Get Paid To Walk: 7 Best Ways To Make Money In 2024

Khyati Hooda
By Khyati Hooda 21 Min Read

Can you get paid to walk? The answer is YES!

Walking is a crucial part of our lives with many health advantages. It is an element of our everyday lives, including running errands, exercising, visiting a friend’s place, and even going from one room to another. Whether you’re a fitness guru or loathe to walk much, you’d like some rewards. 

The Mayo Clinic reports that the average American takes 3,000 to 4,000 steps, about 1.5 to 2 miles. In other words, we walk without thinking about it daily. You can turn those steps into money by working as a side hustler.

You can get paid to walk in quite a few ways. We’ve dug a little deeper to reveal kick-ass business ideas you can get up and running just by walking. 

Get Paid To Walk: How does it work?

There are two strategies by which you can get paid to walk in your daily activities: 

  1. Activity-based apps that pay you for the number of steps you take. For instance, you may walk to work or exercise more often to boost the number of steps you take each day. Your goal in this scenario would be to increase your daily steps as much as possible to maximize your earnings. 
  2. You could either get a second job or start a side gig where walking is a crucial component. Your appointment may require walking, but your goal is not to increase your steps. 

Let’s see which way looks the best for you.

Apps That Pay You To Walk

You can connect to a mobile app and get paid to walk if you want to boost your physical activity. Here are the best apps:

1. SweatCoin

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SweatCoin is still one of the most popular free get paid to walk apps despite being one of the first ones to hit the market. The app includes steps, whether outdoors, on a mountain, or around the house, tracking and compensating every step. 

For every 1,000 steps, the user gets 0.95 Sweatcoins, which you can use to purchase goods and services or exchange with other users via the app.

You now can withdraw Sweatcoins as money (albeit as PayPal or Amazon credits). You can only purchase a set amount of money, such as a $125 PayPal credit, and you can only do so once you’ve amassed many coins and referred many friends to the app. It’s a positive move, for sure.

2. Runtopia

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Runtopia’s purpose is to help you get in shape while providing rewards. In addition to training programs, Runtopia offers exercises, warm-up exercises, stretches, and more. An audio coach can accompany you on your runs, walks, and bike trips.  

You can get paid to walk by earning Sports Coins as you exercise with Runtopia, complete daily tasks in the app, and engage with the community. Premium memberships are required for some features, but most are free. 

You can redeem your Sports Coins for goods, free memberships, coupons, and even PayPal cash.

3. Lifecoin

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Like SweatCoin, LifeCoin is another app by which you can get paid to walk with its in-app currency, ‘LifeCoins’ for walking. For every 1,000 steps, you’ll earn 0.95 ‘LifeCoins.’ However, you can only earn up to 5 ‘LifeCoins’ per day by walking unless you upgrade to Premium.

Earn more LifeCoins by inviting your friends. You can exchange your Lifecoin tokens for sporting goods, gift cards, and other rewards at Lifecoin. 

Lifecoin enables users to earn rewards in mining sessions. Another option is to exchange your coins for Amazon Gift Card, PayPal Gift Card, Apple iPhones, etc. More prizes are available with the ambassador program.  

4. Evidation



The Evidation app enables you to earn money fast by walking, biking, swimming, and other physical activities. You may earn up to 80 points per day for exercising, six points per day for eating and sleeping, tracking your sleep, meditating, blogging about your health, or tweeting about your health journey. 

In addition, you may earn points by participating in surveys on exercise and health. Even if you earn the maximum number of points, it will still take four months to earn $10. However, you’d make $30 a year if you were doing health activities anyway.

5. StepBet

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With StepBet, you place a wager on yourself to reach your step goals with real money. You may either win or lose. Your steps are calculated with your Fitbit, Garmin, or smartphone health app. 

You must accomplish four active days and two power days each week for the duration of each game phase (usually six weeks) to split the pot. If you do not reach your targets in any week after the initial week, you are out of the game and lose your stake. 

Users earn additional cash if they win, as opposed to their wager. Having natural skin in the game is very motivating. A set amount is required for each round, usually $40.

6. FitPotato

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Get paid to walk with FitPotato by either walking or running and get the app on iOS. After creating an account, you select a group and make a “commitment” to earn money while walking or running. 

You must pay the upfront entry fee to join a group. The group commitment specifies the number of steps or sessions you must complete in one week. 

