Article Writing feature

Just follow these steps and you’ll be good to go:

content generator writesonic
Source: Writesonic
content generator writesonic
Source: Writesonic
content generator writesonic
Source: Writesonic
content generator writesonic
Source: Writesonic

And here are some other features too that you can try: 

content generator writesonic features

Wait, did I forgot to tell you something?

Oh yes, the price!

Well, have a look at this and you’ll know.

content generator writesonic price
Source: Writesonic

But let me warn you. 

It will take around 5 credits to create one blog post. 

And you got only 50 credits for a month until you have an unlimited plan.

And sometimes, you might need to generate more copies. 

So, do spend those 50 lucky charms carefully.

Content Generator and Optimization AI Tools

content generator and optimization ai tools
101 Content Generator AI Tools: The Ultimate List 171
Here are the Content Generator and Optimization AI Tools for you.


Now, I know everyone wants their content to be on Google’s 1st page.

But don’t worry you don’t have to hire a content writer or an SEO agency to do that. 

You can simply use AI-powered writing software INK.

It will show you exactly what you need to do in order to write an incredible SEO copy in a fraction of the time.

This content generator and optimization AI tool will help you optimise content in a much easier, faster, and more powerful way.

content generator ink

INK is a real-time web content optimization platform.

And also a first of its kind tool which lets writers control their content’s organic search destiny. 

It is made for writers, non-SEO users, and WordPress users.

You can create high-quality, relevant, and well-optimized content. 

And you can also forget about copying and pasting your content and redoing all the formatting in WordPress from scratch. 

The INK WordPress Plugin will make importing INK files, including text, metadata, images, and videos to WordPress much faster and easier.

You can use the free plugin for as long as you want.

But if you want to upgrade, then you’ll have to pay: 

content generator ink price
Source: INK


If you’re seriously struggling with those Facebook and Instagram posts to increase that engagement.

Or you’re just not sure if your copy will land sales.

Then you should definitely try this social media content generator tool.

You can type in a simple post copy in it. 

content generator predis.ai
Source: Predis.ai

And it will provide you with different post suggestions that you can easily copy and use.

Not only this, it will also give you suggestions for those hashtags based on captions or the image you want to use. 

content generator predis ai

Hmm, now that’s something different.

I know you want to try it right away.

You’ll have to link your facebook and Instagram account to use it.

So make sure you already have those.

So don’t delay using its 7 days free trial

And make some cool Fb and Instagram post to get social media attention in just:

content generator predis.ai price
Source: Predis.ai

ContentPro by Automata

So you have created your article.

And you’re ready to publish it.

But before publishing your content, what if you can see what industry leaders and competitors are saying about your topics?

Yes you can do that.

Simply by adding ContentPro extension.

Compare your Google Doc to our content library to see what industry leaders and competitors are saying about your topics

It will continually monitor written content from millions of company websites

And it will analyse your content as you write

After analysing, it will suggest you related blogs or articles from other websites

And you can produce optimized content using their research

Life’s becoming simple now, huh?

No need to hire a research assistant or spend hours researching.

Just install that damn extension.

And start your free trial with this free AI content generator tool.

Content Studio

Do you wanna streamline your social media & content marketing?

Content Studio is a powerful content marketing & social media management platform.

It’s especially made for publishers, brands, agencies & startups.

It claims that you can easily share your content consistently and increase its reach.

It has also won some awards for being the best social media management tool.

And it might be the most robust content solution out there.

It has all the tools that you need to centralize your content marketing operations.

So go ahead and try it out if you want to get better results and engagement.

Market Muse

Market Muse is an AI Content Intelligence and Strategy Platform.

It will help you transform your research and plan, and will also craft your content.

But how?

content generator marketmuse

It will predict the success rate of your content.

Determine the topics that will help you rank.

And then craft better content by easily ordering expert-level content briefs within the platform.

The brief would include the topics that you should cover, word count you need to aim for, and KPIs you should definitely meet.

Now that you already know what’s needed, create content faster with MarketMuse.

