14 Best Side Hustles For Teens To Make Extra Money On The Weekends

Khyati Hooda
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Are you a teen looking for different ways to make extra money on the weekends? Then you’ve come to the right place. A side hustle is a great way to earn money and master real skills. From virtual assistant to pet sitting, there are plenty of side hustles for teens to make money. 

This article will share 14 side hustles for teens to make money on the weekends. Whether you want to establish a business or earn extra cash, you’ll find an option that fits your lifestyle and interests. 

So let’s get started and explore the side hustles for teens that can help you make money on the weekends.

What Are Side Hustles?

A form of work you do in addition to your full-time responsibilities is a side hustle or side gig. Whether you’re a student or have already graduated, having a side business can be a simple way to earn extra cash to pay your bills, make investments, or fulfill your needs.

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So, as a student, let’s see how side hustles for teens will work: You spend the entire day at school or college, but when you get home, rather than playing video games, you can take a walk with your favorite pets or can spend extra time on social media.

Side Hustles For Teens: Pros

Earning extra money each month is a clear advantage of a side hustle. Yet there are plenty of other benefits besides making money. So if you need help deciding whether to start a side gig, continue reading to learn about the unexpected benefits of side hustles for teens.

  • Discover new marketing skills
  • Become responsible with money
  • Develop skills in money management
  • Learn how to be frugal.
  • Side businesses can develop into a full-time job
  • Learn how to be accountable and manage your time.

Starting a side hustle is undoubtedly the best choice you can ever make. It will help you cover unexpected expenses and make new connections while also allowing you to explore new hobbies and opportunities for personal growth.

Side Hustles For Teens: Cons

Even though side hustle has many pros, there are a few cons too, and they are:

  • Some side jobs have high startup expenses.
  • Side jobs might become monotonous and exhausting.
  • Managing a side hustle can be too demanding.
  • It can consume too much time and affect your studies
  • Making money from a hobby you love could make it less enjoyable.

Consider the pros and cons before deciding whether a side hustle is for you.

An Ultimate Platform For All Side Gig Ideas

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So, if you’re going forward with any side hustle mentioned below, Tailor Brands is definitely worth checking out.

14 Best Side Hustles for Teens 

Here are the best side hustles for teens to start earning today!

These side jobs can easily fit into your teen life, between all the schools, hangouts, and extracurricular activities. Most of these side jobs won’t interfere with your social life or force you to study more; they can help you reach your financial goals. 

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1. Take Online Surveys

First on our list of side hustles for teens in online surveys.

This teen side job only needs your opinion, a working email address, and a small amount of your time to help you save money for the lavish birthday celebration you’ve always wanted to throw for your friends.

Many businesses pay volunteers or survey participants to provide feedback on a project or service they offer. Survey Junkie (ages 16+), FreeCash (ages 13+), and Swagbucks (ages 13+) are some of the popular sites for surveys. Online surveys can pay $5 to $18 per hour, and you can complete them while plugging in your favorite rock music or lying in bed.

2. Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube is a great platform to earn money. Although earning from ads, affiliate links, or brand sponsorships may take some time, it is worth the investment.

Create a channel with the subject where you can express your distinct perspective and content. As YouTube is ultimately a search engine, make sure to create high-quality videos and optimize the tags and names of your videos. You can expect to make between $3 and $5 per 1,000 ad views.

3. Manage Social Media 

Use your social media management skills to manage the social media accounts of small businesses. As a social media manager, you will create graphics and campaigns to raise awareness of your client’s products and services.

Keeping up with the various platform policies and algorithms is beneficial. Connect with companies by using LinkedIn or UpWork. The typical hourly wage for a teen social media manager is $8–$12.

4. Referee for Sports

Are you a die-hard sports enthusiast who is intimately familiar with all of the rules? Refereeing is a fun way to make money. This sport allows referees to make, on average, $20–$30 for a 90-minute game. However, you can advance and earn more money as you gain more experience.

Sites, including LinkedIn and Glassdoor, are good places to look for sports referee jobs.

5. Pet Care Services

People require a reliable watcher who can care for their pets while they are gone. The average hourly wage for a short walk-in gig to feed and walk the dog is between $11 and $15. Once again, a pet sitting or pet walking service can easily fit into your academics and schedule.

You can promote your business through your friends and families and posting flyers around the neighborhood. You can anticipate strong word-of-mouth growth for your effort once you deliver first-rate assistance to their pet mates.

Publicize your business by knocking on neighbors’ doors and putting up fliers in the community. Once you provide superior service for their furry friends, you can expect your hustle to grow well through word-of-mouth. Creating profiles on sites like PetSitter or Rover can help you find more work. 

6. Start Blogging

As a teen, you can start a successful side business by blogging. Find a subject you believe has a readership; examples include blogs on ‘teens fashion’ or ‘easy way to make money as a student.

Consistently producing high-quality content is essential for blogging success. You can start monetizing your blog with advertisements and affiliate links once it develops a steady flow of followers.

A blogger can earn between $0.20 and $15 per click. ProBlogger, BloggingPro, and FlexJobs are some popular blogging sites.