Using the FitPotato app, you can record and sync your activities and win a weekly prize. You are awarded in proportion to the weekly prize if you meet your goal. You receive an account credit for the value of the reward if you win. You can request the reward money in writing; they will transfer it to you if you want.

7. Charity Miles

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With Charity Miles, you can make money for charity without begging your friends and family for walkathon donations. You can log indoor and outdoor workouts with the app, so trying to make money for charity doesn’t mean you have to beg for assistance during a treadmill workout. 

You may donate to over two dozen charities, including the ASPCA, Habitat for Humanity, Nature Conservancy, the Alzheimer’s Association, the Leukemia Society, Special Olympics, and the Wounded Warrior Project. You can also use fundraising sites to raise money for these organizations.

It is available for iOS and Android. However, you must open the app and track each workout, so you won’t receive credit for all-day steps and activities.

8. PK Rewards

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You can use PK Rewards, an iOS application, to earn virtual coins to spend on rewards or charitable causes. Every exercise you record on your phone will make your coins. 

As you put in more effort, you earn more coins quicker, so you can earn workout coins for a day with moderate to intense physical activity. 

You may link your Apple Watch or compatible heart rate monitor to get a more precise measure of effort. You may connect with other workout programs and import workouts from them. 

You may earn unlimited workout coins daily, but you may only bank a limited number per day to spend on items or charity donations. The Max account provides more coins per day.

9. HealthyWage



HealthyWage enables you to wager on yourself and compete in a weight loss challenge to earn a cash prize of up to $10,000. You may wager on yourself and take part in an individual challenge to forecast how much weight you will lose through walking or other activities by participating in a  weight loss challenge. 

You can also join in a jackpot challenge in which you bet on yourself to reach your weight loss goals. You can earn up to $10,000 in jackpot challenges by achieving your goal weight, while step goal challenges assist you in building your daily step count by comparing your current and previous step averages. 

You can encourage multiple people to collaborate in a workplace by using collaboration tools or team challenges to earn a reward.

10. Paidtogo

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Paidtogo rewards you for walking or running outside. Each time you go for a walk, Paidtogo automatically counts your steps and converts them into Paidtogo Coins. You may redeem those coins for PayPal or Bitcoin payments. 

You may also use the free Paidtogo app for Android and iOS devices to earn coins. You may make more daily coins with the paid “Pro” version. While it may bear some time to collect enough coins for a reward, it’s pretty much free money.

Other Ways To Get Paid To Walk

Here are some other ideas by which you can get paid to walk. The apps listed reward you for taking steps in points you can exchange for prizes or real money. They may become more than just a hobby if you want to earn more money from your steps.

1. Get paid to do tasks

People nowadays are willing to pay for virtually anything, including last-minute errands and deliveries. If you live in an urban area where you may quickly get around without a vehicle, this is a terrific way to get paid to walk. 

You must be prepared to go the extra mile to get the job done, mainly if you’re working late-night chocolate runs. You may not be as comfortable doing these jobs, but you may select ones that fit your schedule (and you’re satisfied with them). 

You may earn an extra $30 at the end of the semester by completing tasks such as moving boxes for people. 

Here are the apps that can assist you in getting tasks.

1. TaskRabbit

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You can register as a ‘Tasker’ and choose the type of work you want to do on the TaskRabbit website. You can move items quickly from getting groceries to delivering food, clothing, paperwork, and gift wrapping to delivering deliveries. 

If you complete enough tasks and receive positive feedback, you may become an ‘Elite Tasker’ on TaskRabbit, making you more likely to be offered work. On TaskRabbit, you receive 100% of your hourly wages and tips without paying a fee. You can become a Tasker and get paid to walk.

2. Steady

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Steady is a popular app that allows people to discover money-making opportunities in their hometowns. It’s free to download and use. The app functions much like TaskRabbit. Using Steady, you may locate everything from full-time jobs to side hustles, which can help you get paid to walk. 

Besides working full-time, you can find delivery jobs, customer service jobs, and much more. Members make an average of over $5,500 annually from the app, with an hourly wage.

2. Get paid to walk dogs

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If you love dogs, you can pick up, walk, and drop off dogs for various clients throughout the day, including retirees and those with 9-5 jobs. Keep your dogs on a leash for more security and less stress. You’ll usually walk dogs for a set period or distance, one or more times a day. 