Each draft that it will create will require minimum human editing.

So go and grab that free trial.

And see for yourself.

content generator market muse
Source: MarketMuse


Are you tired of looking at different platforms for SEO?

And not a single one of them have unified features that meet all your needs.

BrightEdge claims to give its customers real-time research and recommendations.

content generator brightedge

And basically every other thing you need to optimise your content.

I’m still waiting to get a demo from them.

To see if these claims are really true or not.

I’ll update this blog once my demo request is accepted.

But till then, why don’t you go and checkout their website?


Acrolinx is another AI powered platform that will help you to optimise your content.

You can set your content goals with it.

Set up the consistency, tone, language, readability, and more.

But if you’re not sure which content goals are right for you.

Then don’t worry!

content generator acrolinx

It also offers preset targets that you can use for different audiences and content types. 

Or maybe customize in minutes to suit your own needs.

The platform also provides insightful metrics that will help you in improving your workflow and optimise your content.

So go ahead and check it out.


Now if you’re done writing that article.

And you just want to make sure that everything’s perfect.

Then this tool can help you out.

It will not write your article in any way.

But it can be useful for reviewing it.

Although it doesn’t really provide value for money.

But some might just need what it gives.

So go ahead and try it out to review your article.

But there’s no free trial. 

Umm, risky!


Now you’re done with making a perfect copy.

But you’re not sure if that’s 100% unique or not. 

You checked it on a few websites.

But you’re not really sure about the results.

Don’t worry, there’s a tool just for that.

Yes, you can use ReWriting to check if your content is unique or not. 

And not just that, it will also make your content around 50% more unique for just $1.90.

It will check your plagiarism and will show similarities. 

AI will then determine its uniqueness.

And its smart algorithms will make it more unique for you.

So go ahead and check it out.


You don’t need no guesswork anymore.

To spot or create trending content that will stand out from the crowd.

Concured will help you create content briefs by automatically planning, researching, and optimizing your content in seconds.

content generator concured

It will also ensure that your audience has a highly relevant customer journey.

This will overall increase your key metrics.

So what are you waiting for?

Get their demo and see it for yourself. 


Buzzsumo isn’t a content writer.

But it will find the content that will perform best for you. 

You can collaborate with the influencers of your industry.

And you can also use their content insights to generate ideas, create high-performing content, and monitor performance.

content generator buzzsumo

Go and take their 30 days free trial.

And see if their insights are really helpful or not. 

content generator buzzsumo price
Source: Buzzsumo


Once Neil Patel said in his video that he used to write in different languages.

Although his native language is English.

Then I wondered how was that possible?

I went ahead searching for translators.

But there were very few of them that translated correctly.

I mean you don’t want to offend those native readers.

Writing in different languages can help you get those backlinks.

So you might wanna check this tool out.

content generator g translate

You can simply download the free extension.

And start translating your content.

Go global!

content generator g translate price
Source: GTranslate

SEO Optimization AI Tools

seo optimization ai tools
101 Content Generator AI Tools: The Ultimate List 172
Here are the AI tools for SEO Optimization.


Do you want to find out how you can make perfect content for both your audience as well as search engines?

Then I got something for you.

With Copywritely, you can easily check if your content has any SEO issues.

And get tips on how to fix those issues, rewrite and update your content.

You can also compare your content to your competitors.

And much more with its cool features.


So go ahead and grab that free trial to check it out.

copywritely price
Source: Copywritely


Do you know you can track and forecast SEO rankings?

SEO Dub is the first user-friendly solution that will allow you to monitor and predict your SEO rankings.

seo dub

It uses machine learning to do that. 

Now spend less time on guessing and more time on growing your content and brand presence.

But there’s a bummer, they don’t provide a free trial.

Nor any demo.

So you gotta take risks here.

SEO dub price
Source: SEO Dub

Article Forge

Are you sick of spending $$$$ on expensive content?

Wasting countless hours writing content yourself?

Using tools that generate machine written gibberish? 