7. Start a Print-on-Demand Store

Starting a print-on-demand business is an exciting way for creative teenagers to make money. You get paid when someone likes your design! Upload your designs to print on mugs, tablecloths, T-shirts, logos, and other items.

You can make between $2 and $10 each sale with print-on-demand. Look at websites like Spring and Redbubble that welcome users under 18.

8. Paint Houses

Nothing is more significant than providing people with the convenience they desire for the high price they are willing to pay. Despite how much they would like to remodel their interiors, painting is a task many homeowners need help with.

Sign up on TaskRabbit or Nextdoor and offer to paint houses in your spare time for an average hourly wage of $25. The initial expenditures for this side business include paint supplies, including brushes, rollers, and spray paint, all of which can purchase for about $500.

9. Test Websites

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Your role as a website tester is to test and review a website’s online functionality. As a beginner, make the most of your time online by offering sites constructive feedback on improving their websites in exchange for $20 to $30 extra every week.

Websites like Userlytics, TryMyUI, or EnrollApp are perfect for you to get started.

The pay for each test typically ranges from $3 to $60.

10. Clean Houses

Teenagers can make money by offering cleaning services. Don’t overlook this side business just because it doesn’t sound trendy. All you’d need to do is spend money on transportation. The most significant benefit of this side business is that you can fit it into your schedule.

Housekeeper and FlexJobs are popular websites that allow you to find house cleaning jobs. A house cleaner makes an average of $625 per week.

11. Helping Older Generation with Technology

Some people are frustrated by how quickly technology is developing and find it challenging to stay up no matter how hard they try. 

Being a specialized tech consultant could be a fantastic side business if technology is your hand game and you find it simple to set up, use, and explain things like software, Alexa, Siri, routers, and networks.

Pick an hourly charge and begin advertising your services in your neighborhood. Papa is one such platform that assists you in helping the older generation with technology.

12. Tutor Younger Kids

Next on our list of side hustles for teens is tutoring!

If you are interested in teaching, consider tutoring younger kids and making $12-$17/hour. You can either opt to tutor in person or online. 

Teenagers can register as instructors on websites like PalFish and Cambly. You can also use your creativity and create a course to sell on Udemy. Whatever your area of expertise, you can start teaching the younger ones and earn money as you wish. 

13. Babysitter

Love spending time with kids? There is a constant need for professional and reliable babysitters around you. If you love taking care of kids and spending time with them, get ready to earn from babysitting.

The number of children you have to care for and the number of hours you work determine how much you can make. However, opportunities can discover on websites like Care.com, Bambino, or UrbanSitter.

You can also advertise yourself by distributing flyers throughout your community. A teen babysitter can earn $18.29 an hour

14. Sell Your Craft 

Last on our list of side hustles for teens is selling crafts online.

Selling crafts online is a great option to earn money. The craft can be anything you are good at and are interested in, such as custom-made candles, handmade jewelry, bath bombs, and printable designs. Platforms like Etsy even allow minors to sell their crafts as long they follow the guidelines.

The production of your item is the initial step in your side gig. After that, list your products and begin marketing. Consider startup equipment and material expenses when setting your product’s price.

Side Hustles For Teens: How to choose the right one?

When deciding on a side hustle, teens should consider several factors, including their level of enjoyment, the amount of time involved, and the potential for earning money. You are more likely to remain with and succeed at a side hustle if you enjoy it.

Teens should also consider their growth potential and whether or not they can use their skills in other ways. 

For example, if you enjoy writing, you can earn money by blogging or writing articles for websites. Or, you can use your writing skills to make money as a freelance writer

Keep in mind that many side hustles have a startup cost. This may include purchasing supplies or equipment, hiring an accountant, or setting up a website.

 Side Hustles For Teens: Tips To Consider

Teens should research the legalities of any side hustle they intend to pursue. 

This includes analyzing any permits or licenses that may be required and learning about regulations surrounding the type of work they do. This will help teens avoid legal issues and ensure their business operates within the law. 

Similarly, teens should take the time to understand their taxes. A side hustle could make teens eligible for certain tax benefits, but they must file taxes to claim them. 

Finally, teens should consider how their side hustle will impact their school performance. If the extra work interferes with school and extracurricular activities, it may not be worth the extra income.


There are multiple ways for teens to earn money in their leisure time. You don’t have to start a full-fledged business to make money on the weekends. You must think outside the box and explore your interests and areas of expertise to see what might work for you. 

You can also do odd jobs or find side hustles that allow you to explore your skills. Whatever your interests are, there is a way to make money.  


How do side hustles help teens gain financial literacy?

Young folks can quickly develop money management skills by doing a fantastic side gig or part-time job. They can learn to set financial objectives, create budgets, and save money for purchases. When they have enough savings, they can start learning about investing when they are young.

How does a side hustle help teens develop essential skills?

A side business can provide teenagers with practical experience interacting with strangers in unfamiliar, demanding circumstances. To complete their various tasks and responsibilities, they will master practical time management skills. They can improve their social skills as a result.

How can you ensure your side gig will be distinct from your studies?

It would help if you systematically balance your teenage life and a side hustle. Start by taking a look at your schedule and your absolutes. Choose the amount of spare time you can devote to this side business. And remember to allow time and space for pleasant activities, including playing with friends.

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