You can also turn this side hustle into your full-time business. To know more, read our guide on starting a dog walking business

Here are the apps where you can find people who want a dog walker:

1. Rover

With Rover, you can earn $20-$60 per night pet sitting (boarding) for other people in your area. You determine your rates and availability, and Rover takes care of the payments, insurance, and veterinary assistance.

2. Wag

You can easily earn up to $25 an hour walking pups in your free time as a Wag Walker. In addition, Wag donates money from walks to feed shelter dogs, so you can also help needy canines.

3. Tailster

Tailster allows you to set up your own pet care business and provide services, set your prices, and work the hours you choose. 

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3. Become a Tour Guide

You can get paid to walk as a tour guide if you live somewhere with many history, beauty spots, or landmarks. You can lead people around a city, town, or wilderness trail, pointing out hidden gems and points of interest as you go. You don’t have to stay outside either; you may lead guided visits to museums and art galleries, for example. 

Because this is often seasonal work, you can do it whenever you want and charge whatever you like. These resources can help you become a tour guide:

1. Context Travel

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Context Travel, an English-language guided tour company, delivers worldwide cultural and historical sightseeing experiences. They strive to provide travelers with enjoyable and immersive learning experiences. 

To become a guide, you must possess a BA or equivalent degree, hold a license to guide tours (where necessary), and speak English. Experts operate on a freelance basis according to their availability and expertise and get paid to walk tourists.

2. Rent a Local Friend

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Rent a Local Friend allows you to go on an intimate journey with a resident. Local Friends are journalists, photographers, chefs, designers, and immigrants who provide guided tours of their hometowns. Your job as a Local Friend is to share your knowledge and experiences with visitors to earn money. 

3. Tours By Locals



To make custom, one-of-a-kind excursions in 162 nations, Tours By Locals connects travelers with home-based guides. You can list your excursion(s) on the website, and Tours By Locals matches you with tourists seeking experiences. 

Tours By Locals take a cut of your excursion bookings in return for using their network. Using their platform, you can arrange excursions, manage requests, and collect payments so you can focus on providing tours.

4. Become a Caregiver or Companion

Caring for a senior citizen can be one of the many activities that keep you on your feet and moving. Many people require assistance caring for children, seniors, pets, and homes. You may assist someone who needs to walk regularly and get paid to walk them. You can also start your home care business and earn money.


These resources will help you in that case.

1. Visiting Angels

Visiting Angels provide non-medical in-home care. Seniors can preserve their independence while living at home by receiving non-medical care. You’ll need to provide emotional, social, and physical support in a way that keeps the individual’s dignity. 

2. is an excellent place to find senior care or babysitting jobs and benefits.

3. CareLinx

Caregivers can use CareLinx to find clients. In addition to managing their assignments, CareLinx offers liability insurance, health coverage, instruction, and more.

4. UrbanSitter

Parents can find babysitters through UrbanSitter. You may work whenever you want and keep all of your earnings. Some of the best sitters earn over $1000 a week.

5. Become a Human Billboard

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Although we live in a digital era, you can still find a man wearing an ‘all you can eat buffet’ sign on the next street corner. Because there are numerous regulations governing the use of human directional signs in the country, many companies hire them. 

Human directional signs are easy to come by, particularly in cities. You may see advertisements for student workers willing to dress up like bowling pins or horse heads for cash. You can quickly get paid to walk in this line of work, but you won’t be paid much more than the minimum wage. 

If you’re interested, talk to some local businesses or look for job ads to see if you can find opportunities.

6. Create a Fitness Trail

A fitness trail is a great way to get paid to walk if you’re an active individual who enjoys leading people on their fitness journeys (or on a challenging hike, if that’s your thing). 

A group can be an excellent way to make money, as well as a great way to meet new people. You can also choose to show people on walking, running, or parkour journey if you prefer. You’ll also have no excuses not to exercise yourself.   

Wrapping Up

Walking lowers health risks and may save money since it promotes a healthy lifestyle that minimizes medical expenses. It’s a simple way to earn money while doing something you already do. 

Keeping yourself fit takes energy and time. We hope this list of the best ways to get paid to walk was helpful. 

These apps and other options reward you for getting active and getting outside. Even if you don’t become rich, the best part about these apps is that they encourage you to set goals, get involved, and feel good. You can start with the extra money as an incentive. Start your journey and stay motivated to create a healthier future.

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