I’m here to tell you that you can get unlimited high quality content with just a push of a button. 

Article Forge claims to use deep learning for writing high quality content for you, that will impress your clients and customers.

You can simply add your keyword and sub-keywords as an input. 

And just wait for about a minute or two.

And you’ll get your article.

Pretty cool, huh?

The AI is well-trained, so unlike other AI-written articles, this will probably make sense.

article forge

But if you’re still not sure.

Then go check it out.

They have a cool video on their homepage that you should check. 

And it also provides samples of AI-written articles.

Do read them.

If you’re still unsure, then you can also take the 5 days free trial. 

But you’ll need your credit card for that.

So please don’t forget to cancel that subscription, if you don’t like the product.

But if you do like it, you can take it for:


So here’s a tool that only focuses on suggesting keywords.

Keywords that will rank.


It can be used for both SEO and PPC marketing. 

The keywords are suggested by AI based on user intent, popular topics and patterns.

You just need to type a keyword.

And it will do the rest of the research.

Saving you hours.

It will show you average monthly searches for that keyword, its SEO competition, title score, keyword score, and relevancy.

So you’ll easily get the idea for your next blog.

So go ahead and try it out.

Keyword Country

Do you know that search engines are evolving with every passing day?

And so are your competitors.

So if you wanna win the game, you need to do it smartly.

Keyword Country is inspired by algorithms that drive search engines today.

But somehow it’s algorithms don’t really work.

Because it kept showing me an error.

What a great start, right?

Anyway, if it does work for you then do tell me in the comments.

keyword country

LSI Graph

I heard the term LSI for the first time in my life.

Never did I know that we need LSI keywords for SEO optimization.

Apparently, LSI keywords are those that are semantically linked to a target keyword.

Such keywords help the search engines to thoroughly understand your topic.

And will increase your ranking too.

Now this tool will suggest LSI keywords along with their search volume and Cost Per Click.

lsi graph
Source: LSI Graph

And will also tell you top ranked content.

If you’re wondering how useful those LSI keywords are, then you’ll have to check it out yourself.

lsi graph price
Source: LSI Graph

Answer The Public

I think getting instant search insights directly from the minds of our customers is all we want.


So we don’t waste time making content that no one wants to read.

Especially our target audience.

AnswerThePublic listen to those autocomplete data from search engines like Google 

And then it quickly cranks out phrases and questions that people are asking around your keyword.

And will provide you a goldmine of consumer insight.

Answer the public
Source: Answerthepublic

You can use it to create fresh and ultra-useful content.

The kind your customers really want.

I have been using this personally since long enough now.

And I gotta say, its amazing.

answer the public

You are allowed to check two keyword results everyday.

So you don’t really have to buy it.

But still if you want to go premium, then here’s the price:

answerthepublic price
Source: Answerthepublic


WordLift uses AI that you need to grow your audience.

Yes, it’s an AI based SEO tool.


It enables publishers, content marketers, agencies, and companies to create a knowledge graph. 

This graph will help them get the most out of their content.

It will also help you organise your content, make it beautiful and publish it on your platforms.

So go ahead and take that free demo.

To see if it’s worth your money.

wordlift price
Source: Wordlift

Headline Studio

Headline Studio is a browser extension that you can use to score your headlines.

Yes, maybe you think that’s ridiculous.

But headlines have a great impact on your SEO.

And if you wanna optimise it, then go ahead and get this extension.

headline studio

SEO Clarity

SEO Clarity is an AI-powered content software.

For you to create authoritative content that will rank on SERPS. 

content generator

It will help you with content ideas, accelerate your research process, and will also remove human bias.

So you can optimise your content at scale. 

It uses predictive NLP for enriching your content workflows.  

You can easily automate the process from SEO research to the content strategy.

And write high quality content that is optimised to your target audience in a single click. 

So go ahead and check it out.


What if I tell you, you no more have to worry about content management.

Yes you heard it right.

I have talked about creating content.

But now I think it’s time to talk more about how you could manage and publish that content in such a way that it engages more people.

Storychief.io is a simple tool where you can collaborate with your colleagues or employees to create a piece of content.


You can also embed visuals in it.

And once you’re done.

It will help you optimise it according to the SEO.

Source: Storychief.io

By giving you a score and rating out of 100.

And telling you how you can improve.

Once your content is ready and optimised, you can start a campaign or schedule your social media posts by linking your accounts.

So pretty easy and simple. 

And this content management tool or you can say social media management tool only cost:

Grammar and Spell Check AI Tools

grammar and spell check ai tools
101 Content Generator AI Tools: The Ultimate List 173
Here are the AI Tools for Grammar and Spell Check.


Would you like to improve your text and make it more readable and understandable?

I think it’s just a natural behaviour. 

And that’s what the founder of InstaText thought.


It will help you improve your writing in one go.

Source: InstaText.io

Just put your text on the left-hand side and click that blue button.

It will improve your writing in just a few seconds.

With just minimal efforts from your side. 

Isn’t it amazing?

Now you can finally write like a native speaker.

It provides 14 days free trial.

So do check it out. 

And if you like it.

You can get it in just:

instatext price
Source: InstaText.io


Okay, so enough with the AI writing tools.

Maybe some of you just need something to enhance that masterpiece and make it perfect.

Am I right?

If so, then you should definitely try Writer.

It will help you make your writing more concise, clear and grammatically correct.


Not only this, it will also crawl the web to check if there’s any plagiarism. 

And will give you an overall score out of 100.

So you can see how good your written content is.

Source: Writer

It also has a style guide which helps you choose your own writing style. 

And gives you a 30 days free trial.

So what are you waiting for?

Go get that Chrome, Word, or Outlook extension with your free trial.

And start optimising your content.


Do you want to respond to your customers twice as fast?

Then you should try Sapling.

Sapling is an AI writing assistant for customer-facing teams.

It sits on top of CRMs and messaging platforms to help sales, support, and success teams more efficiently compose personalized responses. 

sapling ai

Even managers can gain conversational insights to coach and prepare teams.

To put simply, it helps you with any kind of errors in your text and provides better suggestions to improve it.

sapling ai
Source: Sapling.ai

Maybe just another grammarly like tool.

But maybe it suits your needs better than any other tool out there.

So, why are you waiting?

Go grab that extension for free and test it.

And if you want it permanently, then you can buy it in just:

sapling ai price
Source: Sapling.ai

After The Deadline

After The Deadline is a free tool for editing.

It can check language and grammar for you.

after the deadline

Just download the plugin and start using it.

If you’re low on budget or just don’t want to spend on grammar checking tools.

Then this might be the best tool that you can use. 


Gramara is an AI-powered grammar checker.

It can help you in upgrading your grammar, diction and style. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re not a native speaker, you can write fluently in english instantly.

content generator gramara

And it’s also free to use.

So what are you waiting for?


Grammatica is another free web extension.

content generator grammatica

You can use it for checking your grammar and spellings.

Just download the chrome extension and start writing flawlessly. 

Perfect Tense

You can now integrate AI-backed spelling and grammar correction into your product or workflow directly. 

Perfect Tense will offer you both API and JavaScript integration methods 

So you can correct your mistakes directly where you need it.

content generator perfect tense

Sign-up for free and check it out.

content generator perfect tense
Source: PerfectTense

Web Spell Checker

Web Spell Checker is an AI-powered grammar, punctuation and spell check suite.

web spell checker

It is tailored for proofreading and sentence style checking. 

It can be easily integrated within a website or web app.

And you can also download the browser extension for writing assistant.

webspellchecker price
Source: WebSpellChecker


Now here’s an AI tool that can make anyone a content writer or a researcher.

You just have to add a topic.

And Essaybot will recommend you a few paragraphs that you can select from.

Once you have selected the para, it will paraphrase it for you.

Source: Essaybot

Now if you think it’s not paraphrased properly, then you can also check the plagiarism in the same tool. 

It will highlight what needs to be paraphrased and then you can work on it.

And see the results for yourself. 

It’s a truly amazing AI tool. 

And researchers and students, you don’t have to worry.

It will add citations too for you.

What, don’t believe me?


I wish I had this tool during my graduation.

It would have saved me hours of research and writing.


Now here’s something you might have already used.

It’s a content paraphrasing tool. 


You just need to add your text.

And it will change a few words.

So you’ll be good to go.

But honestly, these paraphrasing tools never worked for me.

I have always wished there was a paraphrasing tool that would lead to 0% plagiarism.

But guess that’s too much to ask for.

Anyway, I wanted to make sure I cover every tool that could help you out in some way.

So you might actually like it.


Now who here hasn’t heard about Grammarly.

Or haven’t seen their ad?

Now I have used Grammarly throughout my student life.

So I might be biased here.

But it was becoming too expensive for me to get just a few features of a grammar checker, when I could get a lot more in the same amount.

Well, I can’t blame Grammarly.

They have come too far.


You can use grammarly as a free extension.

Or you can buy the premium and review your work.

It acts as a proof-reader.

So you don’t need to worry about your written content.

But sometimes, just sometimes it can be a pain in the ass.

Because it will tell you that your sentence is “Hard to read ” but will not give you any suggestions as to how you can make your sentence much simpler. 

And other tools out there might have taken advantage of this particular drawback.

So I don’t know if its market share is dropping or not.

But I have stopped using it.

However, as a previous user, I would like you all to go and check it out.

grammarly price
Source: Grammarly

Atomic Reach

Atomic AI claims that it will eliminate the guesswork and it will rewrite your content in the style your audience prefers. 

So I tried to see if that’s true.

Cause I would love to know what you guys prefer.

atomic reach

But I was quite disappointed after realising that its just another grammar and error checker.

It doesn’t really optimise your content.

And in order to add analytics, you must add a plugin.

So, overall the value proposition they’re trying to convey is not at all what the tool is about.

But if you still want to check it out.

Please go ahead.


ProWritingAid is a platform that offers grammar and style checking to its users.

It also offers in-depth reports so you don’t have to worry about your writing.

prowriting aid

You can download the free extension.

You can set your goals for yourself or use the default set.

It will analyse your text and will make suggestions.

content generator prowriting aid
Source: ProWirting Aid

You can then correct those errors and make a perfect piece.

Just like I did. 

So go grab that free extension.

prowriting aid
Source: Prowriting Aid


Do you wanna turn your ideas into powerful sentences?

Then Outwrite is for you. 


Add its free extension to Chrome.

And start writing flawlessly. 

Source: Outwrite

Trinka AI

All the students and technical writers.

This one’s for you. 

Trinka AI is one of the best grammar and language correction AI tools that you’ll come across. 


You can either upload your doc on the software and it will provide you suggestions.

Or you can simply download the extension and make changes in real time.

trinka.ai price
Source: Trinka AI


Another AI-driven tool that you can use for copyediting is Linguix.

You can simply take a 7 days free trial.


Paste your content in the document to maybe get the extension.

And it will start suggesting to you how to make your content much better. 

It’s much similar to Writer and Grammarly.

But the website and app doesn’t always work.

It took me almost an hour to open the website and check its features.

And it made me worry about those procrastinators that have a habit of finishing their work near the deadline. 

I mean we all are kind of like that.

So, what will happen if you need to publish that peace within 30 mins.

And you decide to see if everything’s okay.

Oops, something went wrong!

101 Content Generator AI Tools: The Ultimate List 174

So I would not really recommend the tool because of my bad experience.

But not to be biased, I would still recommend you to take that trial and see for yourself.

Who knows, maybe you’ll like it and might also buy the subscription in just:

linguix price
Source: Linguix

Email Content Generator AI Tools

101 Content Generator AI Tools: The Ultimate List 175
Here are the Email Content Generator AI Tools that you can use.


If you’ve ever used Gmail’s autocomplete and loved it.

Here’s another AI tool that you can use as a chrome extension.

It claims that it will help you cut 40% of your writing time.


It will autocomplete your sentences across all the tools. 

And will help you accelerate your writing.

Wanna know how?

Well, the AI will learn your “Voice” and will suggest personalised sequences. 

You can start doing all this for free.


Do you use Gmail, Outlook 365, Outreach, or SalesLoft for reaching out to potential clients or customers?

Then I got some good news for you.

You can install Lavender to write sales emails that get replies.

Yes, it’s true.

It’s also featured as Product of the Day on Product Hunt.

Umm, that is not easy.

So, what are you waiting for?

Install it now and enjoy your 7 days free trial. 

Lola AI

Do you want to compose clear, effective, and ready-to-send emails?

Then Lola AI is here for you as your email writing assistance.

writelola ai

Its AI-powered writing will aid in getting your message across.

It will transform your thoughts and tone into concise, elegantly worded emails.

Now you don’t have to wonder what’s the correct way to answer someone.

You can simply integrate it with your favourite email Platform.

And the process is quite seamless. 

But to experience this seamless process, you’ll have to sign up with the waiting list. 

So meanwhile, have a look out for other email assistance as well.

lola ai
Source: Lola AI

Marketing and Branding AI Tools

marketing and branding tools
101 Content Generator AI Tools: The Ultimate List 176
Here are the AI Tools for Marketing and Branding.


Is your brand not landing sales?

And the growth has been stagnant for a long time now?

Then you should try out Phrasee.

Phrasee’s platform will help you deliver the right message, at the right time, to the right people, in your unique brand voice.


It uses AI variants against a human-generated control, then deploys the top-performing copy and calculates revenue impact. 

It will also predict and deploy top-performing language for your brand. 

You just need to enter your customer data, campaign goals, and brand standards.

So Phrasee can automatically generate the content you need across the customer journey. 

It also automates language optimization within email, push notifications, SMS, web, and social media.

So, overall a good SAAS platform for all your needs. 

But I’m still waiting to get a demo.

So you’ll have to check its performance by yourself.


If you’re a company that has a lot of departments, offices, different systems and many employees.

And you want your employees to write according to your branding standards which is also attractive to your desired target audience.

But you don’t know how to accomplish this?  

Then Textmetrics is developed for you.


You can simply activate and adjust the right algorithm or the ruleset for your employees.

To make sure everyone’s writing in a consistent and concise manner.

Does this sound appealing to you?

If so, then go ahead and check it out.

Quuu Promote

So you’re done writing your content.

But you’re wondering how to reach out to your audience.

Or simply how to promote it?

But don’t worry we have got you covered.

You just need to add your RSS feed and Quuu Promote will do the rest, completely on autopilot.

Yes I’m right.

No effort from your side after that.

It also has a calculator for how many shares you can get with your topic.

quuu promote price
Source: Quuu Promote

AI-based Product Description Generator

product description
101 Content Generator AI Tools: The Ultimate List 177
If you are you not looking for a random content generator but a specific product description generator, then you have came to the right place.


When I first started The Hustle Story, I wanted to make sure that I have that perfect product description.

I worked on it for days and still didn’t feel it was what I wanted.

Are you also someone who’s just starting out?

And not sure how to describe your product to generate sales?

Then Copypad.io is the right tool for you. 

It’s an AI tool that will write product descriptions for you.


But it costs way too much just for one feature.

copypad price
Source: Copypad.io

TextCortex AI

Is your audience more global?

Do you wanna attract them in their native language?

Well, look no further.

Because TextCortex AI can create that content copy in 72 different languages.

I tried to write a blog post in French.

Just to check and have fun.

Now my French is not that good.

But all the native or advanced speakers can surely see if the article’s quality is good or not. 

textcortex ai
Source: TextCortex AI

You can also create your own blog post and much more in any of those 72 languages.

textcortex ai

So go ahead and check it out.

textcortex ai price
Source: TextCortex AI

Hypotenuse AI

To all those who are looking to write that perfect product description.

And improve their sales.

Hypotenuse AI is specifically designed for you.

hypotenuse ai

Go ahead, get that demo.And generate those product descriptions in seconds.

Go ahead, get that demo.

And generate those product descriptions in seconds.

Generate Ideas with these AI Tools

generate ideas
101 Content Generator AI Tools: The Ultimate List 178
Here are the AI tools for Generating Ideas.

Scoop It

Scoop It is a great tool for getting ideas for your blogs.

You can take the free plan to start with it.

It gave me a 7 days free trial for premium tools.

scoop it

You might also get lucky.

It will ask for the keyword you want to be known for.

And related keywords as well.

You can also connect your LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook account with it.

Once you’re done with the sign-up process, it will take you to its library of articles.

Articles related to the keyword you mentioned.

You can see those topics and get inspired from them.

Scoop.it Price
Source: Scoop.it


Are you the one who has difficulty in brainstorming ideas?

But your mind and skills can do the rest of the work.

If so, then you can use ideasby.ai to get inspired.

It can help you in brainstorming ideas for Clubhouse, YouTube videos, and Substack.

It has very limited functionality, I agree.

But you can use it for free.


Are you struggling with the blog post ideas?

Here’s an AI that will send you blog post ideas and suggestions every 3 days.

So that you don’t have to worry about what to write for your next blog post.

It will make sure to send you simple ideas that will tickle your creative brain.

It will also send you a list of title and content suggestions so you can get started.


And not just that.

You’ll also get a curated list of blog links to take inspiration from.

Source: BlogOwl

So go try it out. 

Paraphrase your Content with these AI Tools

101 Content Generator AI Tools: The Ultimate List 179
Here are the AI tools for Paraphrasing.


Are you sick of paraphrasing?

Just the name of it makes you procrastinate.

Well, who doesn’t when it comes to paraphrasing.

But don’t worry Wordtune got your back.


Simply copy paste the text.

And it will provide you with a few paraphrased copies that you can use.

Source: Wordtune

You can also add the chrome extension to your browser.

Or use it in the following apps directly. 

Source: Wordtune

You can also change the tone of your text.

Shorten it.

Or expand it.

Try it out and have fun with it.

Paraphrasing game couldn’t get better.

And you can do so much more with its premium features.

wordtune price
Source: Wordtune


Do you ever feel lazy to rewrite or paraphrase a sentence?

I feel it all the time.

Honestly, it’s the hardest thing for me to do.

But there are a few tools that can help you out.

WordAi is one of them. 

It uses AI to understand text 

And it claims that it is able to automatically rewrite your article with the same readability as a human writer! 

But that’s not all true, I tried using it after taking a 3 days free trial.

Btw you need a credit card for it.

It just changed a few words to their synonyms (which I can also do easily).

And thus I was quite disappointed.

But if you wanna try it out, then please go ahead.

word ai
Source: Word.ai

Make Notes with these AI Tools

note making tools
101 Content Generator AI Tools: The Ultimate List 180
Here’s the AI tool for Note-Taking.


Are you one of those people who love to take notes of almost everything?

You know, just in case you don’t forget anything.

Then this AI-powered software is made for you.

Although it will not help you in optimising editing or even writing your content.

But it can surely be supported throughout the process.

Not all of you will agree but I believe, taking notes facilitates thinking, understanding, and generating ideas.

Totallib’s note-taking experience powered by AI lets you spark new ideas by compounding your knowledge – from the small seed to the big picture.


It will prompt you to translate the concepts you’ve learned into your own words.

Its user experience feels unobtrusive but flexible enough to help you develop thoughts throughout writing.

This tool can surely help you write better content.

Now you might say that there are already a lot of note making free tools out there.

So why should I use this?

Well, the only difference is that it’s AI-powered so it will provide you suggestions unlike other such tools.

And you can always try it for free.

Also it doesn’t really cost much:

totallib price
Source: Totallib


You can easily create engaging and unique content with these AI tools.

And if I miss anything, then leave a comment below and I’ll add it ASAP.